Should Ruth Madoff Be Villainized Because Of Her Husband's Crimes?


  • crystal grezeszak - 11 years ago

    I could go on and on about people who do wrong. But in this case Ms Madoff is also a victim, you have lost money where she has lost everything else. The material things in life are not what are important it's the family and friends we have that make us rich. She has lost a son that can not be replaced, she has lost everything she has worked for for 50 years. Yes now she has her son and grandchildren but just the thought of the man she loved and trusted for 50 years betraying her and taking it all away. Put yourself in her shoes just for a minute, try walking down the street, going to the grocery store anywhere you go people stare and whisper. Just remember that before you point your fingers at someone make sure they are not being pointed back at you... Now as far as her living in Greenwhich it is a free country and she is entitled to live where ever she wants. It is her sons house anyway. Leave her alone and let her live her life and go on living yours.

  • Anonymous - 11 years ago

    @brin-comparing the murder of millions of jews and poles amongst others to stealing money is insulting and illustrates your lack of intelligence and capacity for rational discourse.

    regarding Mrs. Madoff, she "deserved" nothing as she has done nothing wrong. and if anyone would bother to read the fine print, she lives in a house owned by her son, bought long ago, and one that will probably eventually be seized by the trustee.

    so sick of reading comments from dumb people.

  • Brin - 11 years ago

    Yeah, she may not have 'known' about the fraud, but perhaps Eva Braun did not know her boy-toy was murdering millions in camps. Either way, they both deserve what they got.

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