During ooamerica part 2, would you like to see (any of the below):


  • Vincent Bouchet - 11 years ago

    Hey Jay !

    I 'll try to make this one in english ;)
    First of all and once again i congrat you for your job ! You are doing great and i respect it a lot !

    Concerning part two i really agree with what Carolina says ! She pointed the right points !

    In addition to that i 'd like to have some opinions about:
    What is our goal being on this planet?
    What should you achieve to be able to think that, you managed your life right?
    Would you like to be rich and why ?
    If you could stop working tomorrow would you stop ? If yes, what would you do instead of working ?
    Name someone you admire?
    Are you scared of death ?



  • Kimberley - 11 years ago

    For me, the more interesting part of this trip, by far, is the relationships. I want to know what happens between the grand vistas and small towns, both of which we have seen all over the place forever...what we have not not seen is who you are. What your stories are. How your relationships change along the trip, with each other and with the places you visit. It is possible that I am completely alone in this, but as interesting as the photos and interviews are, I think your individual stories and reactions are what could make this sing. We want to know you. We want to feel like we have a seat in the car. Pass us the Cracker Jacks.

  • Bahati - 11 years ago

    I think part 2 of your documentary will be awesome. I enjoyed watching clips from part 1 and listening to the stories of regular folks around America.

    I voted for more videos of you both making the film, however, I'm leaning towards my 2nd vote, interactive posts. Like inviting people who follow your blog to meet-up at one of the places your visiting and video taping it.

    Keep having fun and stay independent.


  • ooa revo - 11 years ago

    Hi Carolina and Herbork,

    Thank you both for your very insightful comments. I will respond to both of them in more detail soon, just wished to respond quickly to encourage people to comment on ooamerica.com, in order to make it easier for other readers to read comments and engage in the conversation (and not to discriminate against the excellent services of polldaddy).

    If you don't mind I'll copy your comments and the more detailed responses to ooamerica.com? - but of course will respond to people who comment here. Thanks!

  • Herbork - 11 years ago

    Nothing is more mysterious to our overly-politicized and systematically-misinformed post-modern citizens than the truth about their own nation and its people, right? So your project can be enormously influential -- and I hope it will be -- especially, if you balance snarky with a little good-heartedness. Along the way, please do try to demystify coastal-elite prejudices about "fly-over country," such as all Southerners being benighted racists who live in the late 18th century, culturally and emotionally. Very good luck... in search of America today!

  • Carolina Carry - 11 years ago

    I am very new to your blog and I still have to fully explore it. What I have seen so far is really pretty amazing. I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon it. You mentioned wanting to discover people's "philosophy of life". This is extremely interesting to me....But "philosophy" sometimes can be very abstract. Sometimes there can be a vast separation between our philosophy of life and our everyday life. Philosophy can be construed and constructed. So, in the end, I am also and maybe more interested in people's drives. What makes people want to live? What drives and motivates their actions? What makes people want to get out of bed in the morning?
    Looking forward to following your blog.

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