Should Floridians worry about rising sea levels?

Posted 7 years.


  • John MacWilliams - 7 years ago

    3/4 non manmade 1/4 manmade. Do something but don't panic. 65 million years ago dinosaurs ruled a warm earth without cars. We sure as H--l don't need World Goverment!

  • palmmermaid - 7 years ago

    We should all be worried, especially people living on barrier islands and right on the coast. Until the 1950's when government flood insurance came into existence, you built on the coast and barrier islands at your own risk. In my opinion, flood insurance should not cover those dwellings. They are built on constantly shifting sands. The same goes for beach renourishment. Why do it? It is a constant waste of money. Tear down everything on the barrier islands and let nature take its course. Have them all as parks. Only temporary buildings - shelters, restrooms, et. Nothing permanent.

  • Skeptic - 7 years ago

    You must be kidding ...... If we don't get out of this mess in the economy and the threat from the mid east who will care.

  • cadre - 7 years ago

    why worry, the general public
    doesn't seem to want to do anything about it....1.1 inches every decade...pshaw

  • longtime northwooder - 7 years ago

    Rising sea levels already affect South Beach....whenever there is a full moon at high tide, the water comes up through the storm drains and floods certain streets.

  • Brenden - 7 years ago

    The impact of rising sea leveles will be felt at all coastal communities. South Florida will be gone but think of new York, and dc for example they to will be gone. Bandaid fixes will not help just permanate solutions.

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