Would you be willing to pay road tolls to help fund the Sheppard subway extension?


  • Haz - 11 years ago

    I think tolls should be considered, BUT only for those that drive into the city. We should consider City of Toronto licence plates, which should not get a toll charge. But, if you drive in with an Ontario licence plate (ie, Missisauga, Brampton, Markham, Thornhill, etc.) you should contribute to the cost to build, and repair transit and roads in the city of toronto...as do toronto tax payers, but which you regularly use.

  • Commuter - 11 years ago

    This should be a 2 part question. The second question being: Do you even own a car?

  • Eve Dana - 11 years ago

    No. I pay too much taxes already + big money for gas. My kids need to eat too.

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