The best explanation of the origin of the word "research" is

  • Daniel K. - 4 years ago

    I think it should be considered that scientists are moving right if they do not try to re-invent the wheel, if it is already done in the past. And so far every knowledge first should be checked and compared with available informations from empirical history by re-searching the facts in the archives of mankind. Before investing much money in new projects about already known concepts (e.g. pharmaceuticals vs. old herbal medicines). So I would say re-search could be defined as a kind of re-finding or re-covering of lost or forgotten knowledge and make it available again. So it also could make sense to re-peat lived experiences from ancient scientists also by practical studies to prevent re-invention of the wheel and to have a strong basis for the creation of real innovations if it is really possible to find something "NEW" ;-) As in the world as well the universe seems all moving just in a big infinite repetition of principles with changing contents as a big illusion for our conscious mind to trigger our lasting motivation to live with satisfaction in a neverending story...

  • hadi - 7 years ago

    Why there is only three options? Why not "both"? I was looking for that.

  • gosa - 9 years ago

    like this deabat very good also add like this

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