Which Is The Better Best Picture: The Godfather II or Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King? (Poll Closed)

  • The Godfather II
    1,006 votes

  • The Return of the King
    2,461 votes


Posted 7 years.


  • johnnyboy9999 - 7 years ago

    The only way to make this fair is to permit voting only by people old enough to have seen the Godfather Part 2 and LOTR. Not much credibility here. I loved all three LOTR movies, but they are not better than either of the GF movies. Why not hold a vote for Glee or Pretty Little Liars v. the Carol Burnette Show or Hawaii 5-0?

  • Stephanie Nichole - 7 years ago

    I think that this comparison was fair. I doubt that there were people who could vote twice for the ROTK because if people could vote twice for the ROTK, there would be people who could have and would have voted twice for the Godfather II. It would not be 75 per cent to 25 per cent.

    The ROTK is a book and a movie. When the book was made into a movie the people who had read the book were not dissappointed with the movie because it was just as good. I know that the book and the movie changed my life. It is not a book that "fanboys" read. It is not a movie that "fanboys" watch. It is a book and a movie that people read and watch.

    It is undoubtable that the ROTK is more popular because although the ROTK is fantasy, the ROTK has a message that is not fantasy. There are people who do not like fantasy but like the LOTR because it is so good. That does not make The Godfather II bad, but less popular.

    However, I would have voted for the ROTK if the poll had been open without a doubt.

  • crissy c - 7 years ago

    When first looking at the brackets, I was struggling with having to choose between Godfather I & II because there is NFW any of the other movies compare...and I'm Irish

  • Lance - 7 years ago

    (1) Go to imdb.com and look at the voting results there. Hundreds of thousands of people have voted, and The Godfather Part II comfortably tops Return of the King. Because of the # of voters there, it is harder for a couple of fanboys to skew the results.

    (2) Return of the King is to The Godfather Part II what Tolkien is to Tolstoy.

    (3) The credibility of Time's effort here suffers a big blow on Day 2.

  • Daniel Sanchez - 7 years ago

    dos de mis favoritas...

  • shotsie - 7 years ago

    I think this survey should ask the voter if they had actually seen the film on the big screen - if they hadn't , then throw away their vote after they've left the site. (I believe in being sneaky about online voting - I mean, there's a a bunch of kids voting who hadn't seen the Godfather Part II, but they voted anyway...)
    LOTR was well-made, but it was very loud and had too many unsubtle unrealistic battle scenes for me - I left with a big headache - fantasy worlds are never subtle onscreen . The GodFather Part II filled in the storyline of the original with three parallel plotlines that were coherent and evolved. You can watch it again and again, and see something new - with LOTR - how many times has magic spells and swords helped you in your life?

  • Deanna - 7 years ago

    @ Thomas T & Jeff
    Thomas T, I find your comment about "anything older than 2008 is disposable and forgotten" quite hilarious in this case, especially since The Return of the King came out in 2003. Futhermore, the Lord of the Kings have been respected long before the movies came out and Peter Jackson did a magnificent job with the source material. Compared to the Godfather II, The Return of the King has a much larger fanbase and has garnered praise from people of all walks in life.

    Jeff, simply because the ability to vote more than once exists, that does not negate the fact the Return of the King is an overall more revelant movie. The Godfather II had it's time of glory, but the Return of the King will continue to impact generations long after mobster movies fade. There's something to be said for conveying a timeless message brillantly.

  • jack - 7 years ago

    lol these suckers that are mad that the return of the king is better are cracking me up. sorry...better story better characters better movie.

  • Wes - 7 years ago

    Whoever didn't vote for Godfather 2, obviously didn't know it even existed, let alone seen it.

  • Sara - 7 years ago

    The Mona Lisa is way better than anything Lady Gaga related. Your example was dumb. Just because ROTK is newer doesn't mean it's less good than Godfather II. Even Coppola thought that movie shouldn't have been made.

  • Jeff - 7 years ago

    It lets me vote multiple times from my phone... This makes more sense now...

  • Jeff - 7 years ago

    Godfather 2 with only 25%!?! This can't be real...

  • Matthias - 7 years ago

    Some things that I think make ROTK a better movie:
    Théoden's speech at the Battle of Pelennor Fields
    Gandalf's speech about death
    Aragorn's speech in front of the Black Gate
    The glorious music

  • Adam - 7 years ago

    Interesting results.. I thought it might be closer, but it should be noted that the Lord of the Rings was the second most read book worldwide of the 20th century behind the Bible. The author J.R.R. Tolkien was a master story teller, author, poet and philologist (master of words). The LOTR has been relevant since 1954 when it was first published and has a world wide following to this day.

    Peter Jackson work is widely regarded as a masterpiece of cinema in bringing this story to screen.

    In addition they're two totally different movies so it's hard to have a "fair" comparison without knowing how the brackets were set up.

  • Thomas T - 7 years ago

    I thought merely asking that question was stupid. Nothing prepared me for the answer. It's stupefying.

    If aske what is better, the Mona Lisa? or Lady Gaga's new cd cover? Most Americans would say Lady Gaga because anything older than 2008 is disposable and forgotten.

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