What should Seattle's new NHL team be named?

  • Metropolitans
    353 votes

  • Totems
    243 votes

  • Thunderbirds
    642 votes

  • Other (Suggest a name in the comments)
    423 votes


Posted 7 years.


  • Feather Browning - 6 years ago

    Honestly when you look at the history there's no better choice than the Metropolitans. I mean sure it was almost a century ago but the Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. That fact alone gets my vote. History far surpasses any 'cool' sounding name in my book. I understand the reasoning behind the Totems and the Thunderbirds, but they just don't compare.

  • d trask - 6 years ago


  • Nick s - 6 years ago

    The Seattle Yetties would be my choice. Its intmidating and in your face.

  • shaun T - 6 years ago

    also when sockeye salmon spawn they are green and red.... not seattle colors right now. But they are the colors of the 1917 metropolitans

  • shaun T - 6 years ago

    Originally I thought metropolitians because of the history but I heard sockeye recently and that one is my current favorite. Firstly because I like salmon fishing but I think it works great because sockeye can also reference the fighting. you can have a mean looking sockey salmon with a black eye and i think it would be a good hockey and local connection

  • Greg the Canuck - 6 years ago

    Similar to the Toronto Maple Leafs, how about the Seattle Evergreens?

  • Steven B - 6 years ago

    Seattle Sasquatches would be my new favorite team

  • Patrick - 6 years ago

    Seattle Mammoths!

    In 1998, the Washington Legislature designated the Mammoth as the State Fossil. Its representative of the State and its pretty bad a** if you ask me. Not many animals could withstand the charge of the Mammoth.

  • Mark T. - 6 years ago

    Seattle Seals
    Seattle Golden Seals
    Seattle Pilots
    Seattle Pioneers
    Seattle Admirals

  • caleb mc - 7 years ago

    the seattle griffins
    the seattle americans
    the seattle steal head (or some type of fish)
    the seattle eagles

  • chris - 7 years ago

    i think the best name for ny new favorite hockey team should be the zombies

  • Jeremy Censorship - 7 years ago

    The Seattle Gay Ice

  • Elmo Lincoln - 7 years ago

    Seattle Nirvanas
    Seattle Lattesippers
    Seattle Frasiers
    Seattle Grace Hospitals
    Seattle Pike Place Marketers
    Seattle Windows 8
    Seattle Thundershowers
    Seattle Needles
    Seattle Boeings
    Seattle Ganjas
    Seattle Chief Seattles

  • Neal - 7 years ago

    The Seattle Ice Dogs

  • Chris S - 7 years ago

    Typhoons, Hammerheads, Volcanoes or something that includes the culture/region.

  • mackenzie f - 7 years ago

    seattle space needles, seattle sasquatch, i like the 747s good idea, the emerald something, i do likethe seawolves with the orcas

  • mackenzie fousel - 7 years ago

    seattle space needles, seattle sasquatch, i like the 747s good idea, the emerald something, i do likethe seawolves with the orcas

  • paul - 7 years ago

    Correction: Seattle Americans were in the Western Hockey League with the Victoria Cougars and New Westminster Royals. I think merchandising and potential rivalries with any Canadian team could be enormous...

  • paul - 7 years ago

    Since there is the "Canadiens" (montreal), why not capture the same pride and call them the Seattle Americans...(I think they were once a part of the Pacific Coast League before the NHL existed along with Portland and the Vancouver Millionaires)...

  • Clarence J. - 7 years ago

    Seattle Poseiddon...make it so.

  • Brittany - 7 years ago

    I like the Metropolitans, but if we have to make a new name, Seattle Redhooks. No pansy names like Seattle seals.

  • hunter - 7 years ago

    i like the sockeyes, but it doesn't make for a intimidating mascot. timberjacks would be cool too but portland kind of stole it. i like Reign as well but it doesnt flow nicely, just say it, Seattle Reign...lame, which is also why Seattle Pilots doesnt fly with me either. Fine with Seals though, sounds good.
    Seattle Sticks
    Seattle Natives
    Seattle Catamounts
    Seattle Red Tide
    Seattle 747's
    Seattle Slap Shots
    Seattle Emeralds....maybe
    Seattle Suns... haha

  • Ian - 7 years ago

    Seattle: Reign, Olympians, Icehawks, Squatch, Timberjacks (would be cool to say, "Did you see the Jacks play last night?").

  • MichaelB - 7 years ago


  • Tony - 7 years ago

    How about what the rest of the country thinks about the Greater Seattle area/Washington state...Seattle Reign (or Rain)

  • Jake G. - 7 years ago

    Seattle Wolves. I play 18u hockey in Seattle and I've asked all of my hockey friends (that I've met over the 14 years I've played) if they like the name the Seattle Wolves.. And they all loved it. They think it'd be awesome and a great mascot for us. That's my vote, along with about 100 of my hockey buddies.

  • dc - 7 years ago

    Seattle Seamonsters

  • JKTMAN - 7 years ago

    I would go with either:

    Seattle Shredders or Seattle Scepters

  • Monkey Primus - 7 years ago

    Forget the T-Birds. It's already taken by the junior hockey team. We need to step it up for the NHL. The T-Birds is kind of soft anyway....

    You need grit and toughness for the NHL, something the T-Birds could not find either in their Ownership or management.

  • Monkey Primus - 7 years ago

    I like the following choices for the unique NW organic thoughts:
    Seattle Breakers (As in the marine shiping industry)
    Seattle Anglers, Seattle Glaciers, Seattle Waves, Seattle Tide, Seattle Pacifics, Seattle Tsunamis, Seattle Explorers, Seattle Mountaineers, Seattle Storm, Seattle Rapids.
    And, now for Animal genre:
    I vote for somethink like: Seattle Osprey, Seattle Snowcats, Seattle Black Bears, Seattle Loons, Seattle Beavers, Seattle Montain Lions, Seattle Grey Wolves
    OR just plain fun...
    Seattle Goons, Seattle Rednecks, Seattle Suppositories, Seattle Gooeducks,

  • agzactly - 7 years ago

    I am not a hockey fan but I do have northwest pride. So far none of the suggestions sound like nw. pride to me. If it has already been used it's out. Surely there is a better name that we can be proud to say to the rest of the country. Someone will figure it out.

  • Darin - 7 years ago


  • Zach Blumenfeld - 7 years ago

    Seattle Articunos!

  • nik - 7 years ago

    Seattle Freeze

  • Toby - 7 years ago


  • Pete - 7 years ago

    I'd say either the Orcas or the Cascades. Thunderbirds would be okay, too. I wouldn't want Metropolitans since it would be abbreviated to Mets and almost everyone would assume you're talking about the New York Mets.

  • Aarin - 7 years ago

    I like the T-Birds & since reading other post I thought Sockeyes would be good too. I also think that Seattle could logically capitalize on something like the Bears. It could be cool...

  • Rbird One Weezy - 7 years ago

    Seattle Seals for sure

  • Dan - 7 years ago

    Sockeyes, without question.

  • Drew - 7 years ago

    Seattle Cascade

    I like the Sea Wolves but Vancouver already has the killer whale logo and the whole Seahawks thing.

  • FWBrodie - 7 years ago

    Seattle Sockeye

  • Curtis - 7 years ago

    I like Metropolitans - I'm a real traditional kind of guy - the Mets were Seattle's first Championship team so we should just honor what little heritage we have. I don't mind Thunderbirds either (The Seattle Night Train has a certain ring as does the Wild Irish Roses), but with the Canucks already rocking the Blue and Green, it might not work. I am not sure that Totems works any longer. We should ask the Duwamish tribe for their input. I think I read somewhere that their name for Orca Whales roughly translated to Sea Wolves.

    If we just have to come up with a new name - Seattle Sea Wolves with First Nation Orca logo could be kinda cool.

    JoeB - Do we have to sing "The Lumberjack Song" after every goal? I'm a Lumberjack and I'm ok..........

  • John - 7 years ago

    Seattle KillerWhales

  • Joe B - 7 years ago

    How about the Seattle Lumberjacks? Timber did, after all, build the economy of early Seattle and most of the PNW!

  • Chrisp - 7 years ago

    Seattle Sasquatch!

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