What does Newt Gingrich need to do to stay in the race?

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  • Chris Vandeltry - 8 years ago

    Mike is a homo?

    Gingrich has a list of conservative accomplishment a mile long. Mike Strong likes to sucka da slong?

  • Derrick Salmon - 8 years ago

    You've forgotten about Ron Paul! Also, why do you consider Gingrich dangerous? Is smug a bad characteristic? Does a candidates appearance or religious views matter? Should the ultra-conservative run on the other side, I am confused. You're reasons to not vote for the candidates aren't good reasons at all.
    As for this topic, I think Newt should keep running to prevent Santorum from winning. If Santorum would drop out, Newt would have a great chance and vice versa. Romney will beat both of them along with Ron Paul if there isn't another drop out.

  • Mike Strong - 8 years ago

    The last thing we need is Gingrich to ever be president. He is smug and dangerous, just like George W. Bush. So, what is left ? One guy who belongs to a cult church who looks like a polished pretty boy. And we have an ultra-conservative religious fiend.

    Are the Republican kidding ? Really? Every one of the candidates who have been in the race are idiots.

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