Are you going to be upset if Ben proposes to Courtney?

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Posted 7 years.


  • neti lopeti - 7 years ago

    i just finish watching the bachelor here in New Zealand and i think that if Ben see it from his heart i think that he will pick the second runner up Lynce b'cos she is so beautiful from inside and outside and my heart goes to her; but b'cos he was so so blind by Courtney beauty just why he cant see it with he's heart but his head and pick the wrong girl never trust a model Ben i hope that you can bring your new show and try ti fined Lynce she is so beautiful and she got a warm heart best of luck to you Ben...

  • Ally - 7 years ago

    Ben has idiot blood in him since he chose her. I'm 100% sure they break up, if they stick together they're weird.

  • Sara - 7 years ago

    If either one of them were worth having they would not be on the show to start with. Sure sign there are skeletons in both closets only thing is his did not fully come out.

  • Nancy - 7 years ago

    I think the show has lost its reputation now. I know I will never watch the show again. It has became a joke.

  • Morn - 7 years ago

    The situation brings out the worst in almost everyone. Can the other girls see how ugly and distorted they look ( how bitchy) when they focus on Courtney. I find it interesting that she showed the same side of herself to one of the other girls. Why if it was a fake and just for Ben would she do that? Needy? yes Black Widow?, Evil, etc.... Not really Does what they say and do regarding courtney reveal their true natures? Interesting show if you like to analyze human behavior.

  • tvo - 7 years ago

    although i highly dislike courtney, they deserve one another. courtney is a bitch, he's a douchebag, they're a match made in heaven. they're both shallow so why not put them together, save lindsee for someone she deserves. power to ya courtney, way to save lindsee, she deserves someone so much better anyways!

  • Sue - 7 years ago

    Who cares! She's a bitch and he's another stupid bachelor choosing the wrong girl once again!

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