Who is right in the ongoing dispute over the name Rick Ross?

  • kissmygrits - 10 years ago

    so does that mean i cannot use Harry O name are I am of at risk of being sued. if and when he get's out.

  • Nike Champ 718 - 10 years ago

    @realisitc How was Freeway Ricky Ross NOT born with the name "Rick Ross"? You sound stupid right now.

    If Officer Ricky was as official as he claims, why did he have to jack somebody else's name? Why not live off of your own name and rep? Fake ass ni99a.

  • b ross - 10 years ago

    For those who dont know, Freeway Rick Ross is an Original American Gangster, he lived
    the life. I never knew people would even consider supporting artoon gangster like your
    fake as boy. That sack chaser need to find somebody else nuts to suck on. The rapper is a fake ass to the fullest!

  • fuck freeway - 10 years ago

    he is just tryna profit off of rick ross because his bitch ass is broke lol........

  • roy - 10 years ago


  • jones - 10 years ago

    really how many of yall was going around screamin bout freeway rick b4 rick ross came out nobody i know im just saying and its not like he making money cuz of his names he sells music not a name

  • @realistic - 10 years ago

    @realistic the case just ain't about the name it the purpose , if I went around calling myself Peter pan , and acted like him and made a shit load of money from it , you better believe I will be getting sued by Disney!

  • @realistic - 10 years ago

    @realistic he does not need to have it copywriten for as the leagal poor mans copyright has dated proof that he is Rick Ross it's on his criminal record and he has plenty of proof , on leagal documents thanks to our juridical system! For a poor mans copyright I can take a name symbol whatever and put in in an envelope and mail it to myself and never open it , I know have a dated document in my name federally copywriten so if by chance someone uses it I take them to court and prove it was mine ! Now since Rick ross has dated court documents with his name on it Rick Ross and other dated federal documents that say Rick Ross from his conviction , than he leagally owns the name or the copywrite to it as you would comment about !

  • realistic - 10 years ago

    freeway rick wasn't bon with the name rick ross. He didn't have the name rick ross copyrighted, So that fat bastard can really name himself whatever he wants as long as it doesn't infringe upon any copyrighted name. Freeway unfortunately has no case here at all and is just wasting everyones time.

  • FREAKS - 10 years ago


  • dick ross - 10 years ago

    rapper rick ross gotta change his name to dick ross, because he a rick riding boss

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