Does "Bountygate" taint the Saints' Super Bowl win?

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  • Marci - 8 years ago

    I feel that the bounty did taint the Super Bowl win. They have been found guilty of bounty in 2009 which helped them get to the super bowl and could very well be the only reason they got as far as they did. They did not deserve to win, their whole season was tainted because people wanted to win by cheating. I am sorry but "THE UNDERDOGS" sould still be the underdogs not a "CINDERELLA STORY"!!! If there was a way to take that super bowl trophy and championship win away from them, it should be done... Those of you who actually believe that they deserve the super bowl win are extremely mistaken and are probably Saints fans. What they did was wrong and extremely illegal. Yes, the Refs didnt call all the hits correctly all the time, but what ref doesnt do that, they cant always see everything and you never know if they were paid off or not! They might have won that Super Bowl game fair and square with no bounty but the WHOLE SEASON HAD BOUNTY, no bounty for the Saints all season=no super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!! If you cannot win fair and square with the talent you and your team have together then you dont ever deserve to win until you can learn to work together as a team and not have to pay people to take out great players. Whats sad is, Drew Brees is a great QB and now that all this is happening this coming season is going to put more pressure on him not only as the QB but as the head coach for this season. Not to mention the hard work him and the affensive line put in, is looking to be for nothing because of the defense and the coach staff!!! If you ask me, i dont feel like Payton or Loomis should have a job anymore and never be able to work NFL again, one of those hits could have easily broke someones neck or put someone in the hospital. In my opinion putting someone in harms way like that over winning, you dont know what for the love of the game means and you have lost sight of what is right and wrong!!!! Not to mention the players that took the money and agreed to do it, sorry no more NFL for you. I mean how greedy are you, you are already making more money than you probably know what to do with and you want more... GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE, you obivously dont care about your own team or other players well being... You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j hebert - 8 years ago

    why don't they just play touch football

  • Ann - 8 years ago

    WHO DAT !
    WHO DAT !

  • Ann - 8 years ago

    No their superbowl was not tainte because them beat the colts fair and square and as for as Kurt Warner that was a legal shot he put his self out there when he went for a tackle that is legal as far as Bret Farv i have a lot of respect for he is truely one of the best but when you play a contact sport you are going to get hurt. The Saits Offence put most of those points they had a good offence and yes i will say it again they won fair and square.
    Drew breese is just as good as Bret Farv.

    And does that mean that New Eglands title should be striped from them doing spygate? NO and it wasn't so the Saints should keep theres they earned it.
    things happen and you can't eplain it but it does is it wrong yes ablolutly on both ends spygate and bounty but the 2009 season was not tainted they just was good that year.
    The Saints should be raprended for what they did last year and they will they were wrong.
    But i am a saints fan a die hard fan and i love them no matter what happens they,are my team.

    remember this is a contact sport if you don't want to get hurt don't play thats all.

  • Lisa - 8 years ago

    I'm a Bears fan. But I did see that game and I feel the Saints never should have won. If they wouldn't have slammed on Favre that way and broke his ankle he could have run for the first down then they could have gotten a field goal and won. The Saints should have their Superbowl stripped from them. They technically didn't win it, they cheated. I don't understand why a penalty wasn't called? Was the ref in on it too? It makes you wonder how far this really goes!!!!!

  • bitchmadesaintsfan - 8 years ago

    saints knew they had no chance, so they decided to cheat. Unfortunately, they got away with it...

  • Ray - 8 years ago

    I think this is an embarrassment for the NFL. yes I know it is a rough game but "if you aren't good enough to win honestly then hurt someone?" I have watched my last NFL game.

  • kevin - 8 years ago

    Saints are a disgrace...NFL should suspend their superbowl title..lets see if Goodell has any balls..

  • Jeffrey W Folwick - 8 years ago

    It was especially hard for Mn fans.That year was the Vikings "Dream" year....their chance to win a Super Bowl,once and for all.Aside from Saint fans,the rest of the Country knows they were cheated out of it,...and how dirty those guys played.If you saw Favre's ankle,you'd agree that was deliberate.It absolutely effected the game,...when you can cheat and get away with it,you play with a gangsta mentality.Who dat?,...Dat's a disgrace with a helmet.

  • Smax - 8 years ago

    Gregg Williams should be sued by any opposing players that were injured under his pay for performance system. I am also tired of the Saints and the network playing the "Katrina card" every time the Saints are on the field. The Saints, Payton and williams should be dealt with severely by the league.

  • nflfan2 - 8 years ago

    The bounty did not compel the players to play harder....just dirtier. The refs failed to call the dirty hits against favre and so illegal play occurred. the saints should absolutely get fined big time and the their superbowl win is most definitely tainted.

  • Patrick Kugmeh - 8 years ago

    Shameful. Not a good taste. These guys a paid huge money and they go so low.

  • Jiminey Cricket - 8 years ago

    Heartbroken by this turn of events for my beloved Saints. Bounty Gate and not signing Drew to a new contract? WTF?!?!? I can't imagine Drew putting on a jersey that wasn't black and gold. I still believe in my boys from the Big Easy, but good grief! what were the ones who were at fault thinking? I was so looking forward to the 2012 season, but now I am more subdued about it all just waiting to see the outcome of this "HUGE" mess!!

  • jcar195 - 8 years ago

    Im a colts fan, but i think that they won it fair and square. They did not do any illegal hits, just because there was a bounty doesn't make their Super Bowl run that year any less legitimate

  • Trey - 8 years ago

    The refs should have called more penalties against the Saints if they made hits after the whistle. I don't like it and they should be fined or punished with draft picks, but I don't think it helped them win the Super Bowl game. Manning wasn't hit that much though in that game. Now the NFC Championship is another story. I think they media is creating a monster story out of this though. More hysteria. How dare they try to hurt another player? Who knew!

  • Matt - 8 years ago

    Not only are you punishing other members of the team that have nothing
    to do with the whole thing, cuz to me, it sounds to me like a deffensive
    unit issue, but you punish a very passionate " Who Dat nation " who dedicate
    Thier passion faithfully season after season so, such a drastic outcome that
    effects so many of the undeserving seems very unfair! We won that season
    fair n square! " WHO DAT BABY "

  • paul - 8 years ago

    they should be stripped of the superbowl win.

  • floriosafag - 8 years ago

    Haters and pussies! Florio is such a little whiney bitch. Get over it. Your team lost and now they suck bags of dicks. Football players getting paid to hit someone really hard, isn't that kind of the fucking point you fucking drama queens.

  • Brandon Griffing - 8 years ago

    The Saints should be penalized by revoking draft picks.

  • hawt - 8 years ago

    5055 people Live in New Orleans Who dat Fagz!!!!

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