Rashanii Called In Are You Okay With That?

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  • UnTil U Think - 8 years ago

    It's almost funny how quickly some confrontations can be reconciled. Males are way quicker to squash beef than females. Sometimes all it takes is standing your ground, making your intentions knows, or saying how you really feel despite everyone else's feelings. But y'all are two grown ass people. I personally don't make other peoples issues my own. If u have a discrepancy I take note and move on.

    PS. Great show! Keeps me laughing to myself so I look alittle off! LOL

  • Classick - 8 years ago


  • Miss Krysable - 8 years ago

    Rod I told you once I'll tell you again. Your the Yandy of podcasting. Creating "unintentional" beef for yourself and others. Both of yall a lil too sensitive I'll pick up some tampax for yall next time I'm in the Wal-marts, no I'll get you some Estroven for your hot flashes since you told me your mano-pausing.


    Miss Krysable

    Ps: Karen have you noticed within the GGR, TWIB FM communities no ladies are beefing??? So reality TV is wrong? Women especially black women don't beef hard in real life??? Well maybe I should start...here we go. Karen your butt is too big for my liking and I'm going to spank you...in a pool of Jello and whipped cream...in case we get hungry afterwards...of course!

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