Do you agree that February 25 should be a working holiday?

  • Nepz - 7 years ago

    whats happening to venezuela and syria right now.....edsa 1 should be more appreciated as it really was a miracle of peace.

  • ibbie - 7 years ago

    This should be a special non-working holiday. Where's the respect on making it an working holiday?

  • bossing bry - 9 years ago

    sana kaming mga nasa food industry double pay!!!! hina na nga ng pasweldo gulangan pa sa premiums!!!!

  • Eldi-e - 9 years ago

    That should be non working holiday ksi isa yan sa pinakamakasaysayang pangyayari sa bansa..

  • James Bryan A. Ramos - 9 years ago

    It should be regular holiday in the first place as EDSA People Power Revolution as they say it "restored and ushered political, economic, and social reforms in the country," like Independence Day every 12th of June.

  • PEYT - 9 years ago


  • Rhoda Villegas - 9 years ago

    it should be non-working.. because it's my parents anniversary.. heheheh

  • anonymous - 9 years ago

    Feb. 25 should be a non-working holiday....bakit ganyan ka Pres. Noy?....

  • reshnovel - 9 years ago

    This day should be a non-working holiday not because were lazy (pinoys are lazy that's the foreigners impression about us) but as a private employee like me working from monday to saturday its really a big favor on my part...i am able to take a my laundry, wax the floor of my house and keep sunday as holy....

  • Mark - 9 years ago

    This should really had been made a holiday. Ewan ko ba kay PNoy.

  • pushead - 9 years ago

    to honor the historic event... it must be NON WORKING DAY... then require all National Government, LGU, Public & Private School, NGO's for ceremonial honor to a Public Plaza( say flag raising, offer flower, program, poster making contest)
    Pwera lang if hind bigyan ng HONOR ang Feb. 25.... kaya WORK5x (espicially sa mga Bachelor for life... walang past time sa pamilya). Damay tayo may Pamilya...

  • Hazelle Estrabo - 9 years ago

    Make February 24 (Friday) as the Holiday,instead :)

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