Was Courtney's apology sincere?

  • Missy - 9 years ago

    The apology was sincere. But...it was not sincere for the reasons it should have been. She hurt Ben and her family and the media has been horrible to her, for good reason. She didn't care that she treated the women badly, nor did she honestly try to get to know them. She was in it to win it and apparently she accomplished her goal if this artical is correct. Ben got what he deserved if he chose her. Everyone warned him but all he could see was himself getting lucky..."Winning"!

  • Jeannie - 9 years ago

    It didm
    Nt seem sincere and either did Emily's that night, or any of the other ones during the show of other girls.

    I like Courtney .

  • AH - 9 years ago

    So what if it was all an act? She is beautiful and she does not need to suck up to anyone but Ben. Are these women going to be in her life from now on? I doubt it. Yes, she needs to be a bit softer and kinder but it was a cat fight amongst them all from the start. They are all snitty and a bit selfish. They were all there to win the prize.

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