Have you ever bought something at a woodworking show or expo?

  • Joe Robinson - 6 years ago

    Went to a show in Anaheim, CA. I always wanted a good vacuum $900 later I was the proud owner of a SECO UFO-102B as good an investment that I ever made. And, lots of cool miscellaneous clamps, bits and stuff you cant get by without.

  • Terry Pallone - 9 years ago

    I now refuse to pay money and to park to be able to enter a store and purchase a product.

    I pay nothing or to enter or park when I go to Home depot , Lowe's or any tool store and
    can go home think about it , shop around and go back another day to purchase it.

    If not satisfied I can return in a week and get my money back on the product.

  • Mike T - 9 years ago

    Always looking for a deal at these shows, but there ususally isn't any. Most of the stuff is the add-ons and fad stuff; not the high quality tools(just my oinion).

  • George Laurange - 9 years ago

    Wish there were more in central ny we have large woodworking clubs

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