What do you think about Sue Martin's retirement package?

Posted 7 years.


  • Barbara - 7 years ago

    Why did she have 20 sick days? 25 vacation days? Who gets 20 sick days?? Does she gets all the school vacations also?
    Sick days and vacation time should not be carried over year to year-and sick days are there if you need them- NOT to accumulate and expect to get paid for them! Same for vacation time-only a same amount should be allowed to be carried over-Try working for a corporation and you'll see how this works. How interesting only 2 1/2 yrs as the super- take the job, increase your pay for retirement, and then bolt. This education retirement packages are KILLING our towns- please someone stop the union!

  • John - 7 years ago

    Her benefits seem high but her pay is low - that's the deal public workers get. I'd be fine with only paying out unused vac time annd not sick time but that would need to be coupled wiht higher overall salary. Superintendent is a big job - compare it to someone in the private sector that runs a similar sized oirg and the pay will be far off

  • Josh - 7 years ago

    Welcome to the 2010s ... use it or lose it baby!

  • mary jane hartney - 7 years ago

    Business CEO's take home hundreds of millions of dollars - a person that worked in the public sector earned this time and there is concern? How about the billions taken from us from the banks, wall street, insurance and credit card companies for egrious fees - and we are worried about a person taking home money for time earned - the boston globe should be ashamed of itself.

  • Kara - 7 years ago

    Future contracts should subtract unused sick time, but allow payment for unused vacation, up to a certain amount of hours.

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