The monarchy should be Head of State in independent Scotland


  • Barbarian - 11 years ago

    I'm going to say "Yes". At least for the forseeable future.

    For one, being ex-RAF, I do have some loyalty, if not at the level of grovelling.

    Seriously, it is in the interests of the SNP to keep the status quo with regards to the Monarchy. The Queen does not really possess any tangible powers, but is simply a figurehead - but one who is rather sharp and does remain popular.

    Scotland has a lot of royal residences and history. Having the Queen at Balmoral attracts tourists. Keeps Scotland visible to the world.

    If the SNP came out and said " no monarchy", then the media would go bananas (or at least more than usual). "President Salmond", "King Alex", "King of the Swingers" (oops wrong person) etc etc. That would probably put a few people off anyway. Most people do not seem to care much about the monarchy. However, despite being based on a lineage where someone's ancestor was a bigger bastard than the others, royalty still has a place in our country.

    Big question is, will Big Eck accept the knighthood that is almost certainly going to be offered? I think Cameron is going to have that question popped this year. Might cause a bit of embarrassing squirming. (Or does the SNP have a policy of not accepting honours?)

  • Dave McEwan Hill - 11 years ago

    That should read the "second and fourth options" in my initial post. I must get into the habit of checking what I have written before pressing "submit"

  • Dave McEwan Hill - 11 years ago

    That's a trick poll.
    I agree to both the first and the fourth options as they are not mutually exclusive.

    I am rather surprised , however, at the vehemence of our leadership's support for the Monarchy. I can only assume that the assiduous polling they now do on a huge range of issues has indicated that this is the position of most benefit to the independence cause.

    We are in a make or break position and if polling information suggests that this proLiz position will give us 2% more votes than any other position would come Referendum Day that 2% may be critical. So be it.

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