How Do You Wear Your Hair?

Posted 7 years.

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  • Sorayah - 7 years ago

    During any given month I take 3 of those weeks and I commit to hair styles. In my case I like pin up curls. During the 4th week of that month I give my hair a week off, that just means no accessories and no heat!!!! I just wear it out naturally with a dab of gloss. I'm loyal to a very few hair products. What matters the most is that there's no breakage, greasy residue, or dandruff. I am completely in love with Kuz hair gloss. I use an over the counter inexpensive aloe vera treatment, and I fancy Pantene shampoo and conditioners. I lay low on hair grease and pomades. Hair setting lotions or leave in conditioners usually provide a much better substitute and they don't stain or stink up pillows.

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