Should U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan faster?

Posted 7 years.


  • Joan dambrosia - 6 years ago

    We should get out ASAP! We are there and on the news u see people shouting Americans go home,
    So what are we defending them for.....I would be happy if 100 percent left today...I pray everyday for that to happen...I wish we could become a neutral country but that will never happen because we need to depend on so many countries resources.......pray for peace!!!

  • david - 6 years ago

    Americans have lost their guts.

    Even the kids of my generation got us out of Viet Nam sooner by protest.
    Oh yeah we hated them for calling us so many names that we did not deserve.
    I made it home...
    At least they had the GUTS to stand up--not sit it out playing video games, and texting the results to a person in the next room.

  • Palmmermaid - 7 years ago

    We should leave now. I agree Fred. The people in that part of the world are still living in tribes. The only time the tribes work together is when some threat from the outside is evident. If we get out, they will quickly revert to fighting each other. Let them have at it. The world is not our problem. We should not go in everywhere and convert people to our way of thinking. Democracy - in whatever twisted form we have today - is not for every other country. We are very blind if we think so.


  • Fred Boerum - 7 years ago

    Since President Karzai wants the Coalition Forces to withdraw from those rural outposts and to withdraw from the country by 2013, the USA should do the following:
    1. Leave the country ASAP
    2. Destroy all equipment we cannot bring back to US
    3. Immeditely STOP all AID to the country
    4. Close the USA to anyone from Afghanistan trying to come to our country
    5. Let President Karzai do it own his own with his own money and military

  • cadre - 7 years ago

    Positively,YES!! Throwing more lives away trying to solve the insoluble is inane.
    We continue to generate hatred..Let's bring the troops home...take the money and use it to rehab the physically and mentally wounded people who served at the peril of their and their families lives.

  • casto camacho - 7 years ago

    Time after time Americans are saying it's not worth it. Why President Obama cannot realize we're wasting our young lives, our money? Afghans live there. Whatever we do, we will not teach them how to govern themselves. The Talibans are going to take the power, no matter how we built their army. Afghan soldiers are killing our troops and they are going to side with Talibans. That's going to happen, very sure. Let's get out!!!

  • B. Gaudet - 7 years ago

    It is time! Sometimes I feel like our government cares about everyone else except our exceptionally self sacrificing, brave, courageous, honorable men and women who serve our country. I don't want my son going there where they don't want his help. My son deserves to be where he is appreciated for all he is, all he wants to be. He is being deployed in 2 weeks to Bagram, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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