Who is the best DH option for the Yankees?


  • Dick Hertz - 12 years ago

    While all their BA were similar Ibanez is a lefty and the short rightfield porch is the hopeful destination of a few baseballs. Ibanez also had double the amount of RBI than Damon which is something we need when men are on base. They are ALL past their primes and the one year DH contract is no big stress on Yanks payroll. This is such a non issue. Remember when Vlad was a free agent in his prime and the Yanks wanted him but he wasnt interested? Now his washed up butt wants to come. Dont think so.

  • Joe Bosanac - 12 years ago

    Yanks need to get off the power hitter kick for DH. They need to look at medium power hitter with a decent BA to produce RBI 'S. I would much rather see a single or double than a strikeout swinging for the fence. In 2011 in tight situations we seemed to leave the bases loaded quite often.

  • RYAN MOONEY - 12 years ago


  • tbone - 12 years ago

    wrote an article bout this while ago http://nsib.mlblogs.com/2012/02/03/more-lumber-for-the-yanks/

  • Corky C. - 12 years ago

    The best option for Yankees DH in my opinion (as a Red Sox fan) would be Casey Fossum. I chose "Someone not listed" as he was in fact, not listed.

  • Scott - 12 years ago

    As a Red Sox fan I'd be pretty happy if the Yankees signed Ibanez to be their primary DH. I'd be less happy if they sign Damon or Vlad.

  • dave - 12 years ago

    Yanks want a bat off the bench to hit righties and think just because Raul is LH that he's a better option than Vlad....Vlad hit .035 points higher v righties last year than Raul.

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