A Unity Ticket? To win in November, if he is the nominee, Obama


  • Mike - 15 years ago

    Clinton would be a terrible VP pick for Obama. She has far too strong a personality (and far too flamboyant a husband) to play VP in an Obama white house without seriously getting in the way. Plus, she will be much more effective in the Senate than as VP, and won't really bring any votes with her. Her natural constituency, women, will stick with Obama in the fall, however they feel about her loss now. And I'm sorry, she's not going to bring white, working class men with her. They may prefer her to Obama in a primary, but neither candidate will get much of that demographic in November. Obama would be better off picking someone like Richardson, who can help him shore up the Latino community and also bring some serious foreign policy cred to the ticket, or Wes Clark, who can bring national security cred.

  • Wendell - 15 years ago

    Improbably, the idea comes from the Weekly Standard and Fred Barnes. But whatever. Ed Rendell.

  • Colleen Mahaney - 15 years ago

    This is exactly the kind of comment that makes we want to vote for Hillary! And I am an Obama supporter that flew to NH to volunteer for the campaign! Cut it out and be a tiny bit gracious.

    I think Obama's best choice is Webb. He has the military cred, outsider vibe and could carry VA in the general.

  • Tom Bredeson - 15 years ago

    Obama's VP? Governor Bill Richardson.

  • Bill - 15 years ago

    Adios, bitch

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