Which player right now is more worthy of the Hall of Fame?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Mitchell B. Sandlin - 7 years ago

    Kurt said Eli is not HOF material right now. HOF is based on an entired career. If Eli did not play another down wouldhe be HOF material. No and he would be the first to say so. Let him play 4 or 5 more yeard or more then look at him then. I am betting he works hard eniugh to make to the HOF at the end of his career.

  • Will's Way - 7 years ago

    R u kidding me!!! Lmao. Kurt Warner is lonely and wants to make himself relevant again. Eli is at the Top of his game right now and his career is far from over unless he's injured, god forbid knock on wood. Kurt Warner is the past & Eli Manning is the present/future and that bothers Kurt bad cause he lost his Job as the starting QB for the NY Giants how many years ago and Eli is still holding it down and making a difference, while Kurt Warner is WHERE, doing whatever he can to keep people talking about him.....

  • Peter Desiderio - 7 years ago

    Does anybody really give a sh_t what Kurt Warner says? Since when is he a Joe montana Terry Bradshaw or Tom Brady? How many rings does he have?

  • bumorabbit - 7 years ago

    Unfortunately Eli will never get the respect of other teams or the press because he just goes out there and gets the job done with no fan fare. Two superbowls in four years and all the media can do is talk him down. Eli said at the beginning of the season he was in the same class as Brady and guess what with actions and not words he sat Brady down again for the second time.

  • mad62 - 7 years ago

    Kurt Warner in the Hall of Fame !!?? Only way he gets in is if he happens to be driving the Limo for an actual Hall of Famer. I'm guessing Eli would give him a pretty good tip. Kurt Warner, come on, are you kidding me? Get a clue.

  • Glacier - 7 years ago

    I think most of you old farts are too old to recognize Eli's talent because he these Giants Carey out their plans differently. Kurt is old and doesn't hey it. I don't think he was hating but he needs to check his words. He started that Eli made the plays when they counted. That's what GREAT qb's do idiot. If you throw for 300 yards every game and can't win the Sb, then your just a LOSER who throws for yardage. Kill yourself......

  • section319 - 7 years ago

    Went to the parade yesterday and I love Eli and the Giants, right now no he isn't HOF material that doesn't mean he won't be. Does Kurt harbor some resentment maybe but I doubt it. Websites like this make their money off of advertisement and page views. Funny how "timely" these stories are. What a coinkydink. Some website manager out there says hmmm what will get Giant fans all fired up and pump up my page views. I know !!! ...lets find someone to say something other than Eli's the greatest. Poof! Shlubs like you and I get all hot. Fugedaboudit! We just won the superbowl.

  • Craig - 7 years ago

    Kurt who?

  • HARRY VASQUEZ - 7 years ago

    Kurt is a DAME Hater! He's mad because Eli has 2 Super Bowl wins and allot of time left to win more. Curt you and Your wife are perfect for each other, YOU two are always talking SHIT, does anything else ever come out your your mouth!

  • Adam Burgess - 7 years ago

    I believe that both Eli and Kurt is Hall of Famers. Perception is reality and Eli those have two SB rings and is the MVP in both of them. Warner has regular season records and post season records and three trips to the SB's with two different teams. The perception is that Warner played in arguably the three greatest SB’s in history. Until Brady exceeded Warner this past Sunday he had own the highest passing yards in SB history. By denying Eli Warner hurts his own HOF Chances.

  • Geoff Paugam - 7 years ago

    Kurt Warner is a douche and absolutely did nothing for Eli in 2004. I think Kurt is revealing his grudge against Eli...the young rookie QB that stole Kurt's starting position. Good thing KW opted to leave the Giants before 07 victory!!!! Eli Manning 82.1

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    As a human, Warner may qualify as great. As a quarterback I think he qualifies as pretty good - which I don't think is HOF material. He had a very limited run at greatness - and he got quite near grasping it - but he never actually made it. Manning hasn't either. Big difference is that (good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise) Manning has a few more years to build on it. Warner has fallen short with the exception of a couple of very good years, some 'pretty good' years, and
    the remainder rather non-remarkable - at least ON the field.

  • wkax53 - 7 years ago

    Sound like someone (Warner) who looking out for themselfs. A little surprise at comment.

  • Tony23 - 7 years ago

    While its true that it is a little too early to crown Eli as a hall of famer, it is time he start showing him some respect. So what he doesn't present the macho man quarter image. After being sacked 6 times by the Niners, and still lead his team to victory, he certainly proved his toughness! Kurt Warner seems to obviously have personal issues. Warner should be concerned with whether he will get in or not.

  • Gus Dahlinger - 7 years ago

    I heard the other day after the super bowl on ESPN about how Eli doesn't have what it takes to be in the hall of fame. I ask them well maybe he should do cocaine like Michael Irving, who is in the HALL, I guess since he works for ESPN, then he should be an exception to the rule??? Give me a break... How many hall of famers have been and still are woman beaters, drug dealers, and just plain old thugs. I think kids should follow Eli's way of life verses the thugs that are in the Hall. I've heard ESPN talk about how Terrell Owens should be in the Hall, what a joke, he has done nothing but bad things for football. How soon you at ESPN forget... You will not see Eli be a thug on the field or off...

  • Flash - 7 years ago

    Kurt was a great quarterback. Eli is still young and in my opinion will far surpass Kurt's records. It's too early to declare Eli for the Hall, but, it looks to me very likely if he doesn't get hurt.

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    When did Kurt Warner become a Hall of Famer? Yes, he won a Super Bowl. He lost two. And yes, he won 2 MVPS. What about all of the other seasons he played. Like when he lost his starting job to Eli? And to Marc Bulger? Is that really a Hall of Fame career?

  • bobbo24 - 7 years ago

    and i forgot- if that beer- bong guy Leinhart had he head on straight warner wouldn't have gotten his opportunity in Arizona

  • bobbo24 - 7 years ago

    i have seen both and while i think we will have to wait a bit for Eli to decide on him--WARNER should not go into hall of fame- i am a giant fan and mr. righteous church boy did nothing to tutor or help Eli. he also does a slide when on the one yard line(coward)- he thru that other idiot sean peyton under the bus. he was put in a perfect spot in st.loius ! also the giants use to regularly whack him (and his precious hand) to the point he was still baggin' groceries. Kurt didn't you learn anything from Tiki Barber "Giants do not bash Giants"! how do you think Strahan, Gifford, Cross and other guys make it here and then into broadcasting- don't bash the family! p.s. beside if he gets in to the Hall- i gotta watch his wife at the ceremony more than him.

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