Who has the dunk of the year so far?

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Poll posted 8 years ago.


  • king - 7 years ago

    Blake dunk was an outrage Lebron dunk did not really look like a dunk

  • ken - 8 years ago

    blake's dunk was the nasty one. although it's just a touch ring, but he was challenged by a 300 lb guy. lebron's dunk was also cool, it can only be seen during dunk contest

  • Todd Fields - 8 years ago

    One was a dunk, one wasn't. I will say Lebron has the dunk of the year so far.
    Blakes (layup) , although impressive was actually a lay up. He didn't dunk , he threw the ball.

  • Big Dee - 8 years ago

    For those that say Blake didn't dunk remember when Dwight "Superman 2" Howard put on his cape during the slam dunk contest? He didn't dunk the ball, he threw it into the hoop. #InPerspective

  • Keith - 8 years ago

    Blake's dunk was outright nasty!! Oh me oh my.

  • Bill Gay - 8 years ago

    Blakes was a better dunk because it was contested by someone equal in size.

  • A - 8 years ago

    Also, those who say that Blake mossed over Kendrick Perkins look in 2011 when D. Wade did the same exact thing. Please! Blakes throw in was good, and if you actually watch him he's done this alot in the past. Lebron J. completely mossed over that guy. there's only one guy I know that has done that in the past, and thats Carter..

    Just think about which position you wouldn't wanna be in.
    1.) Having someone bow you down, and then call it a dunk.
    2.) Getting jumped over, on an alley oop.

  • A - 8 years ago

    With nothing but respect, Blake Griffin didn't even dunk. He threw (Definition of Dunk: Slamming the ball into a basket from above, not throwing) the ball into the basket, and depending on how you see it. It could be a foul.

    Lebron James, Mossed over a 5'11 guy, and actually dunked.

    Lebron and Blake are both monsters when it comes to dunking, but clearly LB got this one.


  • Big Dee - 8 years ago

    I say let them settle it during All Star weekend!

  • Marco - 8 years ago

    Blake's dunk wasnt even a dunk.... Thats a foul.

  • skeelow - 8 years ago

    Hey jonathan, i'll ask blake the same question when he did that dunk during the dunk competition. He had a hard time catching da ball mid air n jump over that car, cause if it wasnt, he'll just catch it n do like a windmill or bring it back between the legs n then a tomahawk dunk to spice it up. But it was just an original dunk. But like i said, any player can do what he did lastnite if they all throw their elbow out like what blake did just to score n not call for an offensive foul.

  • Jonathan - 8 years ago

    "Whoever says Lebron had the best dunk has clearly never been able to dunk themselves and therefore does not know the degree of difficulty of different dunks."

    This is a pretty hilarious comment. So tell us, how tough is it to catch an alley-oop pass one-handed after jumping over a 6' tall man and dunk it in the normal course of a game?

  • Geno Mitch - 8 years ago

    Clearly there is a lot of love for LeBron however this pole speaks for itself. Blake is the man! Awesome dunk by Blake I hope he is just getting started. When you look at the replay, all the spectators were just amazed at what just happened.

  • skeelow - 8 years ago

    It was an alley hoop over a player. AMAZING. How are u able to focus on catching da ball in mid air with one hand while jumping over a player? How amazing is that? People should know how to stop hating. Blakes dunk was monsterous, but any player can do that if they throw their elbows out to fend off a defender.

  • Bulls Rule - 8 years ago

    Lebron's dunk was phenominal. Obviously he did not jump over a big man like Vince Carter did in the past, but the fact that he had the guts to leap over a defender and hang on the rim in amazing. Blake's was pretty fresh as well, but he big-bodied Perkins and barely touched the rim. Blake has the ability to leap out of the gym, which is why he had the chance the throw the ball into the net from 10+ feet in the air. Plus, even though Lucas is short, he is still taller than the part of the vehicle Blake leaped to win the dunk contest! Lebron's dunk clearly wins in the opinion of a non-biased Chicago Bulls fan!

  • Max Pain - 8 years ago

    LeBron jumped all the way over another NBA player, c'mon. Is is obviously an LA newspaper with LA'ians support. Blakes as dope, but man......dont hate! hahaha

  • jv - 8 years ago

    Whoever says Lebron had the best dunk has clearly never been able to dunk themselves and therefore does not know the degree of difficulty of different dunks. Sure Lebrons dunk looked cool but the guy was a short no name defender, not even aware of where lebron was. It was a good dunk but not great. Blake Griffin dunked over a help defender who was actually trying to guard him and it also just happened to be Kendrick Perkins. Unbelievable that this is even a debate..

  • MR - 8 years ago

    The Heat Haters obviously will choose Griffin over James. Thus, Lebron has no chance especially in LA. However, James cleared over the top of his defender and Griffin's defender did not elevate as high he could to defend. Perkins gave up on Griffin. There is no comparison, James is the one.

  • SierraUSA - 8 years ago

    Blakes dunk wasnt even a dunk, he hit the rim and they both fouled each other.. Blake is a great player but Lebron James dunk with one hand and flying over a the guy really is the better dunk. It shows the hate that comes from playing in Miami. But the more you hate the Heat the better these players get. Anybody who says that Blakes dunk is better is not being honest with themselves. I admire Lebron for being humble and giving credit to Blake. He is a true sportsman by not bragging. I hope Lucas ear is ok after Lebrons knee hit it and went up and past his head....LOL

  • DF Tweedie - 8 years ago

    Kanye? What a joke! LeBron jumps over a little guy and Blake goes through one of the most physical big men in the league? I think you better stick to your music and leave the South Beach fanboi at home. Lebron's looked spectacular, but Blake's was spectacular!

  • Louis - 8 years ago

    Come on ... Most players wouldn't have even considered going up and over a defender for the "oop" Lebron has the dunk of the year so far ... ( In my humble oppinion )

  • Kanye West - 8 years ago

    Blake Griffin..I'm really happy for you, but Lebron had one of the best slam dunks of all time!

  • Jake Steed - 8 years ago

    Penny Hardaway had the best dunk ever in 1995.

  • AC - 8 years ago

    Blake shat on Kendrick Perkins AND he jumped!!! B Griff is a living MONSTAR!!! #spacejam

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