Should overweight passengers be charged more to fly?


  • DesigneDestiny - 11 years ago

    I am overweight, but this is not due to the usual assumption that I over eat, this is due to the fact that I have suffered from narcolepsy since i was 11years old. Hence, the reason why I am overweight is because my illness, but due to it being an invisible illness people wod never know my status, where I've come from and why I am actually overweight.

    The reason for me mentioning this is down to the fact that a majority of overweight people are fat due to health-related issues, like fibroid, narcolepsy, etc.

    Will this mean that people like me that have health related issues and are over weight have to pay extra. I personally feel the government need to know themselves from NOW, first its tripling university fees by 3x, now its stupidly increasing APD, and now this foolishness. Honestly, The government are making it almost impossible for people to live in the UK, even after its them and the banks that contributed to the current economic status.

    I'm 21, my life hasn't started, yet the government are persistently trying to make London a living nightmare, and now looking to interfere with plans of holidays, someone like me a university student needs and deserves. How ridiculous is this getting. Cameron and all his fellow people need deliverance, their not helping the economic status, their destroying it with every poisonous breath they take.

  • David C - 11 years ago

    This is a straight forward safety issue. If the person cannot be strapped into a single seat properly then they are a liability to the remainder of the passengers in the event of an accident or turbulence when there is a 150+kg loose object propelled about the cabin which will kill or injure other passengers. They must then occupy two seats and use extension seatbelts:hence the need to pay for two seats.

  • UNPCPERSON 2 - 11 years ago

    I agree totally with UnPC person above, and also with Andy DK above the Airlines have won,they are now suffering like the rest of us from financial restraints but they now appear to have a way out and start making real money from who? you guessed it NORMAL folk who enjoy a holiday,the worlk has gone bonkers.

  • VT - 11 years ago

    I believe this to be an absolutely justified move. And this debate relates very closely to the debate on obese people claming surgery on the NHS :

    Those so overweight that they should reserve 2 seats, should be forced to do so. Why is it that a regular person of average weight should suffer discomfort due the complete and utter negligence, lack of self-control and self-destructive ways of those who are obese?

    Similarly with the NHS. Obese people claiming extraordinarily expensive operations, out of the pocket of fellow tax payers, due to their complete lack of self-regard. Does an alcoholic get a place on a liver transplant list? No. The overwhelming absense of self-respect of obese people and thus their rampant substance abuse (why not consider food as such in this case?), impacts the health system and those who pay taxes to sustain it.

    The small percentage that voted 'No' are most likely obese themselves, or adepts of the overwhelming über-pro-political-correctness liberalism.

    N.B. The extremely tiny fraction of those who are obese due to underlying medical conditions are exempt from the above arguments.

  • John - 11 years ago

    So you get a discount for being underweight? So you get a discount if the person next to you smells/ breaks wind/ burps? Are they going to measure the amount of oxygen consumed/ toilet paper used, visits to the toilet? Perhaps you would be expected to weigh your faeces as it has to be disposed of by the airline services and this is chargeable! What about compensation regardless of your weight for people who do not fly for the damage to the atmosphere caused by your flight? Lets not forget the beautiful healthy people getting injured overseas through overindulging, doing healthy pursuits, illicit sexual encounters, are they going to pay extra for the self inflicted injuries, I don't think so. And please your "healthy" taxes do not cover the costs please don't fool yourself!

  • Gerry Irish - 11 years ago

    Fat tax is a bad heading.

    I would put it under the heading 'Wear and Tear' ( 0r Weights and Measures).

    I would like two volunteer taxi companies to take on the challenge of Wear and Tear. One company to take overweight passengers, and the other company to take healthy weight passengers for 6 months, and see which company at the end of six months has the most expenditure, because of the wear and tear.
    This is one the major additions to our financial difficulties in the country and taking money out of the wrong person's pocket to support others in their own negligence.

    I think the answer to it is that Size, Weight and Shape should be taken into account when booking any travel tickets that causes wear and tear to the type of transport (plane, train, bus or car), as it is in the postal service. This would support our nation to be a healthier nation.

    As I have said above it is a giant step in the right direction of equality at its best. It should be an economical understanding to an educated nation, and we have got to stop sticking our heads in the mud.

    This is not discrimination, we have got to remember our Health, Safety and Welfare must come first.

  • Em - 11 years ago

    Fair to pay the total weight : person plus luggage.
    I was asked to pay £17 /kg for my extra-3kgs over weight luggage(£51 in total) and next to me there was this huge person who paid nothing extra for his "extra Pounds". How is this fair?
    We use the same service, pay the same ticket, but I pay more for my side luggage?

    Funny now: people won't eat at McDonals before flight, no big cups of Coke, all food chains from airports will complain. All passengers will go to toilet before check-in:) :))=>airport toilet expenses will grow.

  • Andy DK - 11 years ago

    The airlines have won!

    They pack us in like veal calves in cases causing serious risk of DVT and instead of fighting back we turn on each other!

    Yes some people are huge, because they over eat, what about those with broad shoulders or who look after themselves and have a large muscle mass?

    Persons who require more than one seat should pay for the second seat.

    BUT who decides how big a standard seat should be, there is already great variations in seat width, whats to stop Ryan Air making thier seats narrower and charging all of us for two seats?

    If there is going to be charges for bigger people then there needs to be a standard. Maybe each airline should have a standard width/pitch based upon its home countries average population size...

  • Roduit Pascal - 11 years ago

    They also pay more fare to lift off kg l'île extra luggage

  • Steve - 11 years ago

    Based on the result of the survey it is clear to see that 6% of the population are obese. Any reasonable person would expect to pay more if they take more, clearly they pay more for their lunch because they eat so much, so they should pay more for their seat if they need two.

  • Brian Edmunds - 11 years ago

    I have long felt that airlines should have a weight allowance that amalgamates hold and cabin baggage as well as the weight of the passenger. I can never understand why it is that I, as a 65 kg passenger, still have the same baggage allowance as a fellow passenger weighing twice as much as me.

  • Shaun Cowan - 11 years ago

    The fairest way would be to weigh the passenger and luggage together and charge accordingly, the total weight of the aircraft has a direct link to the amount of fuel required to fly to your destination...

  • Marianne - 11 years ago

    I am sick of having to be careful about my hand luggage weight etc and seeing hugely obese passengers travelling, whose weight and hand luggage should be weighed together. As for sitting next to a morbidly obese person I would object strongly. However, on low cost airlines like Ryanair you have no choice. If they are greedy enough (and most are) to overeat or eat the wrong foods why should all the other passengers be penalised. Different if its a medical condition but it rarely is. Just watch these people stuff their mouths, particularly on cruises!!!

  • G-Mann - 11 years ago

    I think we are going beyond common sense now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just because we are in a ressesion and companies want to increase profits,,,,,,,,,,,,, one way or another.

    I do not think this is morally right, you pay for a ticket, therefore the company has a duty to take you to youe destination, irresspective if you are in the air!

    We should not discrimate against people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no matter what they are like or look like!

  • Laura - 11 years ago

    The airlines are already penalising us by introducing the baggage charges because the heavier the plane is, the more fuel it costs to fly it. I think the airline should allocate a weight for each passenger which can be met by the persons weight plus the bags they carry. Any extra? charge 'em.

  • larry - 11 years ago

    Then fit seats for thin people and give them a discount for saving space etc.
    Do not understand the disabled being treated badly,would they do it to a war veteran .
    We can all be cruel and stupid.
    Last year flew on AA in the USA,stewardess gave a passenger a terrible time saying she was to o big for emergency row and moved her with a fuss talking about the emergency door being blocked by her.Totally odd the AA stewardess was 7.5 months pregnant and said when asked she answered under work law can work up to 8 months pregnant.Funny old world.

  • JR - 11 years ago

    Mary Smith - of course you are entitled to your whole seat, long haul or not.

    That's the point - if they spill into your seat they don't fit into one seat and should be charged for two.

  • UnPC person - 11 years ago

    I'm waiting for the fat blind one-legged black lesbian tax that penalises for 5 problems.

  • Mary Smith - 11 years ago

    They should be charged anyway because even IF they manage to fit into a seat, I've sat next to one such person and they "spill" out over into your seat all the same. On a long-haul flight, am I not entitled to my WHOLE seat space???

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