Which is the most disgusting Bill Maher tweet ?

Posted 7 years.


  • ed - 6 years ago

    Bill Maher is a disgusting, sick person. He says the most vile, mean, unneccessary things. He demeans people just because they're not crude atheists like him. He makes fun of dead people, and also wishes death on those who don't have the same leftist views as him. I don't know why anyone thinks he's funny, the only funny thing about him is he's ugly as hell. He kisses Obama's ass with a million dollars a year, and this proves Obama is bad, his supporters are a bunch of inhumane jack asses who take pleasure in watching people suffer. I hate this guy

  • Michael Hagan - 7 years ago

    I am old enough to remember. There used to be movies and shows back in the 40"s and 50's about a group called the "Bowery Boys". They made a number of movies and shows and one of the stars was an actor called "Sach"(real name Huntz Hall). If you google out Huntz Hall or Bowery Boys you will see that Bill Maher looks very much like Sach - no kidding. Sach is just a little bit better looking though.

  • Theresa Keel - 7 years ago

    So many choices...I'm sure there were many more, and I'd like to vote for all of them! He is a tragic display of the human race.

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