Were the revealing dresses at Clive Davis' party disrespectful?

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Poll posted 8 years ago.


  • Nicolette - 8 years ago

    WTF is this nonsense? Since when does a death mean that it is not appropriate for women who, mind you, have NOTHING to do with the deceased person, to show cleavage? Is sympathy synonymous with not showing cleavage? What a joke.

  • lacy - 8 years ago

    REALLY? The night was not about the beloved WH, soooooo.... she just happened to end her life on this night. I don't think that it was anyones responsibility to change an outfit to fit what was not the occasion...I mean really? No disrespect ... but I find it surprizing that the poll is as polarized as it is.

    Does everyone who voted 'yes' think that the grammy awards should have been cancelled
    or that everyone attending should have toned down the attire to create a more somber tone to the
    This poll goes to far.

  • jojo - 8 years ago

    they were probably almost all the way through hair & makeup and didn't have back up plans that include outfits w/no cleavage showing. if they had showed up late b/c they went and changed you would have been criticizing them for that. they surely meant nothing disrespectful to Whitney Houston during that time.

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