Do you care whether there are genetically modified crops in your food?

  • Natalia - 10 years ago

    Genetically Modified Foods enrich businesses that could not care less about our health. Check out Monsanto and GMO on Google search.

  • Lorraine Blasor - 10 years ago

    While genetic engineering may be a useful tool in medicine, the
    very idea of tinkering with nature, especially plants used for food, is
    troubling especially since we have no idea of what the repercussions will
    be down the line, or the effect of these foods on people. Transferring
    genes from one species to another sounds too much like the work of
    Dr. Frankenstein!

    Even more disconcerting is the fact that GM foods are already a big part of
    our diet, even if most of us don't know if we are eating these foods because
    companies that sell them won't identify them as such. It is time for American
    consumers to demand that GMO foods and crops sold in supermarkets be
    properly labeled.

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