What grade do you give the 'Walking Dead' finale?


  • katrina kitchen - 11 years ago

    in the movie walking dead they should have where rick and every body is safe and make it more where there is more live poeple getting found and have some where safe for every one and to fight back on the dead

  • katrina kitchen - 11 years ago

    they should keep on making the movie its a very good movie but one thing they should put in there is more live poeple and some where save to live because ricks wife is having baby please make more of the walking dead its awsome

  • Smell my farts - 11 years ago

    Why in the world did someone fail this it was awesome...........Haters >:/

  • Rlynh - 11 years ago

    I liked the way the season ended, with the major characters still alive, because I'm an incurable optimist and always hope that there's hope.

    As for Lori, my first reaction was that she was angry because she wouldn't be able to dangle herself in front of Shane anymore (I think that could have been her unconscious motivation). But she didn't really react that badly until Rick told her that Carl killed zombie Shane. I think she couldn't handle the thought of her ten-year-old son as a killer (especially given her squeamishness about guns and violence), and she was blaming Rick for "allowing" it to happen. The other interesting thing was Rick's face when she walked away from him. I think he's beginning to be angry at her, an accumulation of his feelings when learning about her relationship with Shane and her obvious concern for him. In any case, she's my least favorite character.

    I didn't like Andrea for a while, but the last few episodes made me like her more and more, and the finale sealed it. She's a warrior woman who refuses to give up. Can't wait to see what she does in Season 3.

    I hope Darryl becomes Rick's sidekick in the way Shane originally was. Rick needs somebody to rely on, and Darryl is rock solid, so far.

  • peter lewis - 11 years ago

    As someone who has been following the walking dead comics from the second my local comic store stocked them im sooooooo happy to see this episode end the way it did, throwing loads of characters into the mix at the end of the season would have been odd and i for one am glad you waited til the end of season 2 to introduce michonne into it, i can happily wait a while for the govenor to pop his one eyed head up.
    Well done guys, i was actually shouting at my tv when i saw michonne and the prison, i actually got up out of my seat and was thanking you thanking you for it, make me so happy, especally after the mid season twist with poor sophia.

  • Christian Perine - 11 years ago

    To the people that gave the show a D and a F,go hate on something else.The season finale was very entertaining and had lots of twists and turns.T o give it those grades are ridiculous!

  • Skippy - 11 years ago

    Rick didn't actually murder Shane, it was self defense. There is a big difference.

  • Dave - 11 years ago

    they have been filming for months now in Atlanta.

  • Mikey - 11 years ago

    Don't think they've starting filming yet, pretty sure season 3 is only like half written so far.

  • Devin White - 11 years ago

    i want too see the new trailer for october season 3 episode 1 and if u can't find me by the url link use my email imatwilightan21@aol.com thanks i love this show

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