How do you read the MAKE blog?


  • Jacob - 12 years ago

    RSS to find the articles. Site to read in depth.

  • Daniel - 12 years ago

    I use RSS for most sites, but for a handful of 'special' sites, I prefer the browser experience. I would actually prefer to use The UX of the site pushes me toward RSS. One thing that keeps me off-site is that the 'more articles' link at the bottom leads not to more articles, but to the same articles, just bigger. You have to scroll down and click through yet again to actually get to 'more articles'. Nitpicky first-world problem, I know, but since you asked ;)

  • azog - 12 years ago

    I always look at the RSS, and only visit the website if something interests me. Lately, I find myself rarely visiting the website...

  • Benjamin - 12 years ago

    I find that the character limit for the Other poll option is Much too short, as It does not allow me to explain, and I could only write in partial sentences .

  • L. Brian Woodroof - 12 years ago

    I always use the RSS feed as a vetting process to find the articles I want ot read, but I click through to the site to actually read the articles.

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