What decision have you made about FCP?


  • Adam - 11 years ago

    Metadata - awesome. New ways or organising - long overdue and a great facilitator for more creativity. X has a great new way of looking at this part of the process.

    BUT - the magnetic timeline is a trainwreck - its a computer programmers idea of elegance but for many editors it is simply unworkable. It's restrictive, where as the track-based paradigm
    was intuitive and flexible. This is the central problem with FCPX and no matter how many updates come, until the magnetic timeline is removed or can at least be turned off X will NEVER be as widely adopted as legacy was professionally.

    And I still think not having a viewer is moronic. Not having support for legacy project files NATIVELY is still an unacceptable insult. Not being able to have more than 1 sequence within a project is still ridiculous. It is still unacceptably isolated from other pro apps for workflows that require them. And there are still far, far too many questions about stability and reliability to be answered.

  • M. Maslow - 11 years ago

    Still working on FCP7; have lots of plug-ins and pretty happy with the work flow, having used FCP since the beginning (it's the reason I have Macs). Bought the discounted CS5.5 Suite since we use PS & AE anyway, so that was a no-brainer, although we don't have any Macs running the NVidia? card which is really a necessity to optimize performance with CS5.5. We are also going to download the free 30-day trial of FCPX very soon to see if it is going to work for us.

  • YodaMac - 11 years ago

    I used the original free trial and LOVED IT! I can't wait to upgrade, but I need to try out the newest version and see how it's progressing.

    The big thing for our facility is the ability for editors to work on their programs from any of our three Xsan-connected suites. If that's working, then we're good to go!

    But until I have time to test that out, we still in the "wait and see" mode.

  • Drew K - 11 years ago

    I have to say that I'm a little perplexed at the amount of hesitancy editors are still taking with this amazing piece of software. Seriously, with the latest update most of the major items are fixed. Multicam editing... up to 64 angles and you can mix resolutions and codecs. And with the 7toX plug-in app you can bring in your legacy projects to FCPX and I've been doing just that with a few projects already. I admit at the beginning I felt as most and thought it was an absolute joke. I shook my fists at apple too. But I thought I'd still give it a chance. No regrets. Once I went through a few tutorials I was pretty impressed. I won't say it was an easy switch. There was a lot to get used to but it is way worth it. Organizing of your media is so different but makes way more sense and provides a much quicker workflow. It's made my Same-Day Edits so much easier to do and they turn out better. And way less stress.
    This is the future. 7 is the past and we need to leave bins and all of the old workflows behind and learn something new. If you're on the fence, just get off. FCP X is only $300 but even better you can even download the free trial from Apple. Then don't open it up and say stupid stuff like how it looks too much like iMovie or something non-pro. And read the manual and helps before you make any judgements. Or look online!! There are so many helpful tutorials out there from guys that have been using it from day one. You'll find that it really is the software Apple claimed it to be.

  • J Godwin - 11 years ago

    I'd be interested in seeing the number of people who respond, in addition to the percentages...

  • m. holdman - 11 years ago

    Still watching, with interest, as FCPX grows up. Maybe one day?

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