Is Romantic Love A Crazy Emotion?

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Posted 7 years.

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  • Miss Krysable - 7 years ago

    omgomgomg! I feel like I'm living the first 8 songs of "The Love Below" right now!! As I'm typing this the Thursday show is playing live in the background what song is playing in the pre-show???? "Behold A Lady"! Coincidence? that and that Rod has been playing songs from that album for that past few weeks? Coincidence?? I think not!!
    *pulls dick out and licks* "Ah ha its REAL!"
    As you can tell I'm a little cookoo right now. Um yeah so new man meat he is def the prototype, had to look for my panties as work...
    who knows what next week will bring but for right now...damn I'd put more but if its really real then when I introduce him to yall my cousin-wife don't want to scare him too far away (Gabby sigh).

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