You Need A Point Guard To Start Your Team With ... Who's No. 1 On Your List?

Posted 7 years.


  • Bob Saget - 7 years ago

    RONDOOOOOOOOO BITCH. leme explain RR9 plays like a true PG. He passes first and plays the best perimeter dfense in the NBA. His hands are bigger than Yao Ming. His wingspan is 8 inches bigger than his body (6'1). He scores when he needs to. If u put LBJ or Kobe or DWade or KD around him he would get 15 assists per game. And in my opinion and just about anyone's he is the best rebounding guard in the NBA. He has 6 trip dubs so far. And tied Magic for most 20 assist trip dubs. And uh yeah one of the longest 10 Assist a game streak. @Arthur ur right. @JC every1 onthe celtics like rondo. @zack tazi cp3 I dnt think he sucks ass. Monkey ass either. JCs comment does tho

  • tim - 7 years ago

    Rondo is in my opinion the smartest point gaurd and the best passer and is on the same level as d-rose on defense. Rondo is a pass first point gaurd and he is the only one out of these five that puts up triple double numbers night in and night out

  • Eric - 7 years ago

    CP3 is the best pure point guard, but if I'm starting a team and don't yet know who else is on it, I'm going with Rose. Rondo is honestly my last choice. I'm surprised Westbrook is so low, if he learns to control his emotions a bit, and slow things down at times to cut the turnovers down, he's right there with any of them.

  • zack tazi - 7 years ago

    derreik rose is a boss. you suck chris paul. suck a monkey

  • Arthur - 7 years ago

    If you put scorers around Rondo, it could be very interesting don't you think ?
    And Megan, say that to LeBron ! ;)

  • JC - 7 years ago

    The Chicago Bulls Team was created around Derrick Rose. He's loved by Management, City, and most importantly, his Teammates. You cannot SUCCESSFULLY build a Team around a Player Teammates don't GENUINELLY like (Rondo, Westbrook).

  • megan - 7 years ago

    I like D.Rose so much...but being an MVP is useless if u dont have a championship ring

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