How do you get wood to your shop?

  • Bobby Slack - 10 years ago

    I do both. For the most part when I buy shorts of Walnut, they fit in my Corolla ... I also have a huge Cheech and Chong van that gobbles gas ... and use it accordingly. I like the van because my wood stays dry inside the very few times it rains in Southern California.

  • R.G.Daniel - 10 years ago

    I'm a "something else" guy. For local purchases, I can get most things into the Astro van (2-seater) without any problems. My main hardwood dealer is about a 3-hour drive (one way), though, so if I need something in winter, I have it delivered. Delivery charge roughly equals the amount I would spend on gas, and I don't have to worry about whiteouts or black ice. But spring through fall I prefer to make the trek myself, to pick over all the goodies in person.

  • paul - 10 years ago

    I drive a honda element. I can carry wood 8 foot long by laying down the seat but if it gets any longer. I pop open the moon roof and away i go.

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