Will Danica Patrick win a Sprint Cup Series race this year?


  • GaryS - 11 years ago

    I agree with The Potter: She has the talent and ability, but the odds are against her. She hasn't quite mastered the 2-car draft in the 2nd position. Besides, Greg Biffle keeps hitting her from behind and crashing her. Why isn't he punished, or at least warned? And why don't the media commnent on this?

  • Richard Notestine - 11 years ago

    Not a chance. She can't handle these cars. It is evident she makes bad choices out on the track and can't take the bumping around without getting out of control.

  • Brad - 11 years ago

    A lot of dummies keep sayin' she only won 1 race. There are plenty of guys that have never won a race. So who's the worst driver, the 1 with 1 win, or the 1 with none?

  • Dennis - 11 years ago

    She never wins anything. She is a token woman driver( I say that loosely)
    She is here for the amusement of the crowd

  • duuuuude - 11 years ago

    not a chance. she won one race in Indy car at that was a fuel milage win. she wont even finish the daytona 500. as much as NastyCar wants her to win to make them more mone. you cant cheat enough to give it to her.

  • ThePotter - 11 years ago

    I think that Danica has the ability to win, and I hope that she does win. This year, however,
    will likely be a "learning" year for her, especially since she is in only 10 Sprint Cup races. Go slow, play it safe, and don't push outside the comfort zone until ready.

  • ralph seifer - 11 years ago

    Danica will be only moderately successful in the doorslammers. She responds quite badly to bump drafting and other rough driving, and she'll be quite vocal and disconcerted after she gets into traffic with guys like Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick. NASCAR will try to keep the other drivers away from her, but a little nerf here and there and she'll be spun into the infield. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach.

  • Bill Woolsey Jr. - 11 years ago

    It's Possible. But not likely odds are out of only 10 race's not so good. But on the N car chances are alot better. So it/s possible in sptint / But more likely in nationwide { it's on her side ] or even upside down.now picture that. ok lets keep her on all four's Good Luck Girl

  • Keith S. - 11 years ago

    She needs experience with the heavy cars and the different tracks. The indy cars
    were more than half the weight of these big NASCAR racecars.

    Keith S.

  • Indy - 11 years ago

    Dude has it right but Danica will need to get a grip too,bouncing around in an unfamiliar draft may be interesting ride. My take is she is below average on her outings. I bet she keeps in the back of the pack and waits it out hoping for something to help her move up in position, just like she drives the Indy cars.

  • extrusion man - 11 years ago

    You forgot ad one more choice 3. Who gives a flip?

  • sd - 11 years ago

    Of Course! Nascar will let the team cheat for a race just because its good for nascar

  • John T - 11 years ago

    Yes, I think she will have an easier time driving in NASCAR. As long as she has a good crew behind her, I think she'll do just fine. Tony Stewart isn't going to let her look bad and I'm sure he's a better judge of driver's than you and me.

  • Jack Presley - 11 years ago

    Because she has no time in the sprint cup cars. She might win in nationwide series.

  • Dana Ashe - 11 years ago

    I believe Danica can win races. The reason I think she will not win 1 in the Sprint cup this year is that she is not running all the races. If she was I would say yes. I think she will win a Nationwide race or maby 2. I have faith in her ! Girls gotta stick together!

  • Iggy - 11 years ago

    Let her come out charging like her boss Tony. Let him help her and she will win. I`m SICK of the young guns.

  • Dude - 11 years ago

    People - get a grip... she only won 1 Indy race in her career and that was because others ran out of fuel. She will be average to below average but will likely out sell everyone in merchandise.

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