Which vampire is perfect for Elena?

  • Stefan!

  • Damon!

Poll posted 8 years ago.

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  • Aylen - 7 years ago


  • alex mcgumfree - 7 years ago

    Of course it's gonna be Damon! Damon and Elena are perfect for each other!!!!!

  • ian nina - 8 years ago

    whats wrong with every one ...
    demon love elena so mouch then they have to be with they each ther thats called a true
    love ... he do every thing for her while stfan just sit and watching ....and in this season we see how elena began fall in love with demon too .
    then thats how the end most to be demon with elena ...i'am i right !!!

  • Veronika - 8 years ago

    Stefan. As we all know - true love is eternal.

  • Taylor - 8 years ago

    I think Stelena very well may be endgame, but I think DE is the true lovestory of the show (not to contradict myself or anything, lol)
    When you go back even the first 5 or 6 episodes, I've always noticed that the little things that were so inconsequencial pertaining to stefan and elena, were focused on so strongly with DE. I don't mean we the fans focused on them, I mean that every touch or smile or anything was isolated and focused on by the show itself (they both pause, dramatic music starts playing, slow motion, direct camera angles, ext...) I think that Stelena will get there happy ending (personnaly, I like the symmetry), and damon and elena will kinda be the tragic lovestory...and in a way I kinda love that :)

  • Aubrey - 8 years ago

    I go back and forth everyday and even though I want a Stelena endgame I'm pretty sure it's going to be Delena...I love Damn but not with Elena...I know some people said that Stelena has been done before (i.e. Twilight) but the same can be same about Delena (i.e. Dawson's Creek)...it's funny how when I was into Twilight I wanted a Jacob & Bella endgame cause Edward just bored me to death...but anyway...Stelena seems more real cause you can meet a guy that you are attracted to and hit it off instantly (it happend with me and my current fiance) Yes, Damon can protect her but he doesn't trust her to make her own decisions and everyone knows trust is big in a realationship...I've been with a Damon (type of guy before) and I can honestly say I'm glad that chapter of my life is over with. I just hope the writers stay true to Stelena...i don't mind them giving Delena a chance but it needs to be a Stelena endgame.

  • Cmcc - 8 years ago


  • N - 8 years ago

    I love both damon and stefan, but i want the STELENA endgame.

    You see it everytime they are on screen and they have the best moments in tvd. Stefan loves elena with all his heart and she still loves him to, you clearly saw that in the end of 3x14. and to those who says stelena is boring, what the fuck is wrong with you? they are PEFECTION. and why would the producers throw in so many beautiful stelena scenes if they werent the endgame??

    and also, i get so upset when people says stefan been a dick in seasons trhee and not caring about elena. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE HE GOT HIS HUMANITY TURNED OFF AGAINST HIS WILL. he fought for her until the last second and was ready to KILL HIMSELF because he couldnt hurt elena. so he couldnt help being a dick, he was compelled to do it. and now he hates himself for what he did. AND IF STEFAN HADNT LEFT WITH KLAUS DELENA FANBASE DAMON WOULD HAVE DIED AND SO WOULD ELENA. Stefan always sacrifes himself for everybody while damon can only do it for elena.

    I dont ship delena because i think it ruins damons character. everybody who loves damon always says it because he is so badguy and hot. and he has got a sense of humour. i think the delena relationship would ruin that damon we all know and love. I picture them only being attracted, plus i cant forgive everything damon has done in the past and the last episodes. Whenever he gets a little pissed of someone dies or he ruins everything . AND for the delena shippers who say that delena is much more interesting, sexy and attractive as a coule, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN A COUPLE. so stop saying that stelena relationship is boring (IT NOT AT ALL) when you havent even seen a real delena relationship

    wow, what a long comment. hahahah
    but I LOVE TVD ANYWAYS, AND ALL THE CHARACTERS no hate on any of them

  • Net - 8 years ago

    stefan and elenas love conquers all. plus their chemistry is overpowering

  • Embarrassed Delena Fan - 8 years ago

    @Delena Oh god please stop insulting our entire fan-base.

  • Delena - 8 years ago

    i definitely vote for Damon!!! Stelena is soooooooo boring. Even when the producers tried to make stelena interesting they failed!!! Because its just not in the!!! Damon has this thing about him that is amazing!! Ian is a great actor at acting the bad guy..... Paul on the other hand just doesn't look like a bad guy he looks like a very and gentle one. I love relationships that contain love and hate. Those are the relationships that interest me and i think most of us... Because when the relationship like Damon and Elena are on the show, that show NEVER gets boring with the relationship!!! DELENA IS FUNNY, SEXY,INTERESTING, ATTRACTIVE, AND NEVER EVER BORING..........STELENA IS NICE AND EASY......THAT IS REALLLLLLY BORING THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN INTERESTING EVEN WHEN THE PRODUCERS TRIED TO MAKE STEFAN BE LIKE DAMON(THE BAD GUY) THEY FAILED BECAUSE IT WASN'T JUST IN HIM......................................NO ONE IS AS GOOD AS DAMON PLAYING THE BAD GUY!!!!!! THIS IS THE WAY I FEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole - 8 years ago

    Who ever said that delena won the best couple award? :L they have never been a couple so thats stupid of you to say :L. i vote for stefan, damon killed her brother,turned vicki, arsed around with caroline, almost killed bonnie, tried to turn elena, has wanted to kill stepfan countless times, killed zac and other tings that i have proable not mentioned. #Stelena. Oo and even if delena do become a couple, it wont be for long.. she doesnt love him, clearly showd in ep 14 of season 3.. sozz to disapoint yous delena fans :)

  • Rose - 8 years ago

    All I'm going to say here is that Damon and Elena are not "mismatched." In the books, they are frequently described as "twin flames." If you don't know what that is, look it up. ;)

  • Maddy - 8 years ago

    Okay, good! I'm glad you're one of the few that can. And I mean that honestly.

    But, what? Where did you get the rest of your post from? I was not saying anything about it being hypocritical. All I was saying, is that I'm tired of the shippers from both sides ripping apart their opponents (either Damon or Stefan,) to validate why theirs is better. I did not say anything about how only Stelena shippers do it. Clearly, both Delena and Stelena fans enjoy this.

    "I wouldn't romanticize them and act like they are some fairytale relationship. "
    Ahem. Sorry, maybe it's just the people I've seen, but Stelena fans seem to be always going on about how "Stefan is Elena's true love." Like I said, I know it's not everyone that does this, but I'm just saying, I've only seen a few Delena fans doing this myself.

    I do agree with you on how we shouldn't knock Stefan/Damon down when we can't defend Stefan/Damon for the same things. That's what I was trying to say before. (:

    I wouldn't say that Damon is obsessive exactly, but he may be a bit over-protective, yes. I can recognize the flaws in Damon and Elena's relationship, can you recognize the flaws in Stefan and Elena's relationship?

    I don't know if you were talking about me in that last sentence, but I don't recall talking crap about Stefan.

  • C. - 8 years ago

    For those that think the delena online fanbase holds "a pretty small percentage" of the total viewership then uh..newsflash people..the stelena online fanbase is pretty freaking small. Just look at the votes, damn.

  • Helen - 8 years ago

    Stefans "true face" showed up in SEASoN 3!!! A annoying, selfish, bad lier who gives a fu#% about Elena when she is at her worst! Madmouthing Damon everytime he gets a Chance to...:( Damon on the other Hand was there for her....EVERY Time! "At the end of the Day DAMON is the one who keep her alive!"

    Yes People I definitely think Damon is the better Vampire for her!

  • Sarah - 8 years ago

    Damon and Elena ♥ :)
    they won the title of TV's hottest couple ♥

  • Ann - 8 years ago

    True love conquers all, Damon & Elena ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • bobla - 8 years ago

    i think both of them because they will keep her safe

    p.s. safe and sound :-)

  • Deyci - 8 years ago

    stelena *-*

  • Kat - 8 years ago


    I don' t have to use negative arguments against Damon/DE to validate Stelena. The relationship that Stefan and Elena had and the positive things it brought to both of their lives speaks for itself. I can argue that Stelena is great without even bring Damon into it. THAT is my whole point about why I think SE is the better/healthier relationship. But this poll is about choosing which guy is better for Elena, so of course comparisons are going to be made. I've just noticed a lot of DE people ripping Stefan apart to validate SE and the ships on equal ground and it's laughable because can you say hypocritical? I'm just saying, if it were me and I shipped DE, i'd just stay in my corner of the fandom and enjoy them for what they are. I wouldn't romanticize them and act like they are some fairytale relationship. And I certainly wouldn't knock Stefan down when I can't defend Damon for the same things. It's just foolish. Damon/Elena are a lot like Chuck/Blair (Gossip Girl) to me. And I ship Chuck and Blair like crazy. I'll always ship them. But yes, I can recognize that it's a messed up ship. I enjoy them BECAUSE they are messed up. Do I think it's a healthy ship? Hell no! But i still enjoy them. I'm not telling anyone not to ship Delena. Just recognize that the ship IS flawed. Damon IS obsessive and over-protective and IT'S NOT ROMANTIC AND NOT A GOOD THING. You can still enjoy something without glamorizing it and making it into something it isn't. That's the fun of shipping. But as long as people talk crap about Stefan and bring him into it to validate DE I'm going to defend him.

  • belle:) - 8 years ago


  • Tam-e - 8 years ago

    Why is everyone so against Damon? Personally, I don't find Delena to be at all Unrealistic or controlling in any way. Damon is in L O V E with her, he just wants to make sure that she's safe, that's all! If you want to see obsession then look at Damon and Katherine as an example. Damon thought that he and Katherine were made for each other and spent hundreds of years actually believing that. Elena made him change for the better and he grew into a 'better man', just as she requested. He did it for her. That is L-O-V-E.

  • Karen - 8 years ago

    In the books, Elena end up with Damon. And to be honest, I used to fully team Damon. But after watching the last couple seasons (although I still LOVE Damon AND the idea of him and Elena together) I don't think I could take Damon instead of Stefan with Elena. Damon and Elena are great together and I could see how they end up together, but Stefan and Elena have a love like no one else's. I can't seem them NOT being together.

    I ship Nina&Ian and Elena&Damon.

  • tayla - 8 years ago

    Personnaly, I prefer the DE storyline...but I think (with regards to the article) that this season will be resolved with an SE reunion. I like the I-hate-you-I-love-you quality about damon and elena's relationship, and I feel like their big romantic resolution (hook up, an I love you too, some epic moment...) will happen much later in the series. Besides at this point in the series we know that whoever she ends up with now will have to be broken up eveentually...

  • Sumaiya - 8 years ago

    Stefan, HANDS DOWN!!!
    Anyone who thinks Elena is in love with Damon, clearly have not been watching the show and that is a fact. She definitely loves him and cares about him and hey, is even attracted to him...but she is NOT in love with him. I usually love Damon but Damon needs to find someone who truly loves him and accepts him for who he is. He TRULY does deserve happiness!!!
    Stefan and Elena have a long way to go to finally reunite as a couple. Stefan needs to get out of this bad boy phase (as much as I love it lol) and this stupid triangle needs to end.
    BUT after watching last week's episode, it clearly shows where Elena's heart truly lies and that is with Stefan.

    As for Delena having more build up than Stelena, I am sorry...I never really saw much build up with them...more like a "redemption story" for Damon. And people seem to have forgotten that in the last episode of Season 2, Damon was thinking about Katherine and this was before Delena kissed so how the f*** is that Delena build up? Delena having more chemistry than Stelena? That is simply a matter of opinion. Some people think they have great chemistry...I think they have chemistry as well but I also think they're contrived. Damon and Elena are just so mismatched...they would NEVER work and honestly without this one-sided "love" with them, they are not very interesting! Stefan and Elena work together better as a couple because they are a team, they are free to speak their minds but they also trust each other to make the right decisions for themselves. Damon is just too overbearing and controlling when it comes to Elena...while I understand where he is coming from, he doesn't give Elena much breathing space.

    I have shipped Stelena from watching the very first episode and I happen to feel that Stefan and Elena have a lot of amazing chemistry and the fact that both Paul and Nina are such great actors, makes their scenes that much more great to watch. They can be sweet, sexy, heartbreaking and just plain beautiful! NO ONE is gonna change my mind about that!!!

    STELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash - 8 years ago

    Its obvious that Elena will end up loving Damon.. if not more than Stefan. there is a reason why the writers are taking their time with Damon/Elena and giving them YEARS worth of build up. that isn't gonna be for nothing.. we are only in season 3 and DE are still on a journey and its gonna be a long one :)

  • Maddy - 8 years ago

    Okay, that's totally fine. I agree, Stefan and Elena do have some really cute moments. And I can appreciate them. Honestly, I think that both sides should be able to respect cute moments between Elena and both brothers. But, for some reason, that doesn't happen. Everyone is just too caught up with their opinions on who Elena should end up with. I have to say though, Damon didn't really "go after Kol." While he probably wouldn't have been nearly as violent if he had been in his right mind, all he was doing was protecting Matt. If Damon wasn't there, Matt would've been killed. But, like I said, he could've stopped Kol in a much better way.

    Is English your first language? I had a bit of trouble following your post. Let's compare: "She was making the commitment to sacrifice herself to SAVE all her loved ones from Klaus," with the definition of suicide: "the intentional taking of one's own life." That sounds like the same thing to me. Maybe in a different situation and a less negative way, but it was still suicide. I know the tv series isn't the book series, but in the book series, Stefan definitely stalked Elena. For several years actually, since she was little. "Damon admitted that Stefan has saved him many times and he owes him. I will continue to use it cause the fact will always remain. Stefan would give up everything for the ones he loves. If he didn't, Damon would be dead so many times. Show the respect.." This has absolutely nothing to do with Stelena or Delena. Damon has saved Stefan a few times too. Maybe not quite as many, but you act like he would never try to save anyone.

    No, just...no. I don't even know where to explain the number of things wrong with this post. Maybe there are a couple of fans who became Delena fans after they started dating, but a lot of us were decided before the tv show began. I'm not saying all of us did, but a lot of Delena fans read the books prior to the tv series, and that's where they made their choice. Of course, I'm sure a bunch joined in later as well, but Ian/Nina's relationship has hardly anything to do with it. No, they are not "Stefan's diaries." I understand that in the beginning of every episode, Stefan says it is "his story," but even if it was, the show would be about his life and not just him and Elena. However, technically, it is Elena writing the story. In the books, about half the chapters begin with an excerpt from Elena's journal entry, and not one diary entry came from Stefan. It's a little annoying how the writers/producers changed everything. Actually, Damon came back to Mystic Falls to resurrect Katherine. Not to "annoy Stefan." He fell in love with Elena after he realized how much of a manipulative b**** (for lack of a better term) Katherine was. Stefan didn't feel anything at first sight either, he just felt a connection because of Katherine. For both of them, their love for Elena grew as they got to know her.

    Ahem. Please do not generalize about Delena shippers. We really aren't all bad, I promise. Just like how I know that not all Stelena shippers are unable to admit that Stefan has his faults too. (Believe it or not, some people out there think he's completely perfect.)

    Wow, I seriously can't believe that I just wrote all this out. This topic just sucks me in, I guess.

  • Chelle - 8 years ago

    Layna. I thinks that how they control spam. I don't think there's nothing wrong with it.
    Oh and everyone knows that Damon and Elena is endgame. Everyone is in denial just like Elena ;P

  • Laynaa - 8 years ago

    The poll is defected, so to fix it.
    If you’re for Damon choose the left/first option even if Stefan’s name is shown.
    If you’re for Stefan, choose the right/second option even if Damon’s name is shown.

    So there, now that's fair. No more saying this poll is rigged.

  • MS.SALVATORE - 8 years ago

    Delena shippers are pissing me off because you guys hate on Stefan. If you think about it the only reason Stefan is bad is because he saved DAMON`S life. So before you go and criticize Stefan think back to season 2 when Damon got bitten by Tyler and was going to die and Stefan saved Damon by becoming a bad ass and going to Klaus. Also Stefan still had humanity until Klaus compleyed all the humanity out of him. And I love Elena but what she is doing is wrong playing with both brothers. Hurting both of them. She is selfish too and so is Damon. All you Delena shippers its not going to happen. It might for a bit but in the end Stefan and Elena are meant to be together.

  • NATASHALOVESDELENA - 8 years ago

    Stefan is JUST or even more evil than Damon. I just don't like Stefan & Elena because of the way he acts. He isn't real. He hid is past from Elena while Damon actually tells her who he was without regret. Plus while Stefan's been off with Klaus being a dumbass, Damon was there for her. SOO People can't change? Damon can "love, care and protect her" (Quoted from the LIFE STORY from Danielle), just as much as Stefan can. I don't understand why people completely over look how many people Stefan has killed and how he openly shows Elena he doesn't care about her WHEN HE DOES. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. He's lying to himself and her AGAAAINN. And for those reasons I dislike Stefan with Elena. I like Stefan I really do, but I think that Stefan only followed her around because she looked like Katherine BUT Damon fell in with Elena because she was Elena, of course her looking like his first love is factor too. Damon is just so cute, flirty and shows Elena that he loves her so much. Even the way he looks at her AND THOSE SCENES HAVE BEEN HIGHLIGHTED THROUGHOUT EACH SEASON.
    SO WHAT if Im obsessed with Delena? Aren't you obsessed with Stelena??
    I just want everyone to be happy at the end. Especially Caroline♥

  • Jeanna - 8 years ago

    I think that Damon and Elena fans want them together because Ian and Nina are together in real life...The Vampire Diaries are Stefan´s diaries,he is telling his story!the story about true love between Elena and Stefan!
    Also....Stefan saved Elena when her parents died...and he watched her and protected her the whole time...he moved to Mistic Fall because of her.....and Damon..well he just came to annoy Stefan and when he meet Elena he didn´t feel anything because he was madly in love with Katharine.....
    I think this show is amazing and I hope that one day I will find true love like Stefan and Elena!

  • sharie - 8 years ago


    Der, really suicide is not the same at all and you cannot compare the 2. Elena was not making the decision to commit suicide. She was making the commitment to sacrifice herself to SAVE all her loved ones from Klaus. If she did not give herself over for the sacrifice, Klaus would have killed all her loved ones. Stefan let her make the decision on her own.

    Also they did not fall in love in 2 episodes. Failing in love comes in stages and if they kissed on 2 episode so what. Who has not kissed on second date?? Epi 10 they made love and who knows how long that was. They could have been dating for 3-4 months which is a suitable time to fall in love and become sexually active.

    Stalking??? Stefan watched her to make sure she was not Kat, I really don't think that is creepy considering the history to Kat. OH BTW Damon snuck into Elena bedroom and touch her when she was sleeping, we don't know how many times he has done that. That is creepy.

    As for using the fact Stefan went away to save Damon and we using that. Well your precious Damon admitted that Stefan has saved him many times and he owes him. I will continue to use it cause the fact will always remain. Stefan would give up everything for the ones he loves. If he didn't, Damon would be dead so many times. Show the respect..

    Last epi only proved one thing, ok 2... Damon being good was for Elena and Elena only. Once he heard her say those words, he was back to being a dick.. 2nd thing. Elena want Stefan to show he cares... BooYah!!

  • Maddie - 8 years ago

    the difference between Stefan and Damon:
    Damon: when he is mad at Elena, he kills or sleeps with someone
    Stefan: when Elena is spending all her time and giving all her trust to his brother, he continues to love and respect her.
    That should speak for itself.

  • Madge - 8 years ago

    @ Kate,
    you're so right. I mean, i would like to see my baby Stef with Elena, but honestly, whoever she ends up with will be alright but that's who she'll be happy with. I just want to know that whether it be Damon or Stefan left behind, He can still be happy without Elena. I just want everyone to be happyyyyyyy

  • kiona j - 8 years ago

    i've always loved stefan & elena's relationship. while i would love for the majority of the show's focus to not be who wants to bone who, i will go down with this ship. #teamstelena

  • Samantha - 8 years ago


    We don't validate Stelena because of negative things about Damon, though there are a lot. But DE fans arguments are usually oh he loves her, oh he saves her he takes care of her, oh but Stefan doesnt?
    I like Damon as a character and how much he is developed but I just dont want him with Elena, because I dont see it working.
    Elena has told him multiple times that she is in love with Stefan, and that she wasnt going to give up on him as long she has hope, which is clearly shown that she does in that last episode.
    But Excluding Damon, there are many stelena scenes that have no Damon that make me ship them so much, has nothing to do with the negative things about Damon.
    The Ferris wheel ride, their first dance, & How he lets her make her own choices and if she does mess up, hell be right beside her taking care of her.
    It just feels like Damon doesnt trust her, Elena is not stupid and Stefan knows this which is why he trusts her to make her own decisions, and he knows that its her life, and he doesnt want to force anything upon her.
    Now about Damon, I dont feel like this at all. When he hears something he doesnt like he gets upset and goes all insane. Ex. Killing jeremy when Elena said she will always love Stefan & Going after Kol. If he doesnt get what he wants he recks shit up.
    What did Stefan do when Elena broke up with him because of Katherine? He cried. He didn't kill anyone, he just tried to make her happy by keeping Katherine away from her, keeping her safe hoping that it'll get them back together.

  • Kate - 8 years ago

    Okay, So someone just said that Delena shippers are being ignorant- yes, most of the are BUT only becuhz Stelena shippers rub it in their faces. I love Delena, I do- but it's pretty obvious that she's going to end up with Stefan, but I'm okay with that, why? Because Elena would be happy. I just hope that Damon finds happiness too.

  • Maddy - 8 years ago

    "I just don't see how people can validate DE by using arguments against Stefan."
    Well, then I don't see how people can validate Stelena by arguing against Damon. In my opinion, decisions should be made based on the pros of Stefan/Damon, and not the cons of the opposite person.

  • Liz - 8 years ago

    This is just too ridiculous for words. Good arguments could be made for both, but honestly I refuse to say who is "better" or the "logical" choice. You don't choose the people you fall in love with and in the end, it will be Elena's decision, no matter what any fan thinks.

    So yeah. I refuse to justify shipping one of the couples by tearing down the other one. The writers have done such an amazing job of creating these beautiful, yet damaged characters and it's such a friggin' shame when people can't see that because they are so blinded by what they want to happen with their ship. Personally, I care more about what happened between Damon and Stefan in the years after Katherine, but before Elena. I want to know what got them to this point.

    Also, I keep out of this whole shipping mess and I'm okay with either of them -- but what I really dislike is when people say that Elena doesn't feel nearly as much for Damon as she does for Stefan (and/or ever will). First of all, she met Stefan first. Second of all, Damon has been quite evil for a long time and so Elena has always felt that she wasn't supposed to like him. And third, which I personally think is important, Elena doesn't want to resemble Katherine in any way. She doesn't want to love both. She doesn't want to play with their hearts. There are so many reasons why Elena can't or shouldn't want to explore any possible feelings she might have for Damon.

    I, for one, have absolute faith in the writers and that they will tell the story in a beautiful way and I don't care with which brother she ends up with. If any.

  • Samantha - 8 years ago

    @Zahra, if youre talking about Stefan, than yes, you are the only one who thinks that.

  • zahra tabataba - 8 years ago

    am i the only one that thinks he doesnt actually love elena, he loves katherine?

  • Vero - 8 years ago


  • Jamie - 8 years ago

    im a neutral fan but really "The only thing reliable about Damon are his temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants."

    is that why Elena/Stefan always turn to Damon for help when their crappy plans fails?? just like in s2 with the ritual stuff and now in the next episode in which Elena gets kidnapped

    you are saying people shouldn't talk Damon up by bringing down Stefan but that couldn't that be said for you as well.. talking Stefan up and bringing down Damon is pretty much the same..

    and i agree with Nataile, both DS have done crappy things to Elena.. not one is worse than the other

  • Madge - 8 years ago

    @ Kat

    Can we just give this Kat person a round of applause?! Thank you for giving Stefan the explanation that he deserves!

  • Natalie - 8 years ago

    umm neither as both Damon and Stefan are NOT perfect.. as well as Elena ISN't.. they have ALL done bad things to each other so i just can't at people saying "oh Damon did this etc" or "Stefan did this".. not one is better than the other

    i'd rather see Elena with someone else tbh. someone who is human

  • Kat - 8 years ago


    Yeah, Damon is in love with Elena. HE is in love with HER. She may care for him or even thinks she has feelings of love for him but I don't think it's as strong as what she feels or has felt for Stefan. What does Elena get out of a relationship with Damon? She "saves" him by turning his humanity back on, but how does she benefit from the relationship?

    Honestly, you can't say you ship DE because he protects her and loves her and then condemn Stefan for his actions in season three when Damon has done the same things and WORSE things in season 1 and 2. How is Damon's love for Elena an excuse for his actions but Stefan gets written off? When he's done everything he's done out of love for Elena AND Damon.

    Stefan said he didn't care about Jeremy, but he KNEW Damon was there and wouldn't let anything happen. He even said to Damon "You can be in love with her all you want, if it means you'll protect her." Stefan saying that Jeremy wasn't his problem is not nearly as bad as Damon SNAPPING JEREMY'S NECK right in front of Elena. Sorry, not the same thing. And yeah, Damon saves Elena's friends and family when he has to but he doesn't go out of his way. Elena is his number one priority and I promise you he wouldn't shed a tear if Bonnie or Caroline died, even if it destroyed Elena. Because as long as Elena is alive and there to love Damon he's okay. THAT IS SELFISH and NOT ROMANTIC. I don't see how you can argue that.

    I honestly know that if Stefan knew that Elena was truly alone and without protection (aka Damon and Alaric) he would be there in a heartbeat to protect her. But he hates himself for what he did to her, even though he only did it to save his brother, so he keeps his emotions off and he ran away with Klaus to keep the danger away from her. He'd rather her be protected even if it means he won't have her. I don't think Damon would do this.

    I just don't see how people can validate DE by using arguments against Stefan. It's clear that Damon has done worse things. There's no argument there. No amount of badmouthing of Stefan's character can take away what Damon has done and what he continues to do. He's still a controlling psychopath and one day, he's gonna make such a reckless decision out of anger that someone Elena loves, or even Elena herself, is going to get hurt or die.

    The only thing reliable about Damon are his temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants.

  • Madge - 8 years ago

    This is ridiculous.. I'm actually ashamed to be part of this fandom. Both Stelena and Delena shippers can be rude and arrogant, but the Delena shippers that have commented are so ignorant. Honestly, half of your arguments are invalid. Damon does 1 good thing for every 5 that Stefan does and he gets patted on the back. Stefan doesn't get recognition because being selfless is natural for him, but as soon as Damon gains a temporary conscience, he's now the better brother? This is horrible. We are all watching the same show, can't we just appreciate it together?

  • Mag - 8 years ago


    Well, he would choose Elena over Boonie. It doesn't mean he wouldn't save her if he could (in fact he did save her). That means that Elena is more important for him. That's obvious since he's in love with her.

    And of course, I see Damon has many flaws but he is fighting with them because of Elena belief in him. And thanks to her he is becoming better man.
    How about Stefan? He just showed that Jeremy life meant nothing to him because revenge is more important. He is no better, so how can you support him?

  • Ilyn - 8 years ago

    Damon isn't a perfect vampyre for Elena; he's could be her choise, but not the right.

    Stelena, is the REAL LOVE.

  • Kat - 8 years ago


    Are we watching the same show?

    "I will gladly let Bonnie die if it means protecting you." - Damon
    And he tried to kill Caroline in 2x01 only to be stopped by Elena and Stefan.
    And i'm pretty sure he's made a quip about killing Tyler before as well.
    Oh and he snapped Jeremy's neck right in front of her.

    So no, sorry i'm not gonna pat Damon on the back because he saved them once. He's made it clear that he'd let anyone else die for Elena to live. That's not love to me. And yes maybe Stefan has turned dark this season but the good he's done has far outweighed the bad. How can you say you like SE when they were "reliable" but you ship DE, with Damon, the most unreliable and manic character on the show? Makes no sense. If you want to ship them and you recognize that they have flaws, that's fine. I'm just tired of people thinking DE is perfect and Damon's love *cough* obsession with Elena is the epitome of true love when it's not.

    And i'd say the active online fanbase is in the thousands. About 5 million people watch every week. So yes, we are only a small percentage.

  • Mag - 8 years ago

    I will never understand that argument, that Delena fans has only large online base. How can you say that it's "a pretty small percentage of the entire fanbase"? You don't know that. All friends of mine supports Delena and they're not voting in any polls or writing on message-boards.

    "Stefan has always done everything he can to save Elena AND every one she cares about. Is it the harder thing to do? Yes. But Stefan does it because he RESPECTS Elena and what she wants."
    So has Damon. He saved Boonie. And Caroline. And Tyler. And Matt in last episode. Why?Because he likes them? No. Because Elena cares about them.

    "When I imagine Elena maybe one day finally saying "Okay. I'm done. I'm walking away now," that Stefan would let her go if he believed it's what she really wanted. I don't know that Damon would though, and that's why I can never ship them."
    Well, he walked away once. He put Elena and her needs first. He let her go with Stefan. Watch again 2x08.

    I liked Stelena in S1 and S2. But now? They're not reliable for me anymore. I would never like boyfriend like Stefan who starts relationships with lies and then uses me as part of his revenge.

  • Emma - 8 years ago

    Lmao "Delena has a larger ONLINE fan base" only. Stelenas think everyone who doesnt own a computer is a stefan and elena shipper.
    The percentages are an indication of viewership. When they survey people for voting purposes and percentages they gather numbers from a random group.

  • Guest - 8 years ago

    Well said Tiny! You have made a really good point.

  • Tiny - 8 years ago

    Regardless of who Elena ends up with at the end of this season it's not going to be her definite forever boyfriend. TVD is a show about a love triangle, if they have her settling with one at the end of the third season then the show itself is over. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson both keep saying it over and over. If anyone has been watching either of their Tweets lately you will notice that Williamson has been making some very interesting comments on the subject. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they have Elena go back and forth between the brothers for the next few seasons and even have her date a human now and then (or other supernatural being). I don't see why people think that it is going to be decided and written in stone by the end of this season. We probably won't find out who Elena truly loves deep in her heart until the very final episode of the series. In fact as I mentioned earlier Kevin Williamson tweeted about that exact topic a few days ago. For those of you who watched his show Dawson's Creek you would have understood what he was talking about. I now who I want her to be with, it's obvious who Williamson wants her with, and I have even seen Plec write who she would like to see her with. Regardless of who any of us want the final decision will come down to them.

  • Alina - 8 years ago

    Okay, you guys these ship wars are stupid. I used to ship Stelena before Damon came alone, and I respect both ships, but you're naive if you're looking at this in terms of who came first or whatever other stupid gauges you may have. Stefan was a great guy, but the fact is he came to meet her because she looked like his ex-girlfriend, which would be okay I guess if he were honest about it, but he wasn't. I mean he was eventually, so let's say we get over that. Even after that he was letting her make some of her own decisions, but that doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. She's a teenage girl, her decisions are not always the best, but Stefan didn't seem to care. For example, when Stefan, Damon, Elena, and Elijah were talking about a plan to have her die and then come back to life when Klaus killed her for the sacrifice, Damon started to get really angry because they didn't have a back up plan. He asked what would happen if it didn't work and Elena was like "Well then I guess I'll die" and when Damon looked at Stefan, he LITERALLY SHRUGGED. I mean, every decision that Damon has made about Elena is for her safety. He doesn't care if she hates him for the rest of her life as long as she's safe and alive. So, let's say we let that go too, because hey at least Stefan gives her SOME choices (he doesn't always do that, that's bullshit). What about after he turned his feelings off? He started to get them back and still made her go through pain because he wanted to get back at Klaus for taking everything away from HIM. He didn't think about Elena when he was feeding her his blood and almost driving her off Wickery Bridge he was thinking about Klaus. He teased Elena into thinking he was glad that she saved his life right before basically laughing in her face and calling her pathetic. Whether any of us like it or not, Stefan is being horrible to her, and there's no way that he can just be forgiven without any change even if they were to end up together again.

    Damon, on the other hand, is the real man. He didn't stalk Elena, he found her when he found his brother and began an infatuation with her. He recognizes that she's not Katherine, and every single decision that he's made since the beginning has been in her best interest. He's spend three seasons opening up to her, getting closer to her, protecting her, and caring for her while watching her love his brother. He tells her that his brother deserves her even when he's tearing up telling her he loves her and making her forget it so she doesn't have to deal with that. When he was bitten by a werewolf, he didn't want her to know because she already had enough to handle, and he didn't want her to be hurt. He always puts his feelings and well being second to hers.

    That's why I ship Delena, because love isn't about who came first or who was sweeter to you, it's about having mutual love that goes deeper than that. It's about putting your needs before someone elses, and that's exactly what Damon does on a daily basis for Elena. Maybe Elena isn't there yet, but I think we all now by now that she is starting to love him, she just won't listen to herself and admit it. Hopefully her jealousy about Damon and Rebekah will finally make her come to her senses and make a move.

  • none - 8 years ago

    you see... most of you are acting like 5 years right now. There's no need to be rude; we've got the Delenas and we've got the Stelenas, fine. I, for myself, find the couple of Stelena lame and unrealistic, truth be told. But that's my opinion and I stand up for it. (It's right, it's just not right now). You see... it's all about Marketing. If the producers deciding they'll shut on couple down so it'll be. We as fans haven't much to add to that at least.

    As for the Votings... the storyline was fixed long time ago, also is Elenas decission which brother she'll choose.

    All you can do now is lean back, relax and enjoy the rest of the show. ^^

  • Kat - 8 years ago

    It's sad that just because Delena has a larger online fanbase (a pretty small percentage of the entire fanbase) they win all these polls. It's alarming because the Delena relationship and the fact that it's romanticized the way it is is SCARY. If you want to like them because they are messed up, fine. But when you try to say that it's healthy then we have a problem. IT'S NOT.

    Damon has been deprived of real romantic love his whole life basically and his love for Elena is OBSESSIVE because of that. It's the first time since Katherine he's felt love with even the smallest amount of reciprocation so he clings to it like a child. You may think it's romantic and that you'd want something like that for yourself but YOU SHOULDN'T and if you did have something like that in real life it would scare you! Damon is selfish and impulsive and yes I know he's on his "journey" but I don't know when it became Elena's job to "save him". That's not how a relationship works.

    I feel like Stefan and Elena mutually benefitted from coming together. Two lost souls who found the will to live again by being with one another. THAT to me is indicative of true love. The Delena ship is all about Elena "saving" Damon and making him want his humanity again and that's not what true love is. It's not one person fixing the other. What does Elena get out of this union? She seems more like Damon's babysitter lately than a potential girlfriend. Damon is unpredictable and can't take no for an answer and often people have to walk on eggshells around him to make sure he doesn't fly off the handle if he doesn't get what he wants.

    Stefan continually chooses his brother's well-being over his own because HE LOVES HIS BROTHER. Damon always seems to save Stefan because he "owes him". He's outright said this. I have no doubt he loves Stefan and he just has his own way of showing it. But honestly, I feel like if Damon had found someone that he truly loved that Stefan never would have swooped in and tried to steal her away. Damon seems to have no regard for anyone's wants or desires other than his own.

    You may think his obsessive over-protection of Elena is romantic but it's really not. He's willing to let every one that Elena cares about drop dead around her if it means she's protected. How is that romantic? Stefan has always done everything he can to save Elena AND every one she cares about. Is it the harder thing to do? Yes. But Stefan does it because he RESPECTS Elena and what she wants. And that right there is why I will always take SE over DE. Damon takes Elena's agency away and treats her like he knows what's best for her better than she does. It's not his place. And he's allowed to control Elena's decisions but no one is allowed to control his? When his decisions have led them into more peril than anyone else?!

    The fact that people romanticize this relationship the way the do is ALARMING. It's borderline abusive in my opinion. When I imagine Elena maybe one day finally saying "Okay. I'm done. I'm walking away now," that Stefan would let her go if he believed it's what she really wanted. I don't know that Damon would though, and that's why I can never ship them.

  • Jay - 8 years ago

    The writers ruined Stelena by rushing in too soon, however Delena's relationship has been building up and building up over the seasons and have developed from friendship to falling inlove, it's more of a story than just simple fall in love after a few episodes. (TOO MUCH LIKE OTHER SHOWS IN MY OPINION)

  • Jane - 8 years ago

    "These guys are more than just a simple love story. For two and a half seasons we’ve been captivated by Damon and Elena, yet they haven’t actually gotten together. In fact I can count the number of times they’ve kissed on less than one hand. Despite this, they’ve managed to garner thousands of fans from around the world and have so many talking about them and wondering what’s going to happen next, which is a true testament to how popular they are and their strong chemistry. They say that true love comes to those who wait and this couldn’t be more true for Damon and Elena. We’re all for the slowburn and building the strong foundations of their inevitable relationship because we know that the payoff will be well worth it in the end. We know it and so do they. If we look back on their history so far when we first met Damon, he was bitter and sadistic. Elena wasn’t exactly impressed with him, yet she saw something in him that made her decide he was worth giving a chance and now he’s one of the few people in her life she can depend on and trust. In turn, she’s made him a better person and he’s nowhere near as violent and menacing as he used to be. That being said, if anyone tries to hurt Elena, Damon won’t hesitate because he will always save her and choose her first. From hate to respect to trust to friendship and now we’re seeing hints of love. We know how Damon feels, Elena knows how Damon feels, and we can see Elena’s wall against Damon crumbling so it’s only a matter of time. It may not be right now but we’re willing to wait because we know it’ll be well worth it. " ♥

  • Chelsea - 8 years ago

    @zane I don't ship Damon and Bonnie ew no, i'm just saying I actually like them more than stelena. I wrote that because DELENA WILL BE ENDGAME! :)
    And, I know, I'm hilarious.

  • Hannah - 8 years ago

    I actually KINDA like stelena, I can see the chemistry between them but tbh it's NOTHING compared to Damon and Elena's chemistry. Elena is damon's humanity and damon brings out elena's fun and quirky side. Stefan would be perfect with someone fun like katherine or caroline. It's just stelena's abit too boring I guess.

  • zane - 8 years ago


    if you ship Bonnie and Damon then why the hell you wrote ``DELENA = ENDGAME!``

  • Luisa - 8 years ago

    They'll survive this.. they always survive

  • duuuude - 8 years ago


    oooh you made it look like he did

  • Chelsea - 8 years ago

    Stelena is the worst couple on TVD. I actually ship Damon and Bonnie more than them. They were just such a boring couple when they were together, no spark or fun about them. What I love mostly about Delena is that they aren't your typical, everyday, cheesy, teen drama. They have more depth. And.. as Johnny Depp wisely said 'If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.' DELENA = ENDGAME!

  • Mag - 8 years ago


    I've never said that he always agreed with her.

  • huu - 8 years ago

    @ Danielle

    AMEN at everything you just said

  • Danielle - 8 years ago

    HAHA.. WOW.. Delena fans (Nour), you're such petty little things..

    First off, I don't need to swear and carry on to try to make a point, I mean who are you trying to prove all that crap to? yourself? You trying to make yourself feel better because Elena is in love with Stefan and not Damon?

    2nd, I am 21 years old I may know a few things about what's Love and what's not, I have been watching TVD ever since September 9, 2009..
    Now if you don't know.. That is the exact date that 1x01 aired.. Okay? You don't know anything, So just shut your mouth.

    Ohh, and I have a brain. tbh, most of your newest comment I skimmed through because, I literally felt like I lost 500 bains cells just reading the first few sentences.

    Can't get anymore DElusional than that!

    And seriously? You're acting like a 14 year old who isn't getting their way. Grow up.
    I told you I was cleaning up your statement so that it tells the truth and not some self-obsessed crap you seem to think so highly of.

    I seriously pity you if you think Delena is "true love"
    You're in a for a rude awakening soon.
    Actually, All Delena fans I take pity on..
    Go read some more fanfics of your faux couple. Kthnxbye!

  • Whatever - 8 years ago

    God, reading these comments makes me feel like everyone's been watching different shows. I guess you only see what you want to see.
    And guys? Easy off with the curses. Using it to prove your point really does not help you. It makes your argumment cheap.

  • NATASHALOVESDELENA - 8 years ago

    At this point in the show, I still love Delena but I just want everyone to be happy lol.

  • srslyyyyy - 8 years ago

    ok I'm done ....

    @ Nour


  • letícia - 8 years ago

    damon is surely the perfect vampire

  • Lillz :} - 8 years ago

    worst couple on tv = delena xO

  • Nour - 8 years ago

    Dear SErs, let's just wait for the end of the season and see who's endgame. Sincerely, a ship that's 2p9572-38410 times better than yours.
    fuck this shit and your replies. You SErs have issues with common sense, wtf is your problem. you're so stupid, if you were next to me i'd strangle you.

  • duuuude - 8 years ago

    @ Mag
    Re watch that one episode where Stefan and Elena was at lake house,Stefan wasn't okey with Elena's decision,all you see is GOOD DAMON
    People re watch every episode,because it's very annoying to read all this crap about Stefan being okey with all Elena's decisions

  • Ann - 8 years ago

    They're the worst couple on TV = Stelena

  • Ann - 8 years ago

    One last reply bc I don't know why I should answer someone who seems to watch another show or ignores everything which has nothing to do with SE.

    STEFAN WANTED TO KNOW HER BECAUSE SHE LOOKED LIKE KATHERINE, NOT DAMON. & he didn't fall in love with her bc she's with Stefan. You should really watch TVD from the beginning :s

    I'll never understand what's so special about SE, I tried to understand it ... someone made a video about their reasons why they ship SE but it felt nothing. Maybe that's why I mostly prefer couples with a build-up & who were not thrown together after the first episode.
    That's what makes Delena real.

    They're the worst couple on TV, no wonder why no one is interested in them. Even in 3x11 when they promoted the episode with one SE scene... what happened? everyone was talking about Caroline and Klaus. I'd love to see a Poll about Klaroline, Forwood & Stelena. I'm sure more ppl love Forwood or Klaroline.. seriously, it wouldn't surprise me :s

    Damon made some mistakes.. so did Stefan... and really, I hate double standards ^^ everything Damon does is wrong and when Stefan does the same it's right. WTF?

    & c'mon ppl who are so biased, don't forget that they're vampires.. THEY'RE NOT HUMAN. It's a vampire show.. if you can't accept that then you should watch another show.

    I really believe that Damon & Elena will be endgame in this triangle. If it isn't, then what is TRUE LOVE anyway?
    What's a journey without a rewarding destination? What's DE's journey worth, if they can't be together in the end? What's it all for?
    I don't think the writers would spend so much in time in DE's build-up if they wouldn't be endgame.

    Kevin Williamson: "You can’t just have Elena jump into bed with someone because that’s what the writer wants them to do. You have to earn it, and the character has to do it. It took us this long to earn it. From the second episode of this show, when she walked into the Salvatore mansion and she met Damon for the first time and he kissed her hand, that’s when it began. It just took us two and a half years to say"
    They take they time with DE and that's what makes them special besides 324234 more reasons ♥
    We'll see what happens ♥

  • Maria* - 8 years ago

    Ok, I suppose that I'm going to get banned if I swear on English, but I am Serbian anyway, so here goes to all Delena fans (you can go to Google Translate to translate this):


    S ljubavlju, Marija :) / With love, Maria :)

  • srslyyyyy - 8 years ago

    pointed at Nour's comment - Stefan made Elena walk on her supposedly last day as human instead of saying bye to her family and that is exactly why klaus took Jenna, because ELENA wasn't there because your beloved Steffy was taking her on a trip to explore her feelings.

    SERIOUSLY???????? all that BULLSHIT you wrote there is just crap nothing else,grow up
    and now on my point,actually Klaus took Jenna because Damon screw everything up,AGAIN
    by saving Caroline and Tyler - Caroline the vampire he was suppose to use in the ritual
    next time watch it again if your `Damon is so perfect` mind is so blind that cant see the real things.

  • Mag - 8 years ago


    Seriously? So if your friend told you "I'm going to commit a suicide" you would tell him "OK! If that's what you want"? If you really love someone you need to be able to say NO if it means protecting your beloved ones from making something stupid. True love isn't about agreeing with everything the other side wants. Damon would risk his own reputation and good name in Elena eyes if he could save her. Stefan is selfish because he won't risk loosing her respect even if he doesn't agree with her ideas.

  • Elizabeth - 8 years ago

    Reading these comments is driving me absolutely insane. How in the world is Damon better for her? He's selfish, childish, controlling, and completely unpredictable. First, he fell in love with his brother's girlfriend when he knew how much Stefan loved her. People feel bad for Damon cause he can't have her.. maybe Damon should stop falling in love with people who already love Stefan! And don't give me that 'you can't help who you fall in love with'.. I know you can't, but you can definitely help if you put yourself in situations that might lead to that! And I'd love to know why he loves her so much.. because all I see is because she looks like Katherine, because she's Stefan's girl, and because she saved him a few times when she didn't have too. Some real earth shattering stuff right there...

    And don't even forget everything he's done to her. He's tried to kill everyone she cares about atleast once. He slept with her mother and turned her... gross. Everytime he hears one little thing he doesn't like he goes psycho crazy and messes everything up. He's a child. And Elena's kinda like his scolding mother. And what.. they're meant to be together because she makes him wanna be better? Why is it Elena's job to fix Damon? If someone has to inspire you to be better then it means you probably aren't really fixed. Stefan wants to be good for himself AND for Elena. Damon just wants Elena.

    Stefan and Elena's relationship is so beautiful. It's a fairy tale. And yeah, it's been pretty messed up lately but everyone kept complaining about how it was too perfect and now that they're kinda rocky you won't shut up about it! But not a single one of you can deny that the old Stefan, the real Stefan would do absolutely anything for Elena. And beyond that, he knew that when she made a choice he couldn't do anything about it. He couldn't force her to do what he wanted. Damon didn't really give her much of a choice. Why? Because he's selfish. It's not romantic that he did something she didn't want him to just to save her. It's selfish because he did that for HIM, not her.

    So y'all can go on and say that Damon loves her more because he wouldn't let her die.. but the fact that Stefan would let himself lose her just because that's what she wanted to do, that's true love. And the fact that he tried to sacrifice himself in Jenna's place just to spare Elena more pain just takes his love for her to a whole new level. And to whoever said he did that to look good in front of Elena... seriously, what planet are you from? Who goes to offer themself up as a sacrifice to make themself look better..........

  • DE - 8 years ago

    Damon wins. Damon is perfect for Elena. Just watch and you'll get your answers. Why people just can't accept that and deal with it? It wasn't even close. DE won even with all this crap they pulled in last episode and pissed off fans. Problem? ;)

  • Anne - 8 years ago

    Danielle seems like you watch another show too..
    Don't forget that Stefan let her go when Klaus came & the first thing he did was calling Damon..
    Stefan was there when she died.. and Damon was there when she woke up.. I think it means something.

    They don't even have a build-up at all. They didn't know eachother.. like I said before .. their relationship is based on LIES. Stefan wanted to be with her and he didn't even know her.. okay, he stalked her before but it's creepy.
    Stefan left to save Damon and when he had the chance to go back & he didn't - he wanted his revenge on Klaus.. even if it would kill Elena.
    Damon always puts Elena before everyone even if it hurts him. Stefan knows that Damon loves her ... what did he say? "You can be in love with Elena all you want, if it means that you'll protect her" He takes advantage of Damons love for Elena bc he can't protect her..
    DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT DAMON WOULD DIE FOR HER? HE'D DO EVERYTHING TO KEEP HER ALIVE. & seriously? Stefan trusted Elijah. It didn't matter to him if it would kill Elena [2x19 or 2x20]. Which boyfriend would accept that?

    btw I don't even understand why people support Defan. Stefan is a selfish idiot. He always says bad things about Damon.. Damon never does it ... he even says good things about him lol. "What kind of brother trashes his brother every chance he gets." Stefan does it.. every change he gets.

    "To me, the most intrinsic problems in the SE relationship are that they bury their heads in the sand when it comes to each others' problems and that they don't truly know each other for who they are. Stefan saw Elena as the Katherine replacement; that's why he saved her from the car crash. He then saw her only as the girl who lost her parents. He didn't know her manipulative side, her wild side. In turn, Elena didn't know about Stefan's ripper past. She didn't even know he was a vampire until Elena practically had to force it out of him, and even then, he only told her the bare minimum he needed in order to get her to trust him again. For goodness' sake, he didn't even tell her that oh, btw, you look exactly like my ex-vampire girlfriend and, when Elena confronted him about it, he dropped the bomb of her adoption on her. Not the best way to handle the situation.

    Not to mention their attitude during S2. They were so utterly naive. Elena said it best: she was so selfish because she loved him so much, but in love... you can't be selfish. They convinced themselves that everything would be fine if they just ignored it, but it got worse. They ignore their problems. They pretend they're not there. They run away from them, like in 2x14 and 2x20. What did their little escape in 2x20 achieve? Nothing, except Jenna's capture, turning, and later death. They pretend to be normal to the detriment of the safety of themselves and the people around them. It's not healthy.

    But Damon is her constant. He's been there for her. He protects her, he saves her, he loves her. Elena depends on him because he's her rock. He's the only one she can truly depend on. "

  • Nour - 8 years ago

    Hahahaha. Your so funny. Let me tell you something Danielle, you SE fans have no other sentence than that Stefan saved his brother. OH PLEASE, Damon was okay with dying, he even tried to kill himself. so please save me the pathetic sentence you always say. And he was trying to hide her from Klaus? Oh for God's sake , he didn't go with Klaus to hide her, get that through your mind. Stefan acted like a bitch towards Elena so he can protect her? wow, let's keep on giving the pathetic excuses. Like seriously, are you seriously this stupid to think that they were attracted after two episodes? They freaking kissed on the second and they couldn't live without each other in the third. What the fuck is that? huh? Can you answer me? how is that attraction? Or maybe you're still too young to understand.
    BHAHAHAHAHA. Damon could never do? ARE YOU WATCHING THE SHOW? Go to ep. 2x08 and fucking see what Damon says. He says I love you and it is because I love you, I can't be selfish with you. What do you call that? He's not putting her before his feelings. Please save me the bullshit and yes I still call it bullshit because it's BULLSHIT. And Damon didn't force Elena to kiss him, but whatever makes you sleep at night Dolly, Elena could;ve easily turned her head or pushed him away like in s1 but she didn't so before you talk, you think about that.
    Lol, girl please. Like seriously shut up and save yourself the humiliation because you obviously don't watch the show. She loves Stefan but she obviously loves Damon and go check JP and Kw's twitter if you don't believe me. Seriously? He's not even dating Elena and she told him that his love is a problem? What do you think he should do , beg for her forgiveness? GROW UP, SEX IS NOT LOVE. A GUY IS ENTITLED TO HAVE SEX AND FUCK WHO EVER THE FUCKING FUCK HE WANTS. And are you really so stupid that you can't even come up with your own sentences, you have to use mine? Lol , Stefan made Elena walk on her supposedly last day as human instead of saying bye to her family and that is exactly why klaus took Jenna, because ELENA wasn't there because your beloved Steffy was taking her on a trip to explore her feelings. And btw, Stefan only asked Klaus once to replace him with Jenna, as if to make himself look good infront of Elena. And if you still can't see that Damon over protectiveness is because he cares and loves Elena, then you have major issues. Stefan is like this because he doesn't care about her, to him she can die for all he cares, but DAMON CARES. DAMON CARES. So gtfo, and get a brain.

  • Monica - 8 years ago

    Is just so funny when i see people saying that Delena's a unrealistic obsession. It's a fucking triangle IT'S NOT UNREALISTIC. And say that Elena is only and always will be in love with Stefan is just stupid. If you think that i don't we are watching the same show. Her connection with Damon is so much bigger, They grew together, She became a stronger woman after stefan left, Damon i so much better because of her. And saying that Damon tries to control Elena is a joke, SHE WAS TRYING TO TURN DAMON IN TO STEFAN.. EVERY TIME DAMON WANTS TO FIX THINGS HIS WAYS SHE DEMANDS HIM TO STOP. So if he's to protective is because he loves her to much to see anything happen to her. and Danielle you talk about Damon's obsession with Katherine and what about stefan AFTER ALL THE TIME HE ONLY WANTED TO MEET ELENA BECAUSE SHE LOOK JUST LIKE KATHERINE SO.. i like stefan don't get me wrong but i don't think he's better than Damon in ANY way.

  • Danielle - 8 years ago

    Let me fix your statement up "Nour":
    Anyone who believes SE are endgame believe in true love. That doesn't make them crazy.
    Stelena did not fall in love after 2 episodes. The way I see it, they were attracted to one another, then they got to know one other, the trust grew, the love grew, their relationship grew.
    Stefan left Elena TO PROTECT HER. To keep her from Klaus' view. Had he stayed and not done anything Damon would have died, then where would your precious Delena be?
    Like I said, "No vampire is perfect for Elena." But Stelena make much more sense than Delena ever will.
    Yes, Stefans hurt her.. but Damon hasn't? Stefan is not a coward for wanting to shut off his humanity. He's broken. He seems to think that he isn't worthy of her love because of everything he's done, biting her, acting cold towards her. He knows how wrong he's been and he's putting Elena first before his feelings (YET AGAIN) Keep in mind something Damon could NEVER do.
    Damons love for her has gotten to the point where he's controlling and obsessive. Forcing her his blood because he's too selfish to let her make her own choices, selfish for kissing her knowing full well his life was the price Stefan payed for losing Elena.
    "you think about who has loved Elena the most to the extent that he'd hurt himself before hurting her" Ummmm, Go re-watch 3x05, Stefan literally tried to stake himself because he didn't want to hurt her. Now before you open your mouth and say BULLSHIT, you think about that.

    They've both done horrible things to Elena, but what it comes down to is how SHE feels... And can you honestly say that she doesn't love Stefan?
    How on earth is Stefan denying her the chance to be with Damon? If she wanted to be with Damon she'd be with him.. some of you just can't get it through your thick heads.

    Also, What kind of brother chooses a girl over his own flesh and blood? What kind of brother trashes his brother every chance he gets. Damon is a selfish coward who loves himself more than anything else. And 3x14 only proved it more. Elena rejected him, and he goes and sleeps with Rebekah. Now for God's sake you want me to believe he's good for Elena? He's toxic. Stefan has made Elena smile when Damon hasn't.

    And I can easily rest my case with this quote that Stefan has said: " But I have the one thing that you Never will. Her respect." May I remind you of 2x21 When Stefan begged Klaus to take him, to KILL him over Jenna because he knew how broken Elena would be losing Jenna? You may say Damon is perfect for her, but that's your opinion. And you clearly aren't watching the same show as me. Soooo Go away.

  • Anne - 8 years ago

    Which vampire is perfect for Elena? DAMON!
    Everyone should read this amazing essay.
    http://www.fanpop.com/spots/damon-and-elena/articles/143282/title/name-love-appeal-de-endgame -> I agree 100% ♥
    Yes, it's true. Most TVD fans (over 75%) ship Delena but you don't understand or you don't want to understand why we ship them, why we believe that they belong together & why we hope that at the end they'll get their rewarding destination. Why do they have such an amazing & breathtaking build-up if they wouldn't be endgame? It wouldn't make any sense.

    Damon protects her. He loves her and he can't lose her. He'd die for her. Damon forced her to drink his blood bc he couldn't lose her.. & Stefan forced her to drink his blood because he wanted his revenge on Klaus.
    Damon & Elena's relationship is based on mutual honesty and trust, from the beginning while Stelenas relationship was based on lies.


    Some DEers made some videos about why we ship Delena.. y
    ou should check them out & at least try to understand why we support them.

    Who is the one you'd call for?
    Who is the one that understands you?
    Who is the one that will put you first?
    Who is the one that you trust?
    Who is the one that will protect you?
    Who is the one that that will save you?
    Who is the one that will be by your side?
    Who is the one that you can't live without?
    Who is the one that will be there near the end?
    Who is the one that that will change you forever?


    Damon + Elena | Timeless Love

    Why Are Damon&Elena Meant for Each Other?

  • Nour - 8 years ago

    Anyone who believes SE is endgame, is nothing but crazy. SE is not even realistic, no one falls in love in two freaking episode. And stefan left Elena when she needed him the most. So you really think Stefan is perfect for her? When all Stefan has done is hurt her because he is too much of a coward to face the pain so he could be with Elena. you ask me who's more perfect and I wouldn't give it a second thought before saying Damon because DAMON will always love her, DAMON will always protect her and DAMON is the one keeping her alive. So before you open your mouth and say bullshit, you think about who has loved Elena the most to the extent that he'd hurt himself before hurting her. Someone who is willing to kill himself just to save her. He is willing to give up the world if it made her happy. When your Stefan, that you believe in so much, has done the impossible to ensure that she's miserable. From feeding her his blood, to denying her the chance to be with Damon. What kind of brother does that? what kind of brother trashes his brother every chance he gets. Stefan is selfish coward who loves himself more than anything else. And 3x14 only proved it more. He rejected Elena because he was too afraid to feel pain. Now for God's sake you want me to believe he's good for Elena? He's toxic, he makes her so vulnerable and week and clingy. Damon has made Elena smile when Stefan hasn't. And I can easily rest my case with this quote that Damon has said: " At the end of the day, I'll be the one saving her life." And up until now, he's the only one in the whole show who has cared enough to go through shit instead of just watching so he could save her ass. May I remind you of 2x21 and who tried his best to make Elena forgive him? You may say Stefan is perfect for her, but if Elena is truly meant to be happy, it's Damon she should be with.

  • Maria* - 8 years ago

    Thank God! Finally, someone with a brain :D

    No, seriously, everything you said is completely true and realistic so there's no need for me to write it all again. Stefan is perrrrfect for her, always been and always will be :)

  • Danielle - 8 years ago

    Guys, the question is: "Which vampire is perfect for Elena?"
    NOT "Which vampire do you love more?"
    Seriously. This whole Delena craze is such an unrealistic obsession. How on earth so many of you think Damon is the "perfect vampire for Elena" boggles my mind.
    Whatever Damon feels for her, is NOT heathy. He treats her like she doesn't have a mind of her own. He tries to control her. He throws a little hissy fit whenever she says anything remotely close to the truth. And then you all call her a bitch because she's in love with Stefan and not Damon.
    Stefan on the other hand all he's ever done was love, care and protect her. He takes her word into consideration whereas Damons all, "No I don't want you to do that soo you can't."

    You know what.. you guys can go and win every little poll to show that your fanbase is bigger and think that Delena are "meant to be". But the fact of the matter is, if you EVER find yourself in a relationship like Delena or are searching for something like that. Than I pity each and every one of you. Because they are the most unrealistic "relationship" any TV show has ever seen.

    Seriously, Damon was obsessed with Katherine for 145 years and then he found out that after all that time she never wanted him. So all those feelings shifted over to Elena. How normal is that?

    Besides you all seem to forget that ELENA IS IN LOVE WITH STEFAN...
    Sure she cares for Damon.. but those are two completely different emotions.

    Stelena fans understand true love. We see the beauty within them, and we understand their feelings for one another.. Maybe that's because we've come across true love in our own lives, and we can connect.
    Delena is nothing but a crazed obsession. Which will not end happy. And all of you are getting your hopes up.

    Back to the question: "Which vampire is perfect for Elena?"
    Well, honestly.. No vampire is perfect for Elena.
    But when it comes down to true love, soulmates, and kindred spirits, Stelena make a much better whole than Delena ever will.

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