The Switch to Pepper: A Good Move by Google & Adobe?

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  • ChuckL - 6 years ago

    I don't really care if it's Flash or HTML5 or FeeFieFooFum. I run Firefox on Linux (fc19). I can watch every Youtube video, I can go to CBS and watch Person of Interest, I can go to any number of sites and watch all sorts of videos - n.o p.r.o.b.l.e.m. But go to Netflix or Amazon and it appears they check to see if you sent money to Bill Gates'n crew. "You haven't? Then screw you!" And something I find funny - I have a ROKU and it streams both and what OS is running on a FREEK'N stick? And it runs grrrrrrrrrreat!

  • gotaTshirt - 7 years ago

    Flash is dead - Long live flash...

  • George - 8 years ago

    I cherish the day adobe burns and rots in the pits of hell. Burn them all.

  • Riddled With Monkey Bites - 8 years ago

    I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake here, but here's how I feel about all these shenanigans.

    Apple decided to ditch flash on their IOS platform. For better or worse, a great deal of the browser market belongs to smartphones now, and not even all Android OS phones are fully (or even partially) flash capable.

    Some people say God is dead, and there's a lot of debate there, but I don't think there's any debate over the fact that Flash is dead, or at least dying.

    Adobe isn't making money off of linux users because they're not trying to. Noone can get any of their (very) expensive software suites for linux, nor do I believe anyone ever will. Adobe may not be trying to make money in the linux game, but they're certainly smart to try to keep from losing money to it. Do you know any major players in software who are writing DOS games? Of course not. DOS is fun, but it's not the place to make money these days. Why on earth should Adobe devote resources to support a dying standard on a free OS?

    I don't like it any more than anyone to my left or right. Quite a few sites that I frequent need Flash Player to deliver the content I need, and that means a reboot into Windows. Let's face it, folks; this is exactly why we dual-boot. Not everyone is as passionate about linux as we are, and sometimes that means using non-standards-compliant OSes to run non-standards-compliant software to access non-standards-compliant resources on our non-perfect infrastructure.

    Try to be nice to Adobe. Just like you and I, they really like making money. They're just a little better at it than most of us. Unless you're willing to build flashplayer for free to run in linux, don't bash Adobe for sharing your sentiments.

    With Love,

  • Bharat - 8 years ago

    As abode discards linux away....we should also discard flash good bye flash.and WELCOME HTML5!!

  • samar - 8 years ago

    HTML5 is so stunning and allows wonderful things like Firefox Foundation's Popcorn, that I really dont care about Flash as I used to. Flash was a wonderful piece of software and served the world very well indeed for a long time. Personally, I found Adobe's attitude towards Linux a little sad, and I just hope that in developing HTML5 tools they will be more mindful of Linux users. For me personally it does not really matter. HTML5 video serves the needs that I had for flash.

  • Mikko - 8 years ago


    We see that you don't use google chrome we are sorry but our website requires flash 12 or newer and google chrome is the only browser supporting flash on linux so please install google chrome and come back again

  • - 8 years ago

    @Muzzer, of course Google has made mistakes...MANY of them...recent cookie issues with 3rd party cookies on iPhone but essentially if Apple didn't set 3rd Party Cookies off by default they wouldn't have had to...and no other system, not even OSX does that. Apple is doing it for their own purposes such as making it easier for them to force their own ads in the field...which they ARE doing. Secondly, Google has recently made mistakes with Google Chrome, Employees in Kenya and on...Google overall is a great company in my opinion but they are GIGANTIC so because of their size it is impossible for them to keep every single employee in check and watch over them.

    @Anon. First of all, use a screen name at least. Google is a great company and what is wrong with a love for advertising? Google provides MILLIONS of people BILLIONS of Dollars worth of FREE services the least we can do is allow them to serve us ads here and there. The internet is mostly FREE information thanks to Advertisement networks allowing people to make a little bit of money to cover costs of having the information on the internet. As for the iPhone thing...I already replied to that in the comment to Muzzer, please read that. Google is certainly not perfect in any way but they are certainly not evil...they are a company trying to make money but they are one of the very rare companies who actually appreciate their consumers and provide them with free services as well as the few paid services they do...the interesting thing is 90% of their business is via advertising but 90% of their services are FREE!

    @"Mario is Funny" you are a jerk/troll...if you dont have the nerve to use your name to comment at least use a screen name. Anyway, no one ever mentioned Gnash because the fact is Flash is dying and Adobe knows it...they already announced they are building tools for HTML5 development. The issue is in the short term, flash is still a powerhouse on the net. It really depends when 11.2 is officially released and not in Beta as to how big of a problem this the next few years Flash will be dead, there is no question about that...even Adobe admits it.

    @Mario we are all moving away from flash eventually and it doesn't really matter in the long run as HTML5 is going to crush Flash thanks to the adoption of it by Apple.

  • - 8 years ago

    I already hate Adobe for FORCING me to run a Windows VM just to use Photoshop...literally I only use Windows ever for testing and for Photoshop. When they abandoned AIR, no one really cared because AIR was a flop anyway but now they are abandoning Flash/Linux...sure the world is moving away from Flash but it hasn't yet so for Adobe to proverbially flip us off it is just further saddening proof that Adobe doesn't care about Linux (even though it runs the world) and doesn't care about the millions of people they are just pissing off with their anti-linux garbage.

  • Anon. - 8 years ago

    @Muzzer Google has never done something wrong? Offline support for Gmail, Google Docs etc. is only for Google Chrome, and it is not that other browsers have no resources to use it, but it is meant to be only used by Google products. Now one more thing only Google Chrome can do is here. It is all a way to promote Google's product. Also, in order to advertise, Google bypassed Safari's cookie filter to advertise.

    Other than Google's love for advertising, Google is a fine company, and I hope that it will advance.

  • Raman - 8 years ago

    Maybe adobe realized that flash will be useless in the near future and HTML 5 will take over. It is time to say good bye to the proprietary flash and embrace open source.

  • Muzzer - 8 years ago

    Google do such a damn good job of software I think this can only be good. Perhaps some of the bloat will vanish and the result will be animations as smooth on linux chrome as they are currently on windows flash browsers.

    Adios Abobe, thanks Google, yet another reason to like you despite the growing monopoly concerns, you never seem to put a foot wrong.

  • Mario Is Funny - 8 years ago

    Mario - get busy and move on then. Adobe Flash is a web standard whether you like it or not. Gnash is hardly "new improved" technology. It's a poor substitute, IMO, because (according to its website) it only supports "most SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9. SWF v10 is not supported by GNU Gnash."

    The reality of Adobe's decision isn't that you're unwelcome to use their product. It's borne out by the facts that they face: (a) the primary operating system on computers is still overwhelmingly Windows, (b) Google is working on their own API in Chrome for Android/Linux, and (c) between the previous two points there's not enough marketshare in the Linux world for Adobe to monetize their work.

    Seriously, when was the last time you paid for something -- hardware, software, phone, etc. -- that netted a sale to Adobe based on your use of Linux? Never? Guess what. If you don't support them, they don't support you, either. That's life.

  • Mario - 8 years ago

    So Adobe won't support Linux anymore… Adobe doesn't like us, then why we should like Adobe? It's time to move on, leave behind old propietary technologies and start building new improved ones.

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