WDYT: Is Heather's advice right?

Posted 7 years.


  • haley - 5 years ago

    Learn confidence in yourself!!! I'm 15 and have small boobs!! Like I'm they don't even mAke bras in my size lol!! But I've gotten around a loot better not letting it rule my life! I've just been myself and its helped me in the long run! Gods made me the way that I am as and there's no need to fix that!!!!!

  • Maddy - 6 years ago

    Learn to be comfortable with your breasts God created everyone take it fromm someone who is 13 and doesn't even where a bra! Love yourself the way you are! :p

  • shaunice shell - 7 years ago

    Yes, love who you are because I know how you feel I'm 13 years old and my breast aren't the best and I always wanted bigger boobs I'm a 32B and myself thought of getting plastic survey but, that's gonna make it worst! And think of it boys like most girls small chested! :D surprising...

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