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  • jojo - 8 years ago

    I'm not going to lie, I am glad the photo leaked, because we got to see her one last time...and she was beautiful as always. I don't care if your famous or not, people who are not blood related to you may grieve when you past and to be forbidden from a funeral is just selfish. When Whitney passed, it affected some unrelated people as if one of their family members had past.

  • opie bigay - 8 years ago

    RIP whitney at the same time i am so happy that Bobby was not there because just like everything else they would have blame his. Someone in the family took that photo just like they was there when Whitney was doing all of that drinking.

  • bebe - 8 years ago

    who cares!!!! she was a drug addict we have soldiers dying ....thats news! not some drug addict that could sing and probably OD and if she had a heart attack....dont fool yourself, drugs over time cause these deaths

  • ndvarner - 8 years ago

    Public personalities thrive in life on having their photos displayed everywhere...sometimes for good reasons; sometimes, when one dies, it is a natural phenomenon to want to capture even the most provocative of images....the price of fame is high.......

  • kat - 8 years ago

    the enquirer should not have posted that picture of her in her coffin not because she is whitney houston but because she was a human being and it 's just poor taste.if her family wanted that picture of her shown they would have shown it. she is gone now let her and her family rest in peace

  • weez - 8 years ago

    People are just disrespectful, money hungry, and plain ignorant!!

  • roy - 8 years ago

    this survey makes me laugh. With 62% saying it's in poor taste but 100% went to the article and looked... Who's kidding who????

  • JoyceP - 8 years ago

    I read in many of the comments where many feel it was no big deal to publish the photo of Whitney, some saying "we all die". True, we will all die one day. But, to be honest, we would not want photos of us in our coffin published for the world to see. One of my sisters has made me promise her if she dies before I do, that I will see to it that no one, including me and the rest of our family, sees her after she dies. Another sister has told me the ONLY people she is ok with viewing her body when she dies is immediate family. I have given my sisters my word that if they die before I do, I will see to it that their wishes are carried out - and I will, with NO exceptions.

    Now, how many of you would be ok with the whole world, as well as your loved ones, seeing photos of YOU lying dead in a coffin published like that? Hm, that's what I thought. Just because Whitney was a celebrity does NOT give us the right to invade the most sacred, private time of a person's life - their funeral. This is the worst type of disrespect I have ever seen, and to read where so many of you think it's no big deal is sad and disgusting.

  • Anna - 8 years ago

    So what's the big deal. We are born to die.

  • Gwen - 8 years ago

    The price celebs pay for being celebs is that THEY HAVE NO PRIVACY...that being said why is everyone surprised that this picture surfaced. I would also like to add that people should stop blaming Bobby Brown for Witneys drug addiction.Everyone has a mind of their own and she admitted that she was her own worst enemy.Give the man a break!!!

  • Mipi - 8 years ago

    What's the fuss over, greats frequently lie in state. she looks lovely

  • tonifitch - 8 years ago

    Whitney was an amazing artist.Althought I wanted to put closure to her life, I think unless the family agrees they do not wish to share personal pictures, it is wrong to do it.
    She looked beautiful tho. She will be missed! God bless her soul and God comfort her family.

  • mary - 8 years ago

    that should have been a private moment for her family. shame on the magazine that printed it, all
    for a few dollars. don"t people have common decency any more? whats wrong with you?

  • sharmina - 8 years ago

    I think that this photo should serve s a wake up call to all those strung out on drugs.It is harsh but people need to see this as a reality check.

  • Ed - 8 years ago

    She always wanted attention.Because she can't object,now it's wrong? When you've always burned the candle on both ends it burns out twice as fast. I don't see her looking beautiful there, just disturbing. Sad,she had talent that was just wasted.

  • carterlady24_7 - 8 years ago

    it was tasteless but we all wanted to see Whitney as she rested peaceful! so i am on the fence.

  • Calvin - 8 years ago

    The family simply wanted everything private. What's hard about respecting their wishes? Now her family has been violated by greed.

  • D. walk - 8 years ago

    Someone got paid a lot of money for this.

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    Sorry, but I think she even in death was beautiful and the picture is okay and thank you to the person that took it and helped share it. She was beautiful as a whole person no matter the size or age, not just outer beauty. I have lost 2 brothers and 1 sister and many other relatives and speaking from that, I can imagine that maybe viewing their bodies in the caskets brought closure to some. Well 2 of my siblings were burned too badly to view to anyone but immediate family, but if someone had wanted to see them still, then we would have allowed it. Not just me, sorry if that seems offensive. And normally other people are viewed unless their bodies are damaged in some way externally and even though she, Whitney, is a mega-star, I love her and many others do as well and even though I never personally met her I love whether I knew her or not, just like you. I have sympathy and pray for people I don't know and those that I have just seen maybe once or on a photo just like I would for those I do know. I think we should care about people other than our own family and friends. I can try to understand why it may seem inappropriate because of the family wanting it to be private but on the other hand, perhaps it will help some people be more sensitive by realizing she was human and touchable too. May she rest in peace, the ever so beautiful and talented Whitney Houston.

  • Maria - 8 years ago

    Since seeing Elvis in his casket, nothing surprises me... She looks so beautiful and peaceful, I'm not going to look into it, I wasn't on the invite list, so this is what I have to grieve with. We (The Fans) grieve too you know!!!

  • dolo perez - 8 years ago

    Even though she's laying there lifeless she looks beautiful and it looks like she' s sleeping but who ever put this picture out should of asked the family first because it was their private time to see whitney for the first time.

  • CAROL - 8 years ago


  • MissDi - 8 years ago

    This was tacky and shows extreme disrespect for the privacy the family was desperately trying to maintain. They actually were successful and were able to have a classy and beautiful service for Whitney. Everyone respected their requests for privacy, except guess who: NATIONAL ENQUIRER. But what else is new? And whoever the "whore" was who sold their soul to get this picture to National Enquirer will choke on the pay-out money, just like I hope National Enquirer sells NO MAGAZINES with this cover!

  • dimepeace - 8 years ago

    i dont think it was in bad taste to put the photo up but i dont think the family had anything to do with the picture being sold it may have come from the funeral home people that worked on whitney you never know but they did do a good job if thats what they was tryn to display..

  • latonya - 8 years ago

    i loved her i was hurt as if she was my love one i cry every time they talk about this woman she was god singing bird she touched every one ears an heart u bad when u touch people thats never seen u im not even a music person just some music i loved her voice but if u felt like it was inappropritate how u even get on this page to c the pictures cause yo butt wanted to c to thats how u end up taking that poll no disrespect to her family an love one but i loved her to i wanted to c her one last time im very thankful they let me an many others b a part of it through t v but we all wanted to c much love to her family THANK U ENGUIRE FOR LET N ME SEE HER ONE LAST TIME SHE LOOKED GOOD AS ALWAYS AS IF SHE WAS SLEEP N

  • Bree - 8 years ago

    I mean it was a private viewing, with noone but her FAMILY and very very close friends... Who do you think took the picture? Do some of you think the National Inquirer snuck in and took a close up shot of her.. Come on people use your brain, if you feel it's inappropriate then the only person to blame is one of Whitney's family members or friends, cause theyre the one who took the picture and sold it for a pretty penny! R.I.P Whitney Houston

  • DKPaige - 8 years ago

    Personally, I think all viewing are morbid. It's a dead, dressed up, made up body, not the person you actually loved. As for Whitney's photo on the Enquirer, that is how she lived her life. There are pictures of her as glamorous star, rehab candidate, reality show actress and several variations of success/failure. A picture of her in repose is no less inappropriate than anything else that has been published throughout her life/career.

  • LINDA PEERY - 8 years ago

    I feel as if money is the problem, that's the only reason why people take those kinds of pictures. If it was not for the money we would not have these kinds of pictures

  • Mariah - 8 years ago

    Doesn't really matter. That funeral coverage was a circus and, therefore, disgusting.

  • Lynn - 8 years ago

    I love Whitney but its wrong so so wrong.

  • NAY NAY - 8 years ago


  • LINETTE - 8 years ago


  • swxyrixan - 8 years ago

    I wrong and a violation of her family privacy its they show the public then so he it but someone else to disrespect and take a picture and sell it now that's wrong she look amazing but still wrong

  • Harry R. Sohl - 8 years ago

    I guess they can take away your dignity...

  • Sarah - 8 years ago

    Sadly, but truly... it was/is very inappropriate... BUT, that being said, EVERYONE wants to see the picture. Just like they did when Elvis died and MJ. So, let's be honest here... anyone who commented on this story clicked on the link and saw the picture, right? Uh, it says March 5 because this is suppose to be next week's news, that's the way the magazines all work, they are released on a Friday for the week that will follow.

  • T - 8 years ago

    Rod You are senseless and classless.

  • ME - 8 years ago

    Sad that someone would do such a thing, however. She did look good though. I for one need to see a body for the reality to sink in. Praying for the family.

  • Izzy - 8 years ago

    It's sad, really. But I must be honest.. I still didn't want to believe she was gone. Not that I trust the Enquirer, very much. But I did adore her, and Prayed so many times to spare Whitney. She has the most beautiful voice that we will hear for many many years.
    I don't care what drama befell her, She was a lady! So lovely.
    This is all tragic.
    I won't buy any magazines etc. that are publishing nasty stories about her, ever again.
    I think the photo probably was Upsetting to the family, I agree with that. Although I couldn't help but look at it. I can't believe she is gone.
    As for Bobby's behavior. He has no conscience. Cussing onstage, and "throwing up 2 fingers for Whitney?" He used her in life, and it appears he has not ganined any class since then. He is a media pig, that only wanted to use her passing as a platform for people to hear his concert. (I'll pass)
    God Bless &keep her family! And Whitney.. fly to the arms of God. I will always miss your voice & I will always speak of you, keeping your memory alive. The real memory, the voice of an angel.. that left us far too soon!

  • T - 8 years ago

    Of COURSE the cover is inappropriate if her mother didn't authorize it. And I know she didn't. People are stupid!

  • Bdunlap - 8 years ago

    ......It was all about the... O MIGHTY DOLLAR...Someone got PAID!..Big time!

  • annehardy41 - 8 years ago

    Get real people after the viewing do you think they really left her diamonds on her. It was for show only we all do do it. Then we have the home take it off and slip it to us. Whoever took that made big money so some of her so called friends are sick. But look at her family and friends selling tapes and and on Monday already some of her stuff was already up for sale.

  • Erica bazemore - 8 years ago

    Its a damn shame people can't have privacy even in their casket!!! Her family shared her with the world for years and some asshole wouldn't even allow her family to have this one last peaceful moment!!! This is outrageous!!! Karmas a bitch!!!

  • alicia - 8 years ago

    This was very disturbing how someone inside the funeral home took the photo. So Sad. She looks beautiful, though. It's like she's resting, she's at peace.

  • markelia - 8 years ago

    i love . WHITNEY too but i wnt too see her in her casket

  • Cookie - 8 years ago

    I really do feel that we should have been able to see Whitney at rest in the casket. That is a very big part of the process of grieving and giving finality to losing someone that we love. However it is unfortunate that someone made a lot of money taking the picture without permission. My prayers are with her daughter and mother at this most critical time as they are the ones left behind to pick up the pieces.

  • Rod - 8 years ago

    The party over. Looked like she kicked the bucket.

  • Joanne from Blackwood, New Jersey - 8 years ago

    Disgraceful, inappropriate and just sad. People wanna remember Whitney alive and full of energy Not like that....and a gossip magazine of all things? Dispicable!!!! RIP Whitney! We love you!

  • Rhoda Cheatham - 8 years ago

    Yes I think it was inappropriate to take to photo of Whitney Houston in her casket. That was a time that should have been just for her family and very close friends. And at the same time her fans as well as the world wanted to see her for one last time. She will be missed so much by everyone. I didn't think I was going to cry the way I did. Her death seem to hit so close to home, it was like I lost someone in my own family. R.I.P Whitney Houston I love you and will miss you.

  • Tanishia - 8 years ago

    This shows that some people have no respect for the parents and children of a celebrity. Her family's wishes should have been respected.

  • RUTH - 8 years ago


  • ruth - 8 years ago

    Im like speechless...who would do something like that? whitney is my IDOL,MY GIRL,MY SISTER, MY JERSEY a FAN of her since i was a little girl and still you WHITNEY ALWAYS WILL. FROM: RUTH COLON ,CAMDEN N.J. RESIDE IN PENNSYLVANIA PRESENT.

  • Jincha - 8 years ago

    Anyone else notice that the date of the magazine is march 5th?
    and like Mdunlap said, it is disrespectful. She is gone, so please just let her be.

  • Mdunlap - 8 years ago

    So disrespectful

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