Should Jeremy Lin get to play in the NBA All-Star game?

  • tim - 9 years ago

    For those don't agree Lin play all star, do u agree his teammate Field being chosen.If Field is in, why can't Lin? For in past 6 games, Lin was leading Field in the plays.

  • Manuel - 9 years ago

    Of course! It's the ALL-STAR game. And Jeremy is not just any ordinary star player. He's an inspirational Superstar.

  • BlackiRiSH - 9 years ago

    People, please. I'm as big a fan of Lin's as the next guy. But an All-Star spot/selection?!? The truth is if this outbreak happened before the balloting ended, based on sheer popularity, as the starters are currently selected, LIN would be IN. But unfortunately that is not the reality of the moment & he does not DESERVE to be there, not yet, not based on a seven game, six starts sample. With that being said, he MUST be included in the weekend. An assistant to Iman Shumpert in the dunk contest, or a spot in the Shooting Stars/skills competition is NOT sufficient. He doesn't deserve to be in the 3 point Shootout either. SOLUTION: Put him in the damn Rising Stars game. If he isn't the embodiment of a rising star in the NBA, then who does fit that title?!? I know this causes an imbalance in the number of players to 19 ( because I also would NOT give up somebody else's spot in that game for Lin), so fix two wrongs with one smooth swoop. Put Iman Shumpert in the game also, as he was snubbed long before Linsanity. And yes, if it isn't clear, I'm a native NYer & a lifelong Knicks fan. Haha. We are professed to year in & year out about how the NBA ALL-Star Weekend is ALL about the fans, it's a payback to us for our support & loyalty, especially through this post lock-out season. So to quote my man, Spike Lee, "Do The Right Thing." It's not only right, but within reason. So put up, or shut up David Stern & NBA management. It can only be beneficial to your loyal fanbase & to the pocketbooks of the league. You'd be fools not to...

  • Ken - 9 years ago

    These all-star games have a hard enough time being taken seriously by true sports fans. Adding lin would cheapen the game that much more. I love this whole story about lin and I'm not even asian I just like basketball. I hope he turns out to be the real deal. If lin is a true student of the game then even he would (maybe he does) say that he doesn't deserve to be in it yet. Good luck lin I hope you make next year by deserving to be in it not just because the NBA wants to profit off of you.

  • ruben - 9 years ago

    Ok where does every1 get off saying that he should play in the All-star game are you kidding me? I mean yea sure he's put up sum great numbers but if you look at the teams he did it against its not thar hard to do. I don't think we should even be having this discussion. Next year maybe!

  • Jeremy - 9 years ago

    It's not his fault he's only been allowed 7 games in his NBA career. He's been a star all the way back from high school through college. He is a worthy player. He plays hard, he competes, he's aggressive and pushed forward with his dreams even though he had a hard road. I like his humility, it's good for the NBA. I wish more players were like him. If it was up to me he would be an All-Star. But it may not happen. But I know he will continue to succeed and be a great player either way.

  • Peter - 9 years ago

    No, he shouldn't play let him play an entire season then maybe consider him. Their is much better players that should be all stars but you doing see them being mentioned I dont think hes the real just yet.

  • dave powell - 9 years ago

    I don't like to watch NBA GAMES but i would love see lin lin in the all star game, please make it happen..... thanks.

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    No, I don't believe Jeremy Lin should be given a free pass to the All-Star game.

    While his rise has been meteoric, a huge proverbial "shot" to the Knicks organization & to the NBA, he is not worthy of the All-Star game at this stage. I would definitely let him compete in the All-Star Challenges or have him be involved, absolutely. But, to go and add him to the East roster would be, quite simply, a slap in the face to the rest of the NBA players. Unfortunately, Lin hit the world stage after the NBA voting was over...

  • Greg - 9 years ago

    All-Star Games are for the fans - Let Lin Play it is good fot the Fans :-)

  • Josh - 9 years ago

    Not a chance does every player who has gotten hot for a five game stretch get to play I don't think so. There is players every year with excellent numbers on a non playoff team. Until he proves him self worthy of taking the next steps he shouldn't get in .

  • Laura - 9 years ago

    He's still a rookie. If he continue to play like this for rest of the year, he should play at All Star game next year.

  • keh - 9 years ago

    Yes. He could be a role model for our next generation.

  • robin wang - 9 years ago

    Lin went though so much..... and he deserves being formally recognized as such. In many peoples' s heart around the globe, including President Barack Obama's indicaded Lin is one of the best.

  • JJC - 9 years ago

    No reflection on his recent play, which is all-star worthy, but he simply hasn't played enough games. That said, if fans were to vote today, he'd unquestionably be in. So there should be a minimum minutes rule if there already isn't.

  • War - 9 years ago

    Absolutely not! There have been any number of players who started off with impressive stats, and then faded into mediocrity. See Willie Anderson (30 points in his 1988 debut with SAS), Gordan Giricek (29 in 2002 for MEM) and Willie Burton (25 in 1990 for MIA). Let the kid play for at least one or two seasons before elevating him to Hall of Fame stature.

  • allen - 9 years ago

    no. 7 games does not make you an all-star, though his play has been all-star like. a lot of other players are worthy as well for playing all-star caliber the entire 1st half of the season (i.e. josh smith), so putting him in and bypassing others simply is not fair.

    they should DEFINITELY put him in the rising stars game tho!!

  • paint - 9 years ago

    I say yes he should play in all sar game, it swould be a change in talent and we will see someone that has already been in the league give him a chance he just might surprise you.

  • John - 9 years ago

    Is it coincidental that since he has been starting the Knicks have won 7 straight (presumably 8 after the next game)? Highest point total for first 4 starting games. Higher than Jordan, Bryant, Anthony, etc. How's that for a stat? An ALL TIME NBA RECORD. If Melo comes back and destroys the team spirit then it will be clear to anyone who the all star is. I say he's clearly IN, and is snubbed if not. Maybe he can go to the Celtics if the Knicks aren't a team.

  • Sinkyu - 9 years ago

    It is too early for him to go to all-star based on one and half weeks performance. It should be based on several months to be fair to other players. Besides, I think it may be better for Lin to get some time to cool down and prepare himself for the next year All Star with better skills.

  • Ethan - 9 years ago

    the kid got talent and is a team player why shouldn't he get a chance to make it big and share the glory he should play...

  • Kate - 9 years ago

    Not fair? Is it fair that Blake Griffin (Clippers are my team and I think he's great) is first team rather than Dirk Nowitski? And what about Rondo who should definitely be there? The All-Star games are for the fans, the fans choose, so I say let Lin play!

  • Adam - 9 years ago

    Yes he should go! Currently he is one of the top 10 players in the league. He has done so much for the NY Knick this season.

  • peter - 9 years ago

    Right now ASG needs Lin more than he needs ASG.

  • richard lee - 9 years ago

    I don't think he should play in an all- star game yet athough i am asian american like him I am happy i finally see an asian american make it to the nba. He need to play more minutes and get better before he plays a all-star team. this will take time but he will get there if they let him play.

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    Short term success should not come into play in all star voting, but because it will boost ratings for the NBA, he will get the nod IMO.

  • DOMINIQUE - 9 years ago

    ^ I Agree

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    Is this for real? Absolutely not, he's put together a string of amazing starts but lets not jump the gun on this one...Give him the credit for sure, but if he's the real deal then he will have plenty of opportunities to make ASGs

  • shibby - 9 years ago

    Of course he should play. He's playing like an all-star.

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    No.......he hasn't played enough to play in the All-Star game. He's done good in the little time he has played but it wouldn't be fair to the guys who have the statistics to play. I just feel he has to earn an All-Star bid.....ESPN and all the other band wagoneers just need to chill out on this guy until he has a full season under his belt!

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