Q2: Would You Prefer a Launcher on All Screens, or Just One?

  • Chelmite - 8 years ago

    I have a (System 76) laptop and frequently connect and disconnect (there is no dock) a second monitor.
    I like the launcher to be on the laptop screen.
    I'd like to have two configurations that I set up. One for when the 2nd monitor is plugged in and one for when it's not. I'd like it to switch automatically when I plug/remove the monitor. I'd settle for a button push. I don't like having to open up nvidia-settings and position the 2nd screen and resize it *every* time.

    More annoying is that there is mouse resistance when I move the mouse from the right screen to the left. There is none going from left to right. This is really annoying when I try to position my mouse in a scrollbar that's on the left screen. If I miss by a tiny bit, it ends up on the right screen, and I have to slam it hard to get the cursor back onto the left screen.

    The launcher is on the left side of the left screen, so I wouldn't expect and don't want any resistance between screens, but it's good when going into the launcher.

  • Ubuntur - 9 years ago

    The only way a launcher should appear on the second screen is if that second monitor is completely independent, which should be an option.

    Then there should be a standard method of quickly switching the default inputs (keyboard and mouse) to either monitor.

  • Robert Lemon - 9 years ago

    I will jump on the "Give me the Choice" bandwagon here. It is the only sensible solution.

  • Simón - 9 years ago

    Anything should be configurable.
    I don't care about the default settings if I still can configure it to my needs.

  • JohnP - 9 years ago

    I want a choice.

    Like with many new-to-me GUI items, I'd like the first release of something new to be something I must enable. Then the 2nd release something that is enabled/defaulted based on feedback. Finally, even if I don't like the new default, I should be able to disable any new feature.

    This applies to all GUI items. I want a choice.

  • Oyvind - 9 years ago

    I've been using 12.04 for a week now with dual monitor and with launcher on both monitors and always visible as standard is now. I do agree with previous comments about the speed bump effect, but whats irritating me most of all is that which launcher I use doesn't have any effect on which monitor the program I'm starting ends up at. I can click on firefox in the launcher at the left monitor and it starts at the right monitor. And so on. If I choose to use the right launcher it's because I want the program I'm starting to get there.

  • Lucas Macieira - 9 years ago

    "It is really an irritation as it stands right now to have the launcher on the second monitor which acts as a "speed bump" when moving from one monitor to the other. The mouse pointer hangs at the second launcher and sometimes stops if not going fast enough." -- Gregg Fowler
    I totally agree, it just kills me when i change monitor and the mouse hang, besides that i like to have a launcher in each panel.

    I usually use my second monitor on the left so the launcher position on the left is good but i thing, for those who use it on the right, an option to configure the launcher side would be greate.

  • Gregg Fowler - 9 years ago

    I don't know how many folks that want a launcher on both screens have tried it in 12.04. It is really an irritation as it stands right now to have the launcher on the second monitor which acts as a "speed bump" when moving from one monitor to the other. The mouse pointer hangs at the second launcher and sometimes stops if not going fast enough. If it stays in the present form I just could not use Unity. I have been in since almost the beginning of the Alpha and it is my primary desktop. I of course should have anticipated frustrations as they are to be expected. At least I have reported a few bugs. In my opinion the way the current settings are with the launcher on both screens and the second one acting as a speed bump is a bug.

  • linux-man - 9 years ago

    For me, the real annoying feature is that the top panel jump to the front of any application if you do something anywhere. That's bad if you are showing a movie or a presentation on the secondary screen.

  • Chris van Es - 9 years ago

    It should be configurable and it should also be possible to choose the location of the launcher on screen to work with different screen layouts - a launcher on the left is awkward to use on the right monitor.

  • Joonas - 9 years ago

    It should be configurable by the user.

  • J W - 9 years ago

    I only want one but be able to choose which monitor to have the dock on. An option be able to have 1 dock or 1 per screen would be nice in situations where multiple docks could be useful.

  • sna - 9 years ago

    I really like the Gnome2-way: a panel on each monitor and each panel shows only the programs of its own monitor. This would be great for Unity as well (the starters for non-running programs should be only on the "primary" panel, in my opinion)

  • aziz - 9 years ago

    usually I like to have the launcher in all the screen but some time I do a presentation in one screen and I do not like it to be shown. I think it will be a good idea to have an option to show it or not.

  • Matt Cudmore - 9 years ago

    *the inclusion of an option* for the launcher to be displayed on the monitor where the mouse is, fade out when the mouse leave a screen and fade in on the newly active screen. and clicking an icon on the launcher would open a window on the screen on which the launcher is clicked.

  • holocronweaver - 9 years ago

    I would like a launcher on every monitor, but only one launcher is visible at any time (except for the leftmost launcher, which should always be visible). I prefer this so that I do not have to turn my head every time I launch an application. For an example of the behaviour I am seeking, see Gnome Do! which I currently use on my quad-monitor setup.

  • daru - 9 years ago

    It should be configurable. No doubt about it. The results of this poll should merely select the default.

  • MArcos - 9 years ago

    The best is to give the option, so each person can decide. I'd like two Launcher,on the left of the left monitor and on the right side of the right monitor. =]

  • Geoffrey Baum - 9 years ago

    I use multi-monitors and look forward to the improved support.
    I think only one monitor should have the launcher, but that it should be whatever monitor your mouse is currently on...as opposed to the current model. This would seem to work well with the duplicate top bar and provide the benefit of a smaller distance for your mouse to travel if you need to use it on the launcher.

  • Martin Trasteby - 9 years ago

    Doesn't matter, all that matters is that every screen has the top bar. You know, the one that the exit, unmaximize and minimize buttons go to when you maximize and app... Not to mention the global menus.

  • jacques - 9 years ago

    As already said in many forums/posts, the user should ultimately be able to choose what suits him best, therefore the default could be the launcher on both screens with autohide. But User SHOULD be able to customise it wether it is with GUI tools or going into text editing of the preferences.
    Ideally I would love to put the launcher on the right... because that is where my mouse is most of the time as I still am a bit old scool I also put my windows frame button on the right.... I just don't get use to the new Mac paradygme, I've been windows for 10 years before swithcing to Ubuntu 6 years ago.
    Also I know it is not a problem of Ubuntu Developer, but Nvidia proprietary driver still consider the twinview as a single screen. meaning you nessesarly get stuck with unity in dual screen if you don't give the usr some option to localize the laucher (for example with a pixel distances desciption).
    A user stuck with gnome shell since Unity can't handel his dual screen setup the way he wants it

  • Wim Deblauwe - 9 years ago

    I voted for 'I use multi-monitors and think every screen should have one', but they should be at the bottom of the screen! I currently use Unity (giving me a launcher on the far left only) together with Docky (giving me a launcher at the bottom of my right screen). I installed Docky because it was really annoying to go to the far left of my two 22" monitors each time to switch between applications.

  • LeoZappa - 9 years ago

    I (almost) don't use multimonitor but I think the launcher should be always visible on one monitor and autohide on the others.

  • bmoez - 9 years ago

    I really don't use it, But, i think that you should make users able to choise what they like and where they like the bar to be located in easy way.
    Good job!!

  • Selinuxium - 9 years ago

    Launchers on each screen would make sense, BUT having to have a certain velocity to move out of the launcher onto the screen to the left is counterintuitive and causes me to have to sometimes drag and drop an application twice as it get stuck in transition.

    More control over the behaviour of the launcher is needed.

  • Jan - 9 years ago

    I personally like the idea of having two (or more) launchers with the option of different starters on each launcher!

  • Menelic - 9 years ago

    There need to be more options if this is about serious interaction with users. I need a choice in the matter to adapt to different use cases. I also need to be able to change the position of the launcher.

  • cirovladimir - 9 years ago

    give us the choice in System Settings->Displays .... :D

  • Daniel Clem - 9 years ago

    Why not give the user the option?? The biggest gripe people have with Windows, Macs, (and now Unity) is that there is so little personalization / customizability is the practiacal things that will actually affect your work flow. EVERYONE works differently. I would prefer to have a launcher on each monitor, but I'm not sure whether I would want the same icons on each Launcher. WHY NOT LET ME CHOOSE THESE THINGS??? Is it that hard to code a few toggle switches??

  • CG - 9 years ago

    Just give me one launcher on the main screen. Please avoid tearing when using extended view when one monitor is placed horizontal (main screen doing prodcutive work) and the other vertical (for reading emails and web pages)

  • Colin Law - 9 years ago

    There may be an argument for launchers on each screen when the launcher is set to autohide, but if set to always show then having one on each screen is certainly not a good idea as it is a great waste of space.

  • Luiz - 9 years ago

    Multi-monitor users, try launcher on all screens before voting!
    It's not like having a taskbar for each screen in gnome2. It's really annoying and distracting, specially when using the same app across multiple screens.

  • clem - 9 years ago

    I use multimonitor only sometimes and I put my preference over the 3rd option: only one launcher, in one screen.

    Just one remark: I would be good if it was possible to select on which monitor should the laucher be displayed.

  • David - 9 years ago

    I use a multi-monitor setup with Gnome2, and I have a panel with the windows list in each monitor. A window opened in monitor X is only shown in the panel of monitor X. Therefore, I think Efstratios Charitos made a good point.

    HOWEVER, I don't like the idea of having a launcher in each panel... I like to launch apps from a single location, and I don't think it would be a good idea to have the same app launchers repeated all over the desktop.

  • Efstratios Charitos - 9 years ago

    I believe that it would be better for each screen to have its own launcher. For people with small multi-monitor settings i think launcher auto-hide (in all monitors) could be a reasonable option

    I think it would be a great idea if the the application opens in the monitor of the launcher being clicked.

  • Pyro-X - 9 years ago

    I'm trying the precise beta which places a launcher in each screen and it is really annoying !!

    i like unity, but we should be able to choose where the bar is located .

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