What will happen on Tuesday's Indiana and NC Primary?


  • dope - 15 years ago

    yeah, just wanted to echo Freezerburn here. the poll has 2 redundant choices.

  • Freezerburn - 15 years ago

    What's the difference between, say, "Obama wins North Carolina and loses Indiana" and "Hillary wins Indiana and loses North Carolina"?

  • Tom - 15 years ago

    Obama will win North Carolina because of sheer volume of black voters. He will lose Indiana because of the middle-class white votes from both parties. The Republican party has been crossing over and disrupting the election process since Texas. Had it not been for Hillary's strategy of banking on ignorant voters and the sabotage by zombie Republican ditto-heads, this primary would have been over a long time ago.

    -Tom, TN

  • xargaw - 15 years ago

    Perhaps wishful thinking, but I hoping that Obama takes both primaries and this is the beginning of the end of the contest. Hillary's lies and tactics are becoming more harmful and pathetic by the day. She is causing damage to the Party for the general election. I hope the remaining super delegates begin acting like adults and end this soon.

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