Are you satisfied with the choices for the GOP nomination currently available?

  • Michael Carpenter - 9 years ago

    I have heard all the comments that Sarah said no to running, how the hatred or her and her family is visceral. But whoever we could find will receive the same hatred because these people are evil. We are threatening their hold on power!

    So, what do we do? Give up when the screaming minions of hateful get loud enough? We don't have the luxury of accommodation. Our country is being dragged to ruin. Our lives, livelihoods and loved ones are being destroyed.

    Gov. Sarah Palin is the only one who can lead us to resounding victory with a conservative message. I so hope and pray she hears our cry for help.

  • MiBones - 9 years ago

    Sarah is our candidate and I don't see her running. She said no and I believe her. Remember she has responsibilities toward her family, especially Trig. I don't know how much care he needs and it's unfair to expect others to fill in the gap for Sarah. I also wonder how tough security would be for the entire family. There is a visceral hatred for all her family. If finding someone else is more then a pipe dream, the Tea Party/Conservatives better get hopping and meet privately with someone and get a game plan. This would take everybody uniting together. Something we have not done as yet.

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