What Do You Want To See On Final Fantasy Union? (Poll Closed)

  • More Frequent Tweeting
    27 votes

  • More Features / Insight About Final Fantasy
    168 votes

  • More Personality / Interaction In The Content We Produce
    66 votes

  • Video Content Featuring The FFU Staff
    97 votes

  • More Interactivity With The Design
    41 votes

  • More Detailed Character Database
    78 votes

  • Full Bestiary
    55 votes

  • Misadventures Of Final Fantasy Union (Comic)
    85 votes

  • Cosplay Of The Month / AMV Of The Month
    98 votes

  • Other (Please Specify!)
    15 votes


Posted 7 years.


  • Cory - 7 years ago

    *I'm not assuming you have access to FF staff production notes or anything crazy like that, its' just that sometimes I find some neat information on some really busted or poorly made websites and would like to see that information find a better home on a much better site such as this!

  • Cory - 7 years ago

    Hey FFU! Been reading and listening to you guys for a while and thought I would elaborate on my vote. I voted for needing more insight / features. What I was thinking is along the lines of things like profiles or features of staff that have worked on multiple FF games such as Kitase, Uematsu, Sakaguchi, etc. Maybe other articles that answer game related questions that repeatedly come up like "Why did they make the decision to kill off Aerith?" , "Why is there such a fascination with weather related character names?", and so on.

    I know some of those questions already have answers but it would be nice for them all to be in the same place. You could even do some digging and find answers to other questions that many may not have even thought of. Even funny production notes from the game's design / production staff would be fun things to know. Those kinds of things are found in very few places on the webs and bringing it all to a central hub would be great.

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