To Compete, Does Your Site Need To Be Social?


  • Guest - 12 years ago

    Any site can and must get social cache. Any. That's the fun/creative part of SEO - how to get a site that sells garden rakes Facebook likes, etc.

  • GUEST - 12 years ago

    real life local businesses have little time or resources for this kind of baloney, SERVICE and QUALITY products are what count in the end. Fluffy, talkie stuff will be seen for what it is in time, the reviews and comments are heading for SPAM VILLE the same as all other generated and bias SEO content went ... so stick to the basics and do good business and let the web grow up someday.
    What we really need on the web is security, the hacking, fraud, credit card scams and other stuff is becoming intolerable and if continues you may find less and less interest in a public web.

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