Do we want Root Society at Burning Man?


  • Jefr - 3 years ago

    Theryl - thank you for the kind words... Just seeing this 8 years later and still it seems to miss the point. And the “waving” thing seems just mean spirited. We’re self reliant and struggle like any committed burner/camp...with the best of intentions.

  • Sam - 11 years ago

    At the same time those music camps are able to raise money all year long with parties while the artists are struggling to survive and begging for donations.

  • Theryl McCoy - 11 years ago

    You want your trucks in for free? Too bad. You need to pay like the rest of us. We don't owe you anything. It's the GIFT economy, remember? Do you really need to wave your giant penis in the air then turn to us and demand respect? Bmorg was correct in trying to school you.

    I remember you in 2010 (Bassnectar flaked.... wonder why?), and quite frankly I did not notice you weren't there in 2011. There are and always will be many many many great things to see at BurningMan besides your led box.

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