Which do you use: Chromium or Google Chrome?

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    I have had difficulty installing Chrome. I prefer it, but if I can't install it, then I generally just download Chromium from the software center and deal with it.

  • Harold Hauge - 7 years ago

    I use chrome in my Ubuntu 12.10 computer since it is then the same as chrome on my Windows 7 computer.

  • Simon - 8 years ago

    Firefox. Or Chromium. Mostly Firefox though.

  • shobu - 8 years ago

    I use Chromium 'coz I was unable to install Chrome. I don't use Firefox 'coz it crashes. I can't read anything on it. anybody could help?

  • matthew - 8 years ago

    I use chrome, because chromiums blue icon looks too similar to libreoffice writer and it confuses my highly honed unity instincts. The only other difference that I've found between them is that googles PPA is the one always hanging and slowing down my apt-get update commands. Slightly annoying but not as annoying as having a blue icon too many.

  • gonyere - 8 years ago

    I use chromium, mostly cause' thats whats in the repos. I use Firefox, Chromium & Opera... mostly opera, tbh, the others for various things that work better in one or the other, usually due to cookies & scripts & such.

  • Kenneth Endfinger - 8 years ago

    I use Google Chrome because it updates fast (Dev Channel) and I have a Chromebook!

  • JerryLA - 8 years ago

    Chromium because that's what comes with Lubuntu. Shortly thereafter I get frustrated with Chromium's handling of my couple hundred bookmarks and replace it with Firefox which uses less disk space and seems to me to install flashplugin easier.

  • Jason Risenburg - 8 years ago

    I use both. When I run my Ubuntu side, (what I prefer) I run Chromium. When I am using my windows side, I use chrome. they are both great products. I personally love them both. until I learned about chrome a few years ago I was a Mozilla fan. The my wife ( a windows girl) said watch this. chrome opened in about half the time that Firefox did. I have been a fan every since. so the is what I us and why I use Chrome/ Chromium over Firefox.

  • fridobox - 8 years ago

    > For philosophical reasons, I choose the open source Chromium over Chrome.
    I have never found something missing in Chromium.

  • Ben - 8 years ago

    I use both. Chrome is my default, but I generally open another browser or two to do other jobs... so often I have Chrome and Chromium running, with an Epiphany page and often have Firefox around for other jobs (launching profiles makes password/history management for my wife very easy too).

    Chromium gave me issues with flash at one time which is how Chrome got itself installed... Since the '80's I always made a point of keeping up with Opera and Firefox over the years. I must admit that Opera gives me some pain (not being able to configure the default mousewheel roll to switch the tabs, instead being limited by Opera's press a mousebutton and roll) but it IS pretty nice despite being stuck with closed source.

  • Skilly - 8 years ago

    My default desktop, Linux Mint, uses Chromium by default. To be honest, until very recently I didn't even bother researching the difference between Chrome and Chromium as the latter has served my needs brilliantly. However, for the past month odd, I've been getting a message stating that flash is disabled as it's outdated and I need to follow a link to adobe's site to install the latest package. When I click on the deb install, it pops up with a message stating Julia is not supported. I gather that for debs, Adobe assumes debian or ubuntu is the OS being used. Suddenly chrome is starting to look like it has advantages over chromium ...

  • satriya - 8 years ago

    Chromium for sure. Reason? Because it is open source.

  • Ashes - 8 years ago

    I used Chromium pretty exclusively for a while, but it took so much of my (weak) computer's resources that I had to switch to Firefox. It would crash tabs like crazy and all the background pages were just too much. (I used Chrome too, and I swear it was worse.) It's a shame, because there are some fabulous features for the browser, and there were some web apps & extensions I really dug.

  • Sultan_of_Swing - 8 years ago

    Although I prefer Firefox, my favourite version of Google's web browser is... SRWare's IRON! This is a rebuild of Chromium, but without the nasty tracking features of that or Google Chrome. I value my privacy, but also the speed/stability of Chrome, which is why IRON ticks both boxes! I'm surprised this option wasn't in the poll!

  • Yannick - 8 years ago

    I'm using Chrome - simply because even the latest version of Chromium has not yet got (will it ever?) the integrated function to sync bookmarks and addons.

  • Lilian - 8 years ago

    Sure I use the trully open source browser, Firefox which I actually find a lot better in nowadays than Google's product. But if I am forced to install Google's product I always choose Chromium.

  • krampouz - 8 years ago

    Firefox and Chromium when I need an other brother to administrate a website...

  • Daniel - 8 years ago

    Currently using Google Chrome thanks to the auto updating tools (and to some extent, the built-in PDF viewer), but normally I do use Chromium as I'd like to advocate open source.

  • Pawan - 8 years ago

    I was a Chromium advocate (over GChrome and FFx) before an update broke my Chromium. And I've persisted with it, mainly because I like Chrome's colourful icon.

  • JohnP - 8 years ago

    I use Firefox for daily browsing and Chromium for "banking" only.
    I'm not interested in providing more information to the largest advertiser in the world.
    Not interested at all.

  • abbas - 8 years ago

    I mainly use firefox
    but sometimes i use chromium
    I didn't know that I can use chrome in linux
    (I thought that chromium is the only option for linux!)
    but I'll stick with it because it's more open

  • MS - 8 years ago

    I mostly use Firefox ! but from some pearks like chrome extensions and dev usage If I had to choose Google counterpart, I would prefer Chromium than Chrome, though Chrome is backed by Google, I would prefer Chromium beause of it's open nature and data safety.

  • fleamour - 8 years ago

    I use Chrome under 7 & Ubuntu & Chromium on my Xubuntu laptop. I find them pretty much identical. The only difference I have seen is wider/narrower spacing of favicons in Bookmarks Bar between Windows & Ubuntu versions, with Windows version using a little world icon for those sites with no favicon.

  • MichaelTunnell.com - 8 years ago

    I actually use Firefox primarily but I am a Web Designer so I also use many browsers including Chrome and in that I use Google Chrome just because there is more features in that version.

  • iheartubuntu.com - 8 years ago

    For safety and privacy purposes I use NEITHER product and stick with Firefox and Midori. Google continues creeping into peoples lives and there must be an end it. Firefox is great and stable.

    I used to be hooked on Gmail like it was crack coccaine with all of the nice features and speedy mail search, but i have recently switched to Thunderbird and am super happy with it. It is stable like Firefox and its search features are much faster then Gmail.

    Microsoft just announced this past week that Google has sidestepped the security features in Internet Explorer... this after Apple announced similar Google demoniacal actions.

    Right now you still have a choice to live privately away from Googles eyeballs. If you think I am crazy for wanting privacy, I laugh as we are all privacy advocates if you think about it. Do you shut the door when going to the bathroom? If you do, then you are a privcy advocate whether you know it or not!

  • Michael Park - 8 years ago

    I use Chrome, as I prefer to run the latest version, however performance is an issue. It certainly runs much quicker on Windows XP at work than it does on Ubuntu 11.10 at home.

    I have no idea why this is. It's interesting to read that Andre also experiences this issue. Has anyone else suffered reduced performance when using Chrome on Ubuntu and managed to solve the problem?

  • Andre - 8 years ago

    I prefer Firefox . Noticed that when let open, chromium lets my computer slow

  • Rewarp - 8 years ago

    For philosophical reasons, I choose the open source Chromium over Chrome if I am not using Firefox.

  • $quid - 8 years ago

    I didn't know that you could install Chrome on Ubuntu/Mint. I've always seen Chromium browser in the Software Manager and installed that. I've always believed they are pretty close. I may be wrong. An interesting poll would be to ask users whether they use FF or Chromium/Chrome. Between the two. But I guess that would be a no brainer!

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