Have you ever been to a horse sale where horses were being directly sold for slaughter?


  • Lisa Ponke - 10 years ago

    Shipshewana Indiana. The sale DOES go EVERY Friday. 60 to 80% of the horses that go through the loose auction are thrown away Amish Horses, battered beyond saving. These are the horses we specialize in even if it means just bringing them home and giving them a humane end. These horses have suffered enough. It's the least we can do for them. The racing standardbreds do not get NEARLY the press and help thoroughbreds do. 20 to 40 of them are quietly sold through the loose auction every single week. Same for the draft horses. By the time they go through the auction, they are so beat up and battered, most people won't even take a chance on them. It's sickening.

  • Kathy Conway - 10 years ago

    The weekly Monday's at NEW HOLLAND, PA hay, straw, horse auction which have taken place for the past 50+ years. The famous show jumper "Snowman" was purchased there. Book titled the 80 dollar champion by Harry Deleyer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowman_(horse) There have been several rescue groups that retrieve certain breeds. When I was there several weeks ago I overheard someone saying that the groups are over saturated and don't have enough foster homes to place anymore. There are about 60 horses run through every week if not more. The economy is at a low and these animals are being given up for economic reasons.

  • Bonnie Grippin - 10 years ago

    The auction is in Fallon NV. We rescued 3 mares and a stud colt. The Fallon Feedlot is known for shipping horses to slaughter to Mexico or Canada. There are so many awesome horses that go through that sale.

  • Susan - 10 years ago

    I'm going to Rushville NE tomorrow (June 5, 2013), to run through some horses for my employer. They include a crooked legged yearling, a mare that got a wire cut last year that left her lame, and a mare that is a "kicker". They will undoubtedly go to kill, hopefully Canada rather than Mexico. I wish there was a domestic plant open. None of these horse has ever had any drugs, so they are safe to eat.

  • Jody Brittain - 12 years ago

    I live in Oregon and we have NW LIVESTOCK AUCTION in Hermiston, OR and they have 3-4 huge events a year. They just had one last weekend. Horses come from all over to be auctioned off.


    I know there are kill buyers in the audience, one lives here in Hermiston. I want to buy them all up. I will go look, but usually walk away with a heavy heart because I see horses that I KNOW are going to be getting on that kill buyers truck!

    Oh and did you also know.......Dave Duquette Lives in Hermiston, and wants to put up a SLAUGHTER HOUSE!!!!! This just makes me sick and I hope it does not happen. I agree, something needs to be done, because there are an over abundance of horses....but I think eliminating back yard breeding would be the first step....(whole big issue and can of worms to go into here.)

  • Kathy Kopylec - 12 years ago

    Yes I have my quarter horse Beau and shes bred to death,Doc Bar, Miss silver joe,royal beau,kay edwards, dandy doll, royal king, i could keep going the point is a great bred horse like that could possibly go for horse meat i`m glad i was there that night, i bought her before she ran threw the sale. she`s great. That was in Agawam, Mass, crowleys.

  • Nicole - 12 years ago

    Yes, I have been to a couple of horse auctions (Stavely, Alberta, Canada) where horses were bought and loaded straight onto the liners heading to Fort Macleod, Alberta.

    I managed to save one. He turned out to be one of the nicest, quietest horses ever.
    I know other people that have rescued very nice, broke papered AQHA riding horses heading for slaughter. It's such a shame.

  • gina marie - 12 years ago

    Why would you just go to a horse slaughter sale if don't intend to save one...at least go there to buy a horse that will otherwise be detroyed...what is the point of getting grounded if there is no help supplied to a horse in need???? the only awareness I see happening is that you only continue the encourage the problem and not help fix it...just sayin

  • Dewayne - 12 years ago

    I have been to a horse auction in Knoxville, TN where at the end of the sale, all the remaining horses came through and the bids were by the pound.

  • B.A.D. - 12 years ago

    Mount Hope Ohio & Kidron Ohio. I live only 7 miles from Sugarcreek Ohio, so unfortunately I have been to that one.

  • Judy - 12 years ago

    Simon horse sale in Cannon Falls MN. He ships them straight from the sale barn. I have brought home free ones from this sale after nobody would bid on them. If only I had 100's of acres and an endless pocket book! I can't bear to go anymore, too heartbreaking.

  • Andrea - 12 years ago

    I also went to Camelot, NJ and to a place in Agawam, MA that is suspected of transporting unsold horses to Canada. I purchased a horse that I was told would be "heading north" for the low sum of $500.00. Many vet bills and checks to trainers later and I am the proud owner of a magnificant red roan quarter horse who is always in the money/ ribbons. If your willing to put in the work and have access to the appropriate knowledge to "fix a broken horse" than I think buying at auction is the only way to go. To me it is like only getting your dog from a shelter. So, many good animals are out there that need good homes; why not become one.

  • Lorri - 12 years ago

    I have been to New Holland (PA) numerous times. Each time grows harder, as I know the players (kill buyers). Also, there is a room of used up Amish drafts that just rip your heart out. I happen to own to rescued horses, one an OTTB that fell into Brian Moore's hands and is a granddaughter of Seattle Slew, and the other a registered STB that ended up with the Amish and was in a bad accident. Had a local group not taken him, Moore likely would have shot him. I feel very fortunate to have both of them.

  • pam harris - 12 years ago

    I have bought horses from slaughter auctions. Most recently from Camelot in NJ. I wish more people would consider buying a horse in need of a home, who through no fault of their own ended up on the auction floor. My feeling is, if after getting home and the horse is not healthy or in pain, I will have it humanely euthanized. Unfortunately this is not the way most people feel. Sometimes I feel hopeless trying to make things right.

  • Jane - 12 years ago

    Although it doesn't happen at every Friday's horse sale in Shipshewanna, IN, there is a large killer sale on Good Friday and the Friday after Thanksgiving. The sale goes on at the same time as the regular horse sale, although in a different area away from the regular horse sale. I have seen draft horses go on sale with hooves that haven't been trimmed for years. I've seen at least 20-50 horses held in one small 15x30' pen awaiting the sale. I've seen the horses go for as little, if not less, than $30 a piece.

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