Who is the best quarterback in the NFL?

  • H_O_T_D_O_G - 9 years ago

    Best playoffs, best season, best QB? Eli had the best playoffs, no doubt, but not the best season and he isn't the best QB. The best QB is the one who can produce the wins year after year. Eli peaked this year. Let's see if he can maintain it.

  • dicktation - 9 years ago

    @ ken morris... um , whos to say that that great 49 offense would have drove down the field and scored? uhhhhh look at their third down conversions that game... not good.. you obviously dont watch football enough to say, because of one fumble, the team lost. hey man, um williams "forced" a fumble. it didn't just fall out of his hands. thats football my friend. im a giants fan and know eli is not the best, but he is top 5 no doubt. and losing 7 games was not his fault. um defense? yeah learn football my friend

  • Not A Homer - 9 years ago

    @Fan hahahahaha. homer.

    @Ken Morris 100% agree. Losing 7 games in the regular season is not the markings of an "elite" quarterback. yes, he has two rings, but the best? absolutely not.

  • Fan - 9 years ago

    if you pressure Rodgers Brady Homo Breese all of them couldn't finish it out. I'd take Eli all day long on the road he is better than any QB out there and in the 4th qtr Well simply the best. End of the day Giants won because of how cool he stays under pressure un like Rodgers and Brady when the Giants made them human and they do make mistakes big ones that cost you the fans the game. Eli was sacked 6 times and knocked down 20+ times against the 49ers and no fumbles or interceptions Eli is a MAN under pressure. See how all the other so called eliet QB did with pressure they all failed Brady being the bigest failure losing to the Giants TWICE in the bigest game of them all LOL Patroits are owned by the Giants they are the Giants B!tches Live with that knowing that because of Brady and the team the NEW YOUR GIANTS are now 4 time SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS Thank you Tom XXXOOO hahaha

  • Ken Morris - 9 years ago

    Any QB that has 7 losses is not the best QB under anyone Idea and any pole If the punt returner had held on to the ball in the NFL Final game they would have been home watching

  • jayrocket - 9 years ago

    You have to be kidding me. Eli was lucky to be in the playoffs. Where were you fools when the Giants were 1-4 because of offensive woes. The Giants won the Super Bowl because they were the better team. Not because they had the better quarterback. Eli is maybe the fourth best quarterback in the league. Remember when the Giants played the Cowboys and everyone was debating who the better quarterback was between Eli and Romo? Yeah. People who watch one game a year and have zero perspective think that Eli is the best in the game.

  • Fffff_blows - 9 years ago

    Ffff, you may have watched the game, but you certainly don't understand it. Even the Pats were scared of Eli and played a soft cover 2 most of the whole game. Regardless, a great QB knows when to pick his shots. That 38 yard play to Manningham was dead on, ball accurate pass. The TD pass to Victor Cruz, was timed so sweet that it practically grazed the linebacker's shoulder pads.

    Whine another day, or remain one of the Giant's bitches.

  • Fffff - 9 years ago

    Eli should be thankful he saw New England instead of the 2 years ago STEELERS he would have needed a terrible towl to wipe his tear and. clean his ass after the pounding
    They wold had given them

  • Ffffff - 9 years ago

    If you watched the same game I watched Eli didn't win the game the Patriots lost the game and don't get it twisted from a true Steelers Fan Brady is a much aggressive quarterback than Eli with the arrogance .

  • Frankie - 9 years ago

    Eli is a great quarterback and so are the rest. Look at his 4th qt stats then say he sucks. He has two superbowls and has many years to go. you cant say he sucks and he's not a reason they won. If he wouldnt throw so precisely then his recievers wouldnt have a chance to catch the ball. his throws are always on the money. But i must agree that he shouldnt have been MVP. mario Manningham should have with marvelous catches. #gmentilltheend

  • Robin - 9 years ago

    Ben Roethlisberger is not in jail or prison, because guess what??? He didn't commit any crime! Anyone can say anything they want....doesn't make it true! I can say you are a child molester....does that mean you should be in prison and never come close to another child? No, it means that the police need to investigate that matter before determining if there is any reason to arrest you. Well they did that for the drunk skanky co-ed that cried wolf and they found no evidence to arrest Ben. So why don't you get your facts straight before popping off your ignorant mouth.

  • bob - 9 years ago

    tom brady is always been one of the best

  • bob - 9 years ago

    tom brady is always been one of the best

  • jdawg - 9 years ago

    Brady has never even been top 5. Put him on the Rams, the Browns, etc....do they win one more game? No. Put Peyton, Aaron, or Eli on those teams and they may not make playoffs, but they win some close ones. Brady has had the best OLine forever and top notch weapons, as proven by M.Cassell. Stop with the non-sense.

  • Johh Hillman - 9 years ago

    What is Eli's record against the Pats? 2-0 this season. 2-0 in Super Bowls...

  • mtspera - 9 years ago

    Eli: In a few years, may be a top notch quarterback. But, you judge the quarterback's
    performance on a number of factors. If the Patriots lucked out with the hail mary
    pass / we would not be having this conversation...

  • the real deal - 9 years ago

    Eli is should not even here. He has top notch receiver. Put Brady with Giants offense and would go undefeated season. Put Eli with Patriots and they would not even win a game. Brady hands down. I feel for the guy. He doesn't have any decent receivers.

  • Brian - 9 years ago

    I would take either Manning. Peyton plays with crap, has played with crap and been coached by crap. It was obvious once he went down and they were LUCKY to win those 2 games. From Polian (who has done nothing in the last 5 years) through Caldwell, through overrated players whose game was all elevated by #18 (just as Marino did with an inferior Dolphin team and organization - Shula was well past his prime coaching years), the Colts suck and if Peyton can play, please please trade him out of what will be a doormat franchise for several years. He was worth 8 wins per year to the Colts. Eli didn't get the same billing but he has better third down and 4th quarter stats than anybody (including the guy with the fool wife who cant keep her trap shut). Eli is money. As Deion says "I belieeeeeeeeeve in Eli!" Eli has had the benefit of a superior defence that big bro has never seen. But he is clutch, especially against the tough teams. Brady can share the heat on the toss to Welker. Was it catchable? Sure. Was it a good throw? Give your head a shake. When you get Brady time, you better put it in there, not over the wrong shoulder and over the head of an OPEN receiver at clutch time. Brady has had the benefit of a great offensive line and an era of non-holding calls to give him outstanding protection most of the time. When he doesn't get it, he looks pretty average. And Rogers had one year and SUCKED in the playoffs.

  • D - 9 years ago

    This is not an easy question to answer.

    Single season passsing record broke after 25+ years (Brees)
    Highest passer rating ever and League MVP (Rodgers)
    Most 4th quarter touchdowns and 8 come from behind wins (E. Manning)

    And while Brady didn't set in any records this year, who can argue he isn't a great quarterback.

    For those who argue, "but it's the Super Bowl"...how many times have quarterbacks won and slipped into total obscurity afterwards? How can anyone vote for Peyton when he didn't even play?

    My vote wa for Rodgers and I'm not a huge Greenbay fan. What does a team want from a quaterback? Touchdowns, accuracy, high completion rates and as few turnovers as possible. This year, it was all Rodgers in each category.

    Too many times we allow our specific team passions to influence our judgement. If I could only have 1 quarter back to "do over" the entire year it would be the one quaterback that had the best performance over the year and that is Rodgers. Who knows, maybe in a "do over" Brees wouldn't break the yards passing record, Eli would have one less comeback and maybe Matt Stafford would have a few extra snaps to have the single season passing record.

  • Bob Fox - 9 years ago

    Eli is one of the most underated quaterbacks. Eli has been fighting an uphill battle his whole time int the NFL. He has performed with a not so great team and came out on the top. Anyone that would even compare him to quaterbacks that have strong team is out of line.

    I would pick Eli any day of the week to run my team.

  • jason - 9 years ago

    dick eatingggg on eli, can he have his dick back.

  • JJs - 9 years ago

    Yeah Aaron Rodgers has been starting for less than all of them and look what hes done already. : )

  • Kev - 9 years ago

    Prime Peyton kills all these guys, 2nd by little Eli, Drew Brees, and Big Ben. Tom Brady and Rodgers crack under pressure. If Rodgers has another year like this one without the soft schedule and the Refs jerking him off, I'll believe the kid has some talent. Oh and Eli shouldn't have gotten MVP, Pierre-Paul tore it up and made Brady sweat.

  • Justin - 9 years ago

    i guess some people think if Tom Brady has an amazing season (passing) he is the best. GET OF YOUR HIGH HORSE. then what is the superbowl then?! Brady had just as many chances to beat the Giants so people making excuses is funny. People need to understand the BEST is always changing last year it was Rodgers. But the best is not defined as passing yards, and statistics in the season. If it was it would be Stafford and Brees playing one on one versus each other in the Superbowl. The game is won by Quaterbacks taking the game into their hands and making big plays in the Superbowl. Eli Manning shut up the Patriots and their cockiness and manning is the BEST. If anyone says winning the Superbowl is luck you are young and probally have minimal knowledge on the history of the game.

    I agree with trugiantsfan i guess Kyle Orton should be up there in the Best Quaterback mix i mean wasn't he the guy to give the Packers and Rodgers their 1st lost after the Packers were destined to return the Superbowl undefeated as football GODS and the Chiefs brought them back down to earth shouldnt we consider him hahaha.


  • Pats fan - 9 years ago

    FUCK YOU ELI MANNING!! NY GIANTS SUCK! - Loyal Pats fan :)

  • Jere Ownby - 9 years ago

    All the candidates are great players and joys to watch. And, I'm picking Tom Brady. It's a team game. Brady can't thow the passes and catch them too. Not to make exuses but his performance last night would have been even better if his Number One weapon was not lame and if the other recievers would have actually caught the very catchable passes Brady mad\e going down the stretch. The number of Super Bowl wins is not the controling statistic. Anybody who thinks it is does not understand football. You have to look at the bigger body of work, over time. While Rogers might be better right now, if I have to pick one guy to lead my team in the last two minutes of critical games, I am picking that Brady (provided Montana is not available). No Brady will not win every single time--how many last shots did Michael Jordan miss--but over time Tom Brady is gonna cooly gonna carry your team to victory more often under great pressure than anybody else in the game.

  • trugiantsfan - 9 years ago

    how can anyone not pick Eli manning, the stats he put up this year and leading the G-MEN to another superbowl win against the Patriots when everyone even Jimmy Johnson every Sunday had his big fork saying put a Fork in Eli they came back. the BEST quaterback is the one who WINS the Superbowl in my opinion, even though the Packers had a good record, Aaron Rodgers couldn't bring the Packers to the Superbowl (not the best). The Superbowl defines ELITE quaterbacks and as we have all seen dosen't matter your record during the season its about getting to the big game. Buffalo Bills were 5-0 at one point are we going to say Fitzpatrick is the best Quaterback in NFL?. The Chiefs upset the Packers in the regular season giving them there first loss are we going to say Orton was the best Quaterback in the NFL? TJ Yates lead his team to its first playoff berth &win in Franchise history is he the best Quaterback in the NFL? NONE OF THAT MATTERS AND NOBODY CARES, Same thing for Brady and Brees whether haters want to say its luck or not, the Lombardi trophy is in NEW YORK!!. As of now Eli Manning is the BEST QUATERBACK in the NFL

  • Jack - 9 years ago

    During the regular season there are a few quarterbacks you'd want leading your team including Brees, Rogers, either Manning, Brady, and more. But I think Eli demonstrated that in the playoffs, he's the guy you want leading your team to victory.

  • Dorothy webb - 9 years ago

    Only foolish people would say such dumb ass comments. Tom brady got what he deserves. Never under estimate the under dogs. Goooo big blue!

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    I like the 'other' vote. Thanks. Bo Freaking Diddley made my vote count..

  • Marion - 9 years ago

    I can't believe Stafford isn't even on this list... He threw a great season and all of it is lost in Drew Brees and Tom Brady's outrageous seasons

  • mark - 9 years ago

    if you take all these QB's mentioned, put them on the same team and see which one performs the best, that's the only way to tell who is the best - i'd say Aaron Rogers is going to beat them all.

  • ian - 9 years ago

    I'd take Stafford over Eli any and every day.

  • Eli - 9 years ago

    Eli is not even close to being the best QB in the league. A superbowl, even multiple super bowls do not the best QB make. All else being equal, anyone would be a fool to take Eli over Brady, Rodgers, or Brees. The Giants should not have won that game, they were handed the game on a platter by the Patriots and their mistakes.

    And yes, my name really is Eli too.

  • ta baby - 9 years ago

    aaron rodgers and da peckers all day

  • sergio - 9 years ago

    Eli owns the patriots

  • joann - 9 years ago

    Ben Rothlisberger should be in prison for sexual assault- what a pervert. I can't believe he's even allowed to play ball Such a pig.

  • Robert Powell - 9 years ago

    Hector Escoto has a 1 inch penis 8=D

  • Hi - 9 years ago

    his name is butthole vvv

  • ILoveKDICK - 9 years ago

    Marcus Avelino is gay and im cool :D

  • Robert Powell - 9 years ago

    I am the best, you all will die. Bow down to the king, I am the future. Swagg
    Philip Rivers is better than Eli. I will hunt all you down and eat your kids.

  • chris - 9 years ago

    Eli is a good QB but not constant. He comes through sometimes when least expected.Like in the last superbowl. However he ranks better than Ben R but not in the same league as Brady and Rogers. Brady was let down by his teammates. For now Eli is the Champ!

  • ILOVECOCK - 9 years ago

    woot! Giants

  • Pb17 - 9 years ago

    Aaron Rodgers is in a league of his own right now. He has the ability to be the best passer in league from the pocket, and he has the athleticism to scramble and extend plays so he can pass downfield. He also can get outside the pocket and pick up yards with his feet if he has to. Brady and Eli can't do all of these things. If the Pats had Rodgers as their QB in this game they are able to win by 10 points.

  • Tim - 9 years ago

    TIM TEBOW DUH! #areyousseriousbro

  • EliSux - 9 years ago

    MVP to Eli was a joke. Give it to Nicks or somebody with some TALENT. Eli is a boy surrounded by men.

  • Mark Manders - 9 years ago

    The single most important talent in sports is the ability to perform in the big moments. A lot of fans never learn that.

  • J2Gross - 9 years ago

    No way is Eli in the same league as any of these other quarterbacks. These other QBs succeed in spite of having aging, no name crews around them and still make it to Superbowls. Eli has the best defense of any of these QBs (more time with the ball, and closer games), and has an all star receiving cast.

  • Adam - 9 years ago

    Eli didn't win those Superbowl's by himself, so the two rings don't weigh in as heavily as the stats.

  • mushroomstampEli - 9 years ago

    Eli is garbage and got a very lucky break..... goooo Pats

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