What do you think are the four most controversial THEOLOGICAL issues being discussed among Christians today? (You may choose 4)
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  • Lois - 9 years ago

    1. Troubleshooting: this poll will only allow you to select one item
    2. Wow! I would have a hard time selecting 4! Some places may have more of one issue and less of another but it seems to me that the general state of the church today is in such a mess that they are all issues. Some of the ones that don't really make headlines as issues for example; hell, biblical inerrancy, sanctification, soteriology, and eschatology are important fundamentals that it seems the church is ignoring on it's slide to complete apostasy. In my opinion, if these fundamentals were in place there would be more discernment and some of the other issues would be less of an issue. - Just my thoughts.

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