Who won tonight's CNN GOP debate?

  • Truth - 9 years ago

    Looking at "The Right Scoop" dot com, I see the place is a joke, a haven for Newt spammers. Never will I go to that site again.

  • bigmike - 9 years ago

    So when Right Scoop asks , " who won ?'", and leaves Paul out , Newt wins with 58%. When Drudge asks, " who won ?", with Paul in, Newt comes in LAST with 16.4%. Something doesn't add up!/ sarcasm.

  • Jennifer - 9 years ago

    Rick Santorum won, hands down. He not only held his own against the numerous attacks, but made Romney and Paul look like the hypocritical people they are. It's about time we put someone in the White House who has the courage to stand up for what's right. Santorum 2012!

  • sarah Webster - 9 years ago

    I am delighted that Ron Paul was not included in this poll. He really is irrelevant, even though his few supporters know how to vote 10 or 20 times on the same poll. Thank you RS!

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    Ya and if you leave a comment on the right scoops website asking why ron paul isn't an option... and doing it politely without vulgarity or anything they BAN YOU from leaving any new comments.

    Typical biased media... Hey "right" scoop it's gonna bite you in the rear end when Obama is re-elected!

    And then to hear "conservatives" talk about Newt like he's the second coming of Christ! He's an anti-Christ politician that's been on both sides of the isle and does what the money tells him to do... Just like the other two.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Bruce - 9 years ago

    I'm not sure which debate you folks were watching. With the exception of a few characteristically incisive jabs, Newt looked flat, disengaged, and largely uninterested in the debate. He just didn't look like he was playing to win. Ron Paul was exactly what he said he is, consistent and RIGHT on Constitutional grounds. Talk about courage! On the debate that counted, between Mitt and Rick, Mitt was the hands-down winner. Santorum did well; had some very strong moments, but overall, Mitt was more presidential, less defensive, more good-natured, more in control, and effectively sold himself as a core conservative. After last night, I would expect Michigan to list towards Romney.

  • bigmike - 9 years ago

    There's a very good reason for leaving Ron Paul out of a poll, if RP is included as a choice then Paulbots spam the poll, like the Drudge poll.

  • Inez Janess - 9 years ago

    I am for Newt! However, I do not understand why Ron Paul was left out of this poll. He should have been included... it's the American way!

  • Vanessa - 9 years ago

    RON PAUL 2012!!! ps ur poll sucks put them all on there or dont do the poll to begin with! not voting

  • ANN - 9 years ago

    Newt is the one to take the lead of this country and can move us forward~~~If you vote for Romney who by the way owned Rick Santorum tonight along with Pauls help, then you can kiss your country good bye he is a WHITE OBAMA~~~

  • Ri Ho - 9 years ago

    I see a that lot of people who left comments work for Newt... nice try... But I'm from Georgia and know that the accolades are anything but deserved.

    Newt's a gluttonous politician who is prevaricating or lying every time his lips move. He was thrown out of congress (fact); he knows little about securing national security (a guy named John Mc something from Arizona called Newt out on what newt thought would be the way to deal with Libya, and so on..

    So it is clear from the statements who is making you....


  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi - 9 years ago

    AIPAC Poll = Pretend there is no Ron Paul Army

  • Nancy Goodale - 9 years ago

    Newt is the debate winner. Newt is the statesman. Newt is the only one who can speak in depth and breadth on any subject. Newt can balance a budget and work with members of both parties. Newt is an historian and an expert on national security, foreign policy, and all things military. Newt is a true Reagan Conservative. I believe that Newt, therefore, is the only person running for the job who can beat Obama!

  • WAYNE HETTEBERG - 9 years ago


  • Proof - 9 years ago

    If you cannot include all of the candidates on the stage, regardless if you like or dislike them, then your polls is biased. A no vote for me.

  • Cecilia Trevino - 9 years ago

    Newt is the best candidate hands down for sure. I know some of you Obama cronies like to bring his past up but who doesn't have a past, look at Clinton, Kenned's anyone of them and of course lets not forget the Obama past Muslim schooling, gay lovers and the marijuana. The point is that Newt is a born again Christian (by the way Catholics are Christians too incase some of you didn't know that), I am not Catholic I am non-denominational Christian. Our Heavenly father can heal all wounds and save anyone who calls upon his name. He says come as you are and Newt did, Jesus made him a new man because he repented of his sin and is not in denial of it.
    He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea. Micah 7:19 KJV

    Guess what my fellow Christians, Jesus does not only save the alcoholics and drug addicts but he can even save a politician as he did in bible times.

    As for Romney he seems more like an Obama dressed in Republican clothing and Santorium just lacks "agayas" even though he may be right on some things and we just don't want another wimp in the white house no matter how conservative he may be.

  • sarah Webster - 9 years ago

    Newt owned the debate tonight. santorum seemed unsure and squirmy. Was unable to get to the point and did not seem presidential at all. Romney was Fiery, but arrogant.

  • Cheryl Graves - 9 years ago

    Newt has been my first choice all along. We need strong leadership from day one. Newt is the one.

  • Sharocka Jack - 9 years ago

    ... I could've sworn there was someone else on the stage... eh, must've been a good dream.. not voting on this poll

  • Barbara Bridwell - 9 years ago

    Newt Gingrich is the only stateman on the stage tonight!! He has my vote for President of the USA!!! He can talk on any issue and have depth of knowledge and owns the subject!

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